In 1950's Glasgow a man walked into a police station with a sad looking, obviously mistreated dog on a lead in one hand and a blood spattered walking stick in the other.
He approached the desk officer and reported a s follows:-
I came across some sick (word censored fill in your own best option) beating this dog with this stick. I took the stick off him and taught him what it feels like to be hit with a walking stick. If you go to Buchanan Street you may find him. He was laying there when I left him. Here's my name and address, if you find him tell him that if he wants the dog back he can come round and try to collect him"
So saying he dropped the stick on the counter, turned and walked out with the dog.
Needless to say the police checked the length of Buchanan Street and found no-one. A check the next morning of the address of the man who left the stick and the report showed an immaculatly clean and brushed, although obviously a little skinny, dog laid out in comfort on a couch. Further questioning gave n o more detail than had already been given and the police left.
No assault of the kind described was ever reported and later checks on the man who reported it established that the dog, now healthy and well fed, was still with him.
As it was before the days of DNA all that could be established from the walking stick was that there was a mixture of canine and human blood on it.
This story was told to me by a friend of my father's who was a Glasgow Police Officer from 1953 until 1968. I have no reason to doubt the truth of his account.
While the actions described might seem a little extreme, I, for one, am entirely behind the action.

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  1. goldengirl1224

    Totally agree, Way! It is terrible the way many animals are still treated. There have been recent reports of such horrific stances of cruelty to dogs – here in the North of England….Makes you wonder what kind of ‘people’ walk this earth! The sad thing is that no matter how badly a dog has been treated – it is always faithful. They ask for so little to make them happy. Tears at my heart when I hear these stories and I think I would ‘swing’ for anyone that I saw abusing an animal – especially if it belonged to me.

  2. foreveryoung2

    I hate cruelty to animals and I am with you GG I would kill anyone I saw ill-treating an animal, especially if it was mine. I know that makes me no better than them, but I would be so outraged that I would not be able to stop myself.

  3. davidrv

    Very disturbing responses to this blog. Where does all that anger come from?
    There should not be any animal cruelty. There should not be any cruelty to anyone, period.
    According to Dr. Phil, “Anger is nothing more than an outward expression of hurt, fear and frustration”. Something to think about.

  4. starlette

    Just yesterday I was reading stories of animals being hired out to be sexually abused…………how very very sick is that………..Dave, regardless of what anger is seen as it exists……….so maybe Dr Phil could tell us how we have to express fear, hurt and frustration, re my own blog on mind set, this may sound contradictory to it, but would be no forgiveness in my hearts for abusers of any kind……