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I have deleted my picture as I have just found myself grafted onto some strange body in one of the groups. I am not a member of that group, I did not realise that this could be done and be advised I am NOT happy about it

 Beauty v Brains

Back in our school days everyone chased the pretty girls, but had you ever noticed these pretty girls usually had a friend? Yes that’s the one. The mousy little thing. The seeming hanger on? I remember one pair like that from my school days. The pretty one surrounded by boys and her little mousy friend […]


I was taught to listen in my very early teens. I was taught by a highlander. A woodsman. A stalker. Not of people, but of animals. He taught me the value of stillness and silence. Of listening to the woods or moorland or wherever we were. He taught me to notice not only what was […]

 Wee Alec

I was asked recently what I remembered most about my school days and I trotted out the usual silly stories, the fun times etc. that we all do. It wasn’t till later that evening, sitting with my dog, a book and glass of fine malt scotch that I thought seriously about what I remember most […]


Many quotes claimed by celebrities especially, to be true are rubbish, but once in a while they come out with something that, even if not true, should be. One example is one I heard today quoted by Stephen Fry concerns an Australian Aboriginal leader’s definition/explanation of a total solar eclipse in 2002. He apparently said:- […]

 The Holiday Season

Yes I know I’ve posted this before. I will continue to post it each year about this time as a reminder. With the holiday season coming up, there will be many people whose only company over the “festive” season will be those they find in the rooms on this site. They have no family, no […]

 Random Blog Posts

The Random Blog Posts feature has been with us for some time now. Personally, I think it’s one of the best ideas Rob has had for this site. I have found so many fascinating, informative, funny, touching and, occasionally, downright scary posts that I must have missed although I thought I checked them out regularly. […]


As time goes by we lose things. Some are things we took for granted, like strength, speed, endurance. If you think about it, you can cope with that sort of thing. Just allow a little more time to do things, use lifting aids, that sort of thing, but what would it really scare you to […]

 Can you stand?

There’s a few lines from a novel about the Napoleonic wars. The rest matter not at all, but one question in relevant. That question is “Can you stand”? Today I saw a boy, about 13, stand. He stood against four seventeen year olds. They wanted his Gran’s handbag, but the lad got in the way […]


I have no idea of the origin of these. None of these are my words. 1) All problems have a solution. The difficult part is finding them 2) Courage is like a bank account. Each of us has only so much. 3) They say all things come to he who waits, but they come a […]