What a day it was

I couldn’t sleep that tonight so I got woken up in the morning by the Unchained Melody on the radio. How nice I thought of the Righteous Brothers bringing me back some memories of yesterdays eve.
The lyrics reminded me of the words sung by Percy Sledge; When a man loves a women.

Well the Everly Brothers with their: Bye Bye Love brought me back into life

While I was listening to it I nearly forgot I had to got to the office this morning.
So I walked to the kitchen and turned the coffee machine on and just the second I did it Judy Collins came on air with her Amazing Grace.

I deceided to take the bus where as the bus stopp is just a few streets away where I live. It took me only a few minutes to get there when I saw her from a distance; Peggy Sue arm in arm with Buddy Holly.
So I decided it would be better for me not to be seen by them.

When I was was looking for a place hiding myself Nat King Cole came along and told me: Roses are red my Love. I know that Nat, but thanks for reminding me.

After entering the bus I found myself in the company of Harry and Pat. Harry rose his arm pointed out of the window and said look there it is; My Island in the sun. Okay said Pat I’ll go off the next stop that comes take a boat that brings me over because I have to write some Love Letters in the sand.

This minute I felt so sorry I had to work all day but than I saw her; Donna. But again it seemed to me as if that was not my day. Donna was accompanied by Ritchie Valens. Oh boy I said to myself what a day that is going to be.

When we trooped out of the bus Harry and I we both met Paul Anka who told us within a few words, Im just a lonely boy. Harry a kind hearted man tried to encourage him by saying; come on Paul follow me and I will show you where you’ll find the Itsy bitsy teenie weenie yellow polka dot bikini.

On my last steps to the building where my office is in Conny Francis stopped and we saw Elvis passing by. Elvis asked Conny, Don’t be cruel and please Treat me nice because I want to be your, Teddy bear.

Conny got very annoyed with him and said; look at this, Lipstick on you collar!

Now I make a long story short. In the late afternoon on my way back home Fats caught me and gave me the hint, I want to walk you home.
I think his words were reflecting to the bottle of Whiskey he expected to share with me. OK I said after a day like this lets walk.

As we passed by the bus Stop Conny came along hugged Fats and whispered
in his ear; You are My happiness. I heard Fats saying; oh no Conny, You’ve lost that loving feeling. Conny was upset and told me; I will folow him where ever he may go. That’s deep love I think.
I told myself it would be better to leave them alone with their argumentsand took the bus. What a surprise for me it was meeting Jonny on the bus. He was in talk with the girl opposite and I could hear his words; Yes tonight Josephine, yes tonight.
The moment I heared him saying this I had to interfere. Josephine I said, you can do what you want but; Save the last dance for me.

So Friends my day had a good end for all of us and there is nothing left I which is worth telling you.

OH no, that’s not the truth. That all happend at a time when music was music
and stars were stars. One a wonderful day somewhere in the mid of the 60s.

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  1. starlette

    Not all roses are red…….my favourites are yellow………so if there is a certain someone out there……but the little red rose bush is blooming…….sweet xxxx

  2. starlette

    Michael, you tell me the Yellow rose means covetenousness ……. didn’t know that………..maybe i will have to change my ways………nah…..lol xxx

  3. roseinbloom

    vonMichael, thanks for the walk down memory lane. I guess we all thought love was like the songs and to a great extent it was. Those were the days of our youth and it is fun to remember it all.

  4. vonMichael Post author

    Many thanks for your words Rose. It was in my intension bringing back some memories of our youth. The time when we were full of dreams……
    Have a nice weekend Michael