The Terrier and the biscuit tin

I’ve had the Terrier MkII since the Christmas before last and while he’s turned into quite a little character, he’s shown no inclination towards anything that I’d call particularly interesting behaviour…..until now.

Some among you may remember an old song called “Radar Love”? Well the Terrier seems to have some for of radar ears. Explanation needed? OK. Here goes.

I like shortbread. It’s about the only thing in the biscuit line that I ever buy, so on my fortnightly shopping expeditions I usually bring a couple of packs back with me. Shortbread tends to get soft and disgusting if it’s not kept dry and in an airtight container so I usually decant the packs into a biscuit tin.

Shortly after I got him, I made the mistake of giving in to the pleading eyes one dark evening and letting the terrier have a small piece of the shortbread. Well that was my undoing. He absolutely loves it. If i get a piece out of the tin, he’s there. And I do mean there. Sat right on my feet and if i’m sitting down he’s trying to get up on my lap to try to grab some.

So, to the radar ears. I’ve got used to him hearing the tin open on the kitchen counter when he’s in the living room which is just next door, but today he was down at the bottom of the back garden (40 metres away at least) when I, very carefully and quietly, opened the tin, took a piece of shortbread out, closed the tin, again quietly and gently, and turned round…………and tripped over the terrier sat behind me, tongue out, eyes bright and tail wagging looking at me with that “Where’s my bit then?” sort of look.

You can have cats de-clawed, you can have dogs de-barked (and no I’m neither advocating either or even agreeing with it being done) but can you have a dog’s ears de-radarred?

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  1. grandmaj

    haha That is so funny Way, I can so relate to that. I have two fox terriers as well as my big dog. The fox terriers are exactly the same.

  2. Maree

    LOl Very cute Way …dogs have amazing hearing. Hes smart your lad.he knows hi food preferences.

    Ours should have been a sniffer dog at the airport . But one of her very funny traits is if husband goes upstairs to shower she stays here …If I go up to shower she’s right beside me. Even if i go up to make the bed or simply do housework she’s with me. I suspect he thinks she’s my protector.

    She also knows when we are going out …sees me blow wave my hair, put on my shoes so she sits beside the door waiting to go and if its No she gives the sulky puppy dog eyes look as if she’s been majorly deprived.

  3. Scorpio

    My old boy is as deaf as a post but. …… there sure ain’t nothing wrong with his sense of smell. Aything remotely edible within a mile range he’s there and that soulful please I’m starving look well he’s got that down to perfection. Knows just what strings to pull and always gets his titbit ??

  4. roxyanne

    well way think of the weight he is helping you to lose all that shortbread is fattining as well you know keep up the good work little doggie xx