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 Christmas – Time for Christians, only?

Christians all over the world look forward to Christmas, feast days which they celebrate for hundreds of years world-wide. In these days, that’s my impression Christmas has become obsolete fort the young generations in special! How about you? What’s your meaning of Christmas ( does it means anything for you? ) How was Christmas celebrated by […]

 You’re driving me crazy

with your smell! The answer can only be given by your nose. What wonderful organ ist that and how less attention we pay to it. It makes smell the women the perfume on the collar of her husband when he comes home late from work. It makes us smell the steak which is waiting for […]

 Do you do it?

Do you ask or give advice to people you know? I try to prevent a situation like this! Why. Because I have experienced friendships have broken just like marriages on a wrong word that was given. So I myself prefer of painting my own picture on a situation or problem that has to be solved […]

 Do you agree with me….

….in this point; advertising of yesteryears was more attractive, expressed more humour and tempted far more better than the ads we are getting to see today. I can’t remember having bought any item in the last years as the result of good advertisements neither on tv nor in paper.

 Spaghetti Harvest….

…. in Switzerland starts earlier this year as a matter of the warm winter 2014. As to be seen on the BBC chanel closed to the Swiss border to Italy the spaghetti season has started and everybody is looking forward of getting served with the early spaghetti of this year. Fresh from the garden on […]

 Days like this are worth living for

What can be nicer in life than spending a couple of weeks in a good hotel on a caribian island. Sitting in the sunset on the terrace with the the women one loves, enjoying fresh seafood and having good wine to go with? What else? Life latin – american music played by a combo so […]

 What a day it was

I couldn’t sleep that tonight so I got woken up in the morning by the Unchained Melody on the radio. How nice I thought of the Righteous Brothers bringing me back some memories of yesterdays eve. The lyrics reminded me of the words sung by Percy Sledge; When a man loves a women. Well the […]

 Not for all but for a..

few members of the SC. For those extraordinary accomplishments of two persons. Just lean back, relax and let your memories flow by *** Luciano Pavarotti & Amira Willighagen singing live Nessun Dorma *** to be found on you tube. Michael

 I did what I did

Yesterday I met him again, again on you tube, Mr. F. Sinatra singing his song ** My Way **. One thought appeart in my mind that every word of this song is more than very true; I did what I had to do but I did it my way. I can’t complain anybody for the […]