Inquest into Chat Rooms

Over the last few months it's been barren fields in the chat room. Where there used to be a vibrant, argumentative, stimulating area there is now a sterile area devoid of life.

Why? I have no idea.......well I do, but I suspect a banning might be on the cards if i mention anything.

Come back to the chat folks. We're not all nasty evil people. Some of us are actually human.

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  1. Berta

    For the last month, life events have kept me from visiting, but prior to that I too would come in and be a lonely party of one. It didnt seem to matter what time of day, pickings were slim. Way is right, come on in folks…we are friendly and like to chat…and on a good day can even be delightful…ok, we will at least try!

  2. Faye

    I think the novelty of being able to live chat has worn off a little from many years ago and people are coming to sites such as this for the more sedate activities now. In saying that though the Community Room attendance is quite spasmodic….some days and nights being better than others. Music Room is also being used more now as will eventually be the Quiz Room so it does take people from the Community Room but that is why the other rooms are there. Each to his/her own.

  3. roseinbloom

    Waylander, Hang in and hopefully things will change, but the sign at the bottom saying “abusive members will be banned without warning” does not help at all.
    Hang in anyway, and things still may change.

    1. Maree

      Hi Wayyy yes certainly many times in a day when no one in sight and for many hours at a time.

      What I see is the Senior Chat I paid money to join has become senior Music….70s music is not where I want to be….I try not to live in the past for me its outgrown any attraction.
      Conversation is what chat is supposed to be about …the exchanging for information a little debate a bit of silly banter and maybe exposure to way of life very different to your own.

      Chat can open new doors of knowledge and new friendships.

      But entering a chat room frequently empty wont hold new chatters let alone old.

  4. Faye

    Music Room is just one part of the site Maree and we also have normal chat in there. Unless I read it wrong you want one chatroom only. Have you ever tried the Music Room or requested some of your kind of Music? It is obviously reasonably popular or people wouldn’t be going there instead of Community Room.

    1. Maree

      Fay I don’t go to chat to listen to music . Never have never will.

      1. Faye

        Thats a choice you and everyone has on here Maree. The beauty of a site such as this…:-)

        1. Maree

          Fay absolutely ….luckily for me i have a life many lonely folk who seek out chat dont.They desire to speak to human being not listen to music.

          If they or i want music we listen to it on radio on our own stereo.
          As i said previously i paid for chat site not a music site.

          1. Faye

            You really should try it Maree. We dont sit around listening to music as you seem to surmise…we chat, exactly the same as everyone does in the chatroom. Plus we have the choice of music or not…it can be turned off or on at will. In there is the benefit of listening to music each of our friends like via their requests along with being background music while we chat about anything….exactly same as Community Room if one has a radio going in the background….and the music gives us all a common interest as well.

  5. waylander Post author

    I get that other rooms might be used more to the detriment of the main room, so how about numbers present in each room indicted on the front page?

    1. Faye

      Hopefully that may be coming Way…:-)

  6. grandmaj

    I think we used to have that years and years ago , didn’t we Way? Good idea, then you know where the chatters are

    1. Maree

      I did try the room Fay I dont want to be in room thats focused on music …is that so hard to understand?? And i have been in and didn’t enjoy it at all.

  7. lo1234

    No one is forced to go into the chat room or the music room. It’s free choice. I understand that some don’t want to listen to music when they chat and I understand that others don’t want to chat without music and enjoy sharing that interest with each other. Some like to private chat or just enjoy Shout and Groups. Do whatever appeals to you and makes you happy.

  8. 2doghouse

    I understand people were given H for asking people to join them in quiz room, leaving the chat room empty. And where are all the UK chatters of yore?? Maybe some come back now and then. My, my, my…. how times have changed.

  9. whippet2

    will all this talk about what is going on in S/C ever stop for goodness sake let the past go and move on and stop your complaining about S/C its still the safest room around no one is saying you have to go into the other rooms no one is saying you need to stay either you who are complaining you are free to go anytime you want. if you don’t have anything nice to say then stop complaining about S/C you who do all the complaining must have a HUGE chip on your shoulder get a life move on

  10. cefnrider

    sorry 2dog too many were allowed to run riot in the chat room and you now have the consequences of that.As you can see by the comments of maree and faye on this blog its become something like personal vendetta,s. WE ARE DIFFERENT so stop trying to make us the same and i have never used the music room but i dont mind ppl doing so and if nobody is in the main chat its because members have lost interest in whats been going on in the rooms and dont want troubles when they can use other sites that are well run with admin and mods without what has happened here
    PS ithink Faye was wonderful and we disagreed allthe time but could still be nice and polite to each other. Time for others to try to do the same

  11. whippet2

    well said cefnrider you and i had our moments but we believe in the chat room

  12. Scorpio

    Wippet I agree with everything you previously said. …In fact you took the words right out of my mouth ? I LOVE this site and the fact I’ve visited every day since I joined back in October says it all I think. I still find it amazing I’m able to speak to friends across the world with such ease. So please folks stop moaning and just enjoy.

  13. waylander Post author

    My intent was to encourage constructive suggestions on how the chat experience, regardless of room.

    That worked well didn’t it? NOT!

    I give up on the whole bunch of you!

    1. Faye

      Got to give you credit for trying Way….but sometimes brick walls construct themselves…haha!

  14. 2doghouse

    Constructive suggestions: To have more in the chat room, more chatters are needed. I don’t know the percentage of members who have paid the membership fee and do not go to a chat room. Guessing the remainder are non-paying and those who signed up and didn’t come back. I would also guess there are more non-paying members as there are so many who leave comments on the home page and in blogs – names I’ve never seen in a chat room. In order to get more chatters:
    1: ask the chatters who haven’t been seen in ages why they haven’t been in and what improvement(s) they would like to suggest. More than “we miss you”.
    2: ask for volunteer chatters with lots of time and inclination to rotate sitting in main chat room to welcome those entering the room and engage in a conversation.
    3: adjust the banning process from lifetime to one- two- three-week. It would let people say what they really think. Less secrecy would also end rumours and discontent.
    4: decrease the membership fee to a £10 equivalent for everyone – chatters and non-chatters. I’ve seen chatters say the current cost is too high for them and when it’s renewal time, they leave.

    So there you go Waylander. Four suggestions. I’m sure there’ll be naysayers, the “yes, but” people.

    1. Maree

      Very constructive 2 Dog you go girl …lol can you be made Chatroom advisor *g*

    2. Faye

      @2dog…..1/ Rob has asked for ideas from members many times for all parts of the site…no results
      2/ We did have 2 who spent many hours in chatroom in one time zone but who has that much time to spare…yes they were also Mons. which people asked not to have but they were chatters first and foremost and were always there to welcome people.
      3/ People are not banned for minor infringements and whoever made the decision on the length of time of the banning would be the one ‘getting it in the neck’ by the friends of that person.
      4/ Rob has tried to keep expenses as low as possible. A website isn’t just what we see…many costs are out of sight costs and even then he is probably having to dip into his own pocket on occasions.
      The ideas are good but I don’t feel they would be workable…personal opinion only.

      1. 2doghouse

        at the time Rob asked for suggestions, I had no complaints and no suggestions how to improve the site as I thought it was good the way it was. No, you don’t think my ideas are good because you gave reasons why they are not good – the “yes, but”. If Rob is trying to keep the cost low, it is the chatters who pay for the non-chatters to enjoy the groups and blogs and comments. Perhaps people who were not monitors would have been more welcome in the chatroom. There are a lot of lonely chatters out there who would have welcomed a chance to help. As for banning, I would rather they weren’t banned for life. There are too many people who don’t like each other and would do anything to get rid of them. Nasty people, liars, pot stirrers. THEY are still here. Plenty of verbal abuse.

        1. Faye

          ‘There are too many people who don’t like each other and would do anything to get rid of them. Nasty people, liars, pot stirrers. THEY are still here. Plenty of verbal abuse’ …I agree with this comment but finding them is another matter. Verbal abuse particularly…people who use it tend to say they were passing an opinion then quote ‘freedom of speech’.

          1. 2doghouse

            I’m sure chatters have complained about them. The “lol” at the end of their insults and sarcasm is a reprieve.

  15. Lifebeginselaine

    Hello waylander I’ve only recently joined, I am very scared of technology and this is the first site I have ever joined and can talk to real live people, I read all the things but for me going into the chat room would be like walking into a pub on my own I couldn’t and wouldn’t do it, what I mean is I will go into the chat room but it will be hard as if I can be seen and then people will go no your ok love thanks but no thanks! It’s to do with confidence and wanting to socialise and finally waking up to the fact that I can do it if I want to , hope this makes sense and maybe we can have a chat!

  16. Scorpio

    I’ve only ever encountered one unpleasant member who was extremely rude to me in a completely unprovoked way. I have since learned this person has done this more than once. I did nothing about it at the time but if anything similar happened again I’d have no compunction about reporting it immediately. People should not be alowed to get away with such abusive behaviour and thankfully it doesn’t happen very often. On the whole sc is a very happy place to be and I love being part of this world wide community ?

  17. Maree

    Only very few are abusive .There re other ways to disrupt chat bullying is one of them ….Deliberate back biting both openly and behind the scenes. Ignoring people mocking their points f view the list goes on a and on.

    Sad lives many lead ….petty jealousies….the need to feel important and know more than others. The need to have to attempt to break down others because they are different to you.Because they may have more ,done more and are more???

    Bullying has to be one of the main tactics used….. so much for adults.

    And here we are today in the middle of yet another seemingly terrorist attack in the uk and folk in chat rooms can not accept that others have different points of view different ways of life.

    Not a lot of hope for mankind is there at times??

    What great place this chat room would have been if only others could accept the differences in folk and embrace them.

    All i see is monopoly by a few who think they are somehow superior and have this need to be seen as wonderful. Remember the words the” smiling assassin.”..has always made me giggle. People pleasers with shallow and fragile egos abound.

    So to those who understand and saw what i am talking about you may have won the battle but there is never any Victory in making others walk on and walk on I am doing until the personalities get a grip.I doubt if they ever will.

    To Those in the UK I grieve with you and for you…I was there 11 years ago when the London underground bombing occurred . I watched it unfold on the television. You Brits are stoical ,solid and politically correct and I applaude you. The IRA bombing etc were your training ground in any ways.Other Nations have a lot to learn about your fortitude.

    Shame so many Brits no longer chat in this room….I do wonder why but suspect the reason is evident.

    My apologies Way if I have in anyway eroded what your intentions were on this Blog.

  18. sunsip

    Gawd aint it about time this was put to rest…..if people prefer music room its their choice….. seems there is just a couple of constant whiners…..if u prefer lobby then both go in there and chat to each other….. and let the rest of us enjoy our own choices !!!

  19. Drummer

    I have to say that all this arguing is not only boring, but utterly childish

  20. Rob

    I’m closing comments on this post. It has run its course.

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