Inappropriate backing music

In the UK we have several adverts with really inappropriate backing music.

The current winner of most inappropriate is a perfume advert featuring a young woman singing Hendrix's Hey Joe. Now it's OK when they turn down the music over the words "with that gun in your hand" but didn't anyone think about the second line? "Going to to shoot my old lady". Nice!

There are others almost as bad. Anybody else spotted any?

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  1. Drummer

    Hello Waylander

    I agree entirely with your comment about unsuitable lyrics for songs – maybe you should run a blog inviting other lyrics that are inappropriate!
    Have a nice day
    Regards Drummer

  2. vonMichael

    Way, your writing gives a clear proof of the lack of image composition in other words;
    a lack of creativity in the head of the producer.
    Real good ads need no word or music to be understood by the consumer.

    Which one remains longer in the head of the beholder do you think?? Which one
    attempts more to have: the one you mentioned or my posted ad?

    I would argue that the Paris poster wins the race?

    You can see / find my ad here under activity of today. Michael

  3. starlette

    Well the latest W. Smith Christmas advert, Randy Crawford singing” One day I’ll Fly Away”………now that is one of my all time favourite songs……….how on earth can I hear that again without images of Foxes and ruddy Boxer dogs jumping on a trampoline……..its a love song for gawds sake……

  4. roseinbloom

    Waylander, have good observations, but do the adverts sell the product, is the only thing that matters to the sponsors. They like to sneak forbidden thoughts into their commercials. Have you heard of subliminal messages? An example is ice chunks in an drink with a skull on it representing a secret death wish of many drinkers.

    1. waylander Post author

      Yes, Rose, I think we’ve all heard of subliminals these days. Just to set your mind at rest the latest research by a UK university (I can’t remember which) came to the conclusion that subliminals just do not work at all, so I think we can all stop worrying about them.

  5. roseinbloom

    I am not so sure that subliminals do not work. I have see several commercials that leave the next line to play in the listeners head.That is one that I think does work.
    Way, for our amusement commercial should have music that makes us happy, but they are just selling.