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I first heard that word on an episode of Bull, starring Michael Weatherly. When I was young, I always had a dictionary beside me for instances where I encountered new words. Today, I just googled it. From what I understand, it would be comparable to the transfer of information from a tradesman to an apprentice. […]

I Love To Cook

Cooking is one of my greatest passions… I love to cook because it lets me be creative much like my gardening and art…the presentation of the food is much like an artists canvas… creatively balancing the colors and textures of the various foods..I find cooking to be magical and mesmerizing..creating incredible mouth watering flavors tantalizing […]

Travel Nursing

Hello Everyone, I’ve been a travel nurse since January 2016.  I’ve worked in Colorado twice, Maine and Wyoming.  I decided to give the desert a try.  I start working tomorrow, June 1st in Kingman, Arizona.  I booked a place for a month in Bullhead City.  Wow!  what a difference.  The elevation in Kingman is 3333 […]