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 To buy or not to buy Part III

The show must go on with the ingredients in our daily food. So you may have heard or even better read the name BHT= Butylhydroxytoluol? This is an antioxidant and is been used in our daily food to keep it fresh for a longer period. If you have no problem with eating a petroleum mixture […]

 Our food to buy or not to buy?

Have you eaten a vanilla icecream or a vanilla pudding recently? Than the word **Castoreum**should sound familar to you? It doesn’t. Well that is the Beaver Anal Secretion which replaces genuine vanilla. This BAS you can find in any product with the taste of vanilla. Bon appétit. More ingredients one should keep an eye on […]

 Speed dating

What does it mean? Does it mean to run from one partner to another? Like in a pancake race? Who comes first gets served first? Or does it mean date now, regret later? Who of you is in the position explaining it to me?

 Things we could do better

I personally like what members are publishing in the blogs. But I’ve to admit I don’t understand the SC system correctly. For example: why don’t writers resize their pics or pay so little attention to the quality of them? Second point, why do members do not clean their entries. I found entries which are several […]

 Caustic British Humor

Where has all the caustic English humor gone, …. long time passing, Where has all the caustic English humor gone, …long time ago, Where has all the caustic English humor gone, young once left it somewhere one by one, when will they ever learn, when will they ever learn? In memory of Pete Seeger who […]

 Just an idea only

We are in the middle of the winter even it doesn’t looks like it. So that is a bit of boring time and I was thinking of doing something that brings some kind of entertainment into my life. So I went along the firms in our area and asked the management if they where investing […]

 The Old Once

Sir Cliff Richard has made a song in 1961 called The Young Ones. Today I am looking forward if he is going to release a new song perhaps with the titel * The Old Ones *? Why? Well the young once from today pay a fortune for things made by the old once. Old wine, […]

 Face Reading

At times I was active in business I had to visit China for several times. Every time I went there I had to face different Manager in different functions with the same name. Wong, YU, Xii, Liu e.g. and in the end of the talks I never knew if I had seen that man before […]

 Colloidal silver

Even in ancient times Romans, Egyptians, Hindus, Persians and Chinese knew about the curative effect of colloidal silver. To make use of the prophylaxis effect of silver the rich and the aristocracy in medieval times used sets of cutlery and tableware made out of silver. American gold digger used silver coins in their milk as […]