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In the absence of anyone in the chat room in the afternoons for the last few days I've been refreshing the main page and reading through random old blogs.

It's become obvious that many of us have blogged about animals (yes guilty as charged), pets, and the loss thereof in stories like "The Rainbow Road" and "A good dog story" and I've come to certain conclusions.

While not a believer myself I asked myself the question "What if there is a heaven?"

My conclusions, which I'm certain many will take issue with, but they're mine and I stand by them for me at least, are as follows:-

1) Very few humans deserve to get there, myself included.

2) Loyal pets, most certainly deserve to get there.

3) If there IS a heaven and there are no animals, then, for me at least, that's not heaven and I'd rather not go there.

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  1. starlette

    I like to think there is a wonderful place elsewhere be it called heaven or any other name, and it that place people would be happy again and reunited with their pets, so yes of course there will be dogs in heaven, me, I keep my halo polished everyday…..errrrr……

  2. roseinbloom

    For me, I take issue with a creator who punishes his creation for the flaws he created etc. I take issue with most of it so I just try to get it right here one day at a time and honestly, I need to focus more energy on that.
    I prefer humans as close companions. I like people.