Death and Contempations

Someone stated that so many celebrities have passed this year.

Who gives a chit?

How many of our friends on here have disappeared? As this is a senior site, have they died? We do not know.

So this year perhaps 10 celebrities have passed. Think! How many of those you've known in here have suddenly been lost?

Did you know these celebrities? NO! Did you know your friends on SC? Yes!

So who do you mourn?

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  1. PamfromTX


    I do believe it was I who state, “So many celebrities have passed this year.”

    I’m sorry that such a comment disturbs you. I meant it in a compassionate manner; I don’t know these celebrities… but do feel their heartbreak during these losses. I am only human.

    I haven’t been in this site long enough to know what members have disappeared and will post when those I do know… go missing.

    You’re damned if you do and you’re damned if you don’t around this site. I prefer to care about all humans… whether they are celebrities or not. It’s just the way I am.

    By the way, I have met a few celebrities while on vacation. Does that count? 😉

    1. Drummer

      Well said Pam – nice to see some genuine feelings expressed
      but I guess you can’t do right for doing wrong!
      Have a happy New Year Kind regards Drummer

  2. waylander Post author

    This was never intended to be a criticism of any on here, least of all you.
    I was merely my musing on loss and whether it was personal.

    Please accept my apology because it was never aimed at anyone, purely my own musings put to type.

    1. PamfromTX

      I deleted my reply in that particular post, Way. I am not offended; just wanted you to understand what type of person I am.

      I care too much at times. Have a great rest of your day.

  3. sunsip

    Way i dont think its that we mourn them any more, I just think its because we know who they are through the media.
    Any death is sad one no more than another…these people are all either a mum a dad or a relative of some kind.
    Whoever dies someone is left behind grief cant be measured.

  4. foreveryoung2

    Hi Way – some time ago I sent Rob an email asking if it was possible to have an “In Memmorium” list (like the Birthday list) so we would know if our friends had passed on. I know of some such as “Shadow” whom I miss; Arizonaghost, Susieda.
    I never got a reply to my email. Perhaps Rob doesn’t get to know that Chatters have passed on ?? Shadow is constantly mentioned on FB, as she was loved by many.
    With regards celebrities, I think it is a shock to the public that some die so young and so many in one year.
    I wish you a very Happy New Year xoxo

  5. tania

    I lost a sister -in – law on the 13th of Dec after only four weeks of being ill. So yes people pass, but as you say Waylander how many of the friends on here have passed? I miss Arizona and Shads also Susieda that I met up with a couple of times….it would be good for them to be remembered as they all had input in Senior Chatters.

    1. merrywren

      I was so sorry to hear about shads,we were great friends,i deleted my fb account, due to family matters,when did she die,it must have been recent, as i only deleted my account in march of this year.

      1. tania

        merrywren , I did a blog for shads on the 2nd of June she died a couple of days earlier….it is still there if you need to find it…Ann

    2. Faye

      Merrywren I think it was around was very sudden despite her being unwell for some time.

  6. roseinbloom

    Waylander, grieving like charity needs to begin at home, but I as many others have spent hours enjoying a particular public entertainer and their talent is a rare gift to those who enjoy their particular type of entertainment.
    I am still sad about Princess Diana. It seems that her death was too early and too tragic. Sometimes we know some public figures better than we know our own family and unlike some family members, they have done us no harm.
    Debbie Reynolds was special for me and I saw her twice and I admired her a lot. We say “there will never be another one”.
    As Pam says it is a human being and it is sad.
    I was sad and still miss the people that I knew on SC.
    Waylander, sometimes a public death is like the weather it gives people a common reality and a safe topic.

  7. woodsie

    I do not know If I have the right to comment here as I at my age do not have friends it took having a sick spouse to realise this, no true people in my life other than my wife and on the turning of another year its just that nothing good to remember and so far nothing to look forward too,
    The point is that what hurts is there will be no one to mourn me even though I shed a tear for others and feel pain for the lonely.

    1. roseinbloom

      Woodsie. What you say is really sad, but there must be a church or a group you can join. I know a Japanese-American wife and right after her husband died, she joined the closest church.
      I did not know how religious she was, but I think she was practical. She had no family here.
      Sit in the sunshine more; do something to make life better. Remember, smile and the world smiles with you.

  8. Drummer

    First it must be said that Woodsie has the right to comment on whatever he chooses – his position though is not altogether unknown to many of us who have gone through that dreadful long tunnel where nobody seems to care – it is indeed a lonely journey but I do urge him to continue to let his thoughts flow, for that way at least we can share his problems and maybe by responding to him let him know that there are people – they are called Chatters- who will gladly listen to him and in some way
    by their very presence assure him that he is not alone- and that people do care. Are there any Chatters living anywhere near to him?
    Take heart Woodsie!

  9. Abhilaaj

    I always believed that printed words are lame.
    They have to be read minus the visual of the face who said, if he/she was earnest
    or mocking can not be known
    Even the visually spoken words are lame to an extent.
    We have multiple choices of words for a given situation.
    Most of us end up using rather an inappropriate word at times.
    Words are used differently in different nations.
    Those who feel annoyed by some remarks must make a polite query and give sufficient opportunity to the writer.
    My sympathies rest with the writer.

    1. PamfromTX

      2doghouse, that’s another factor… I grew up watching some of these celebrities, et al since I was a child and it is sad to see them pass. Again, I am only human.

  10. 2doghouse

    A commentator said 2016 was a particularly bad year for the loss of so many well-known people from all walks of life. He also said we’re in that age bracket (baby boomers) where we notice more who has died, and at what age they died and compare our age to theirs. We also know more people at this age, and remember the celebrities from our childhood, people in the news, friends from school, now deceased.

  11. idigdirt

    One life shouldn’t matter any more or less than another. I mourn the people taken out before their time through violence and ignorance. Also young people who never seemed to have a chance. I have a friend who volunteers in a baby hospice facility. That is heart wrenching beyond comprehension.

  12. Abhilaaj

    IDIGDIRT …and Pamfrom I agree and appreciate your views in totto.

    IDIGDIRT–please tell me how you coined the name IDIGDIRT here?