I was taken possession of by the Terrorist MkII on Christmas Eve 2015. He arrived as a frightened, shivering hairy ball of neuroses, but since then I've managed to learn a few things about him. He hates having his head wet, while he couldn't care less about his body getting wet. He loves cheese and onion crisps, but hates salt and vinegar flavour.
When he first came to me I was told his name was "Jack the Lad". Apart from being not very original, bearing mind that he's a Jack Russell/Cocker Spaniel cross, and is also a bit of a mouthfull so i've shortened it to "Jack". He now answers quite happily to this. He also answers to "Where are you hiding?", "Leave the cat alone and come here" and my persona favourite "What have you got in your mouth now you dirty little bugger?".
Walks, I have found can be a little difficult, because, while he's fine with me and my sons and their partners after having met them a few times, outside he's frightened of any human and absolutely terrified of children. The smaller they are the more he seems to fear them. He's also afraid of other dogs, be they large or small. All in all I don't think the little lad had a good start in life, but we try not to let that hold us back, so I try to get him past populated areas as fast as possible and up into the woodland beyond where he can relax, have a bit of a run and stand totally confused as he watches squirrells climb up trees. He doesn't seem to be able to comprehend how they get up there, which is strange because he's treed enough cats.
Right now, he's back from his morning walk, been dried off, brushed, fed and watered and is out like a light on the couch. Oh and another thing. He snores.

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  1. katelin

    What a delightful read, Way. I think it’s wonderful that you have given him love, comfort, and happiness. So sad to think of what bad treatment he must have experienced in the past. Bless your heart for giving him all that he deserves. I’m sure he has a lot of love in his heart for you, too. Thanks for sharing little Jack with us… thanks for the smile this brought me today. Makes my heart happy to read things like this.

  2. foreveryoung2

    What a wonderful story about Jack Way. Dogs are so precious and they give us so much love and joy. My little Foxy Penny is a rescue dog and she is the most lovable dog I have ever had. I would like to know how she was treated prior to my getting her (at age 6 – she just turned 8) but I will never know. My life would be so empty without her. Take care xoxo

  3. goldengirl1224

    I really enjoyed your story of Jack – he sounds like a lovely little character and I bet he can wind you around his little finger!
    He probably has had a hard time growing up – and now I am sure he has found a friend that understands him and will give him loads of love and understanding.

    You are so lucky – I envy you those walks – which I miss so much now I do not have my two dogs any longer. They get you out – keep you healthy – if not wealthy and you are never alone when you have a dog – constant companions and great icebreakers when you are out walking with them.

    Enjoy !