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 Terrorist Mk 2

What is it with me and dogs? Why do I always get the lunatics? Take the latest little monster, Jack. Jack Russell/Cocker Spaniel cross. White and grey like a lot of Jack Russell’s, but soft fur like a spaniel……and the lunacy and energy of both breeds. I came across Jack on a dog rescue website […]


Until I came down with cataracts vision imparement was something I considered as an abstract. Something suffered by others. To be taken account of, but not really worried about. I have always had good vision, which I have used to good, or bad, purpose depending on your political opinion. Recently (January 2015) I had need […]

 The noisy yobs outside the pub

Last summer I observed some very noisy youths outside a pub in our town centre. Yobs, some called them, but look closer. See the short haircuts, some limping perhaps? Watch the eyes. Always moving, observing. I’ve seen those eyes before. They are the eyes of those not long out of a combat zone. Always wary. […]

 Where do the children play

I was listening to an old Cat Stevens track called as per title above and it occurred to me that these days there is nowhere they can. In my youth we were free and safe to run in the grass and the woods, but over the years the concrete encroaches on the wilds, it pushes […]

 The Third Imeprative of the Human Race

I found this buried in an old tome at the back of a very old library in Germany many years ago. At first I thought it was some kind of Catholic religious treatise, but I have seen very similar statements since that have come from all corners of the world and from all times, often […]

 D-Day 6th June 1944

This day in 1944 3 of my uncles and my father moved towards the Normandy coast. My uncles were in the Army. my father in the Royal Navy. All had to hold for 24 hours, waiting for the weather to clear a bit. For the waves to get down below 6 feet so the DD […]

 Senior Chatters Site

I’ve been on this site now for over 6 years. In that time I’ve seen members come and go. Some friends, others merely a name. I will not be naming anyone, but some of our longer standing members may recognise either a friend or possibly themselves. If it’s a friend, I hope I was kind […]

 The Terrorist and the Slip-Way

Those who have read my earlier musings about my Terrorist will know that 10 minutes’ walk from where I live is a golf course and beyond that, woodland where the little monster can run to her heart’s content. Today, I took her off, aiming, not for the golf course due to all the rain we’ve […]