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Profile photo of LoneRogue Change

Are we happy? If life as it is now is satisfying would we want to change it in some way? If life is not satisfying to us, how should we change it? Is the change we may want possible for us to make a change?

Profile photo of foreveryoung2 “True Colours”

It never ceases to amaze me that some people’s “true colours” appear after a death in a family. My son’s mother-in-law and a good friend of mine recently died and was buried. She has 2 children – a daughter and a son. The son’s behaviour has been despicable showing his “true colours” to all people […]

Profile photo of Ms. K. I like to learn for fun. . . 

A degree is expensive and carries many expectations. I’ve slogged through downpours, paid babysitters, and nearly failed exams, all in my quest to complete my degree. I finally gave up the traditional methods, and discovered a freebie that suits me much better. Free online learning.  Ivy league American universities like Princeton and Yale offer courses […]

Profile photo of LoneRogue The Happiest People in the World?

In my opinion they are the Norwegians. I submit an 11 1/2 hour video as my evidence. Not only the speaking, featured participants of this video but the many thousands of people shown having a very happy time at a myriad of activities. This is a Netflix video and here is the description: “Drift along […]

Profile photo of creativereader If only Scarlet Poppies could talk……..

Scarlet Poppies Stern, ancient yew trees stand as cynical observers; Enclosed within ancient walls of learning; secret desires: Booming organ peals buried in mazes of silent subways, Echoes of knights battling; clamouring broadswords: Deep wells of mysteries; overflow spent murderous intent. Incense and antiquity pervade this monastery garden, Scattered with scarlet poppies, innocently attentive: Coffee […]

Profile photo of roseinbloom Feeling Foolish

Most of us like to think we have reached the age of a reasonable amount of wisdom and good sense at this time of life. So, the most horrible feeling I have felt in a very long time was Feeling very, very foolish. It does not matter if I needed to feel foolish or if […]

Profile photo of Ms. K. Back to school!

I love back to school! Why? Because the neighborhood gets quieter! Lol. My grandson asks me to buy him the “coolest” back pack for school, and I’ll drop healthy snacks at their apartment for fun. Also, I love fall, with it’s lovely colors, and cooler temperatures. We always have an Indian summer, hot, but not […]

Profile photo of roseinbloom Traveling at OUR AGE

I would like to hear about everybody’s travels. Travels can be to the other side of town or across the world, but I guarantee you, you  will learn something and feel something before you get back, and you also may feel challenged at times and a little scared. You will also feel excited, happy, amazed […]

Profile photo of LoneRogue “Don’t Worry”

When someone says this, is it reassuring? Is worry now, more or less, likely to bother you? Naturally your trust in the person who says this is the key as to whether you should worry more, or relax. Have you had any experiences relating to this?