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Profile photo of sugrnspice Earth poem

This is one of quite a few earth poems, as yesterday 22 April was earth day, here is my latest poem. I expect some of you won’t like it, I don’t mind or some might think its over the top. Its just the way I see things. We were put on this earth to share […]

Profile photo of Drummer Numbness in Both Legs

I am sure that there will many Chatters familiar with this problem – were you able to overcome it? or at least improve things. I have recently turned 88 and for the last few months have experienced numbness in both legs and feet and for the first time in my life I am not able […]

Profile photo of starlette Millionaire Fortunes & Children

Maybe its just me that’s very skeptical, but yet again a multi millionaire states that he wont be leaving any of his fortune to his children, Gordon Ramsey made this statement a couple of weeks ago, he says his children  will have to make their own way in life to appreciate money and the realities of […]

Profile photo of Drummer Beware of Facebook

After my usual look at Chatters – I usually move to my Facebook account through which I am able to maintain close contact with my family and friends around the world. I am aware that many folk are reluctant to use the facilities offered – but have to say that over the past 5 years […]

Profile photo of starlette Do our children owe us……..

Why is it that some people think their children owe them for being given life, I think its extremely selfish of some parents( especially mothers ) to think their  adult children should be there at their  beck and call, in my opinion our children owe us nothing but respect and hopefully loyalty, they didn’t ask […]

Profile photo of Dianne66 Fond Childhood Memories

What are some of your memories of those childhood summers of , it seems, so long ago? I was browsing through my sites, and noticed this mentioned elsewhere. thought i’d post this question to you folks. One of my fond memories of summers past, when i was so young, is eating lots of watermelon, and […]

Profile photo of Dianne66 Doctors Versus Pharmacists

Who would you trust more to prescribe medicine, your doctor or the pharmacist? While your family physician may know what the health problem is, would he be more knowledgeable about the prescription medicine he is prescribing for you, or the pharmacist? I think i would trust the pharmacist opinion, over my family physicians, as he […]

Profile photo of starlette When to throw the towel in……..

Over the past few years since joining chat sites I have spoken to many people who are in marriages that are long past there sell by date………..and it has to be said they have all been men………the reasons they give are family, financial or their wife has become ill and now rely on them for support…….family, […]

Profile photo of idigdirt The Next Chapter

May 3, 2017.  While I’ve been in limbo since September 1, 2016, I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel.  May 3 the divorce will be final.  What should have been a simple case has turned into a ridiculous 3-ring circus thanks to the attorneys.  Yes, and has gotten ugly and […]

Profile photo of waylander The Terrier and the biscuit tin

I’ve had the Terrier MkII since the Christmas before last and while he’s turned into quite a little character, he’s shown no inclination towards anything that I’d call particularly interesting behaviour…..until now. Some among you may remember an old song called “Radar Love”? Well the Terrier seems to have some for of radar ears. Explanation […]