You’re driving me crazy

with your smell! The answer can only be given by your nose.

What wonderful organ ist that and how less attention we pay to it.
It makes smell the women the perfume on the collar of her husband when he comes
home late from work. It makes us smell the steak which is waiting for us, it makes us
smell the ocean, the fresh brewed coffee in the kitchen and the oven-freh cake
for the weekend.

But for some people the smell that we breathe brings back memories. Memories of
mothers kitchen, the fresh mowed hay in fall, the intensiv smell of the person we
love and me may have lost? It brings back memories of the fresh baked bread
when we pass by a bakery like in the time we where children. a.s.o.

The nose with ist functions can make the day for us like an autograph book of the
time we have already lived in.
Thanks to your nose, which or what kind of memories does the smell bring back you?

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  1. starlette

    For me Michael one of the most comforting smells is of freshly baked bread….the smell of baby talcum powder….don’t get to smell that anymore, no kiddiewinks around…..flowery perfumes….freshly mown grass…
    .sooo any,so many memories. Xxx

    1. vonMichael Post author

      That’s the it should be. Freshly mowned frass, just wonderful. But even the smell of a fine cigar can drive a women crazy. First she likes the smell of it and afterwards she gets annoyed by thinking of all the curtains that needs washing. A man will never understand a women, will he? XXXM

      1. starlette

        Nope Michael he never will…
        And believe you me……women will never understand men…..a woman’s brain is far more complex than a mans….we over analyse everything and very often come up with a load of rubbish……must be so much easier to have a simple thinking brain…see things in black and white,instead of every colour of the rainbow….xxx

          1. starlette

            But don’t ever try to stop understanding women Michael… day you might succeed…lol. Xxx

  2. roseinbloom

    VonMchael.Thanks for helping us remember our smell memories. It took me years to remember that the smell of coffee and bacon was a memory of home and the beginning of the day. I also remembered that I thought all men smelled like tobacco because my dad did. We all need to pay attention to the smells we share with ourself and others.

    1. vonMichael Post author

      Hello Rose you see what a wonderful thing the nose can be. She smells the smell of good old days and brings memoeries back to life. So Rose when ever you in a bad mood just kepp on smelling.
      A wonderful weekend to you Michael

  3. flowersun

    My nose is a wonderful thing,but sometimes I just gotta put a peg on it,lol,sorry Michael,the devil made me say it,lol,hope you have a sense of humour?.

  4. lani36

    hi michael hmmmm fragrences , the smellof bacon in the morning , someone that has just showered and is all fresh, hot bread cooking , flowers in an early spring garden, the smell of rain on the earth after a hot day, brings to my mind all the fragrences we take for granted each day……. thanks for reminding me …..Lani xx.

  5. Drummer

    Hello Michael – I was planning to send you a private message today as it seems so long since we have hear from you – I was concerned you may be unwell, but clearly you
    are bearing up if your nose continues to work well you are O.K. It is my thought that at our age the nose remains probably the most important organ we have.
    Great to hear from you again. Best wishes Drummer

    1. 5mintbreak

      Hello Michael, To me, nothing beats the smell of rain falling onto parched dry paddock. Then there is the smell of fresh mown pastures to be made into hay.

      The smell of smoke from a fire on a hot windy day, raises fear. Once having been in a bushfire the smell of smoke and fire never leaves you, even if only a small fire.

      The sweet perfume from roses amongst other garden blooms beautiful.

      But then consider those who the very smell of perfume sets off sinus reactions! myself included, the strong perfume of Wattle, Johnquils, Jasmine, Daphne are enough to set my nostrils flarring, sneezing and head aches!

  6. Drummer

    Hi 5mintbreak
    Your comment has reminded me that one of my favorite smells of all is that of newly mown grass – particularly when I was able to get out and use a mower – those days are I regret to say long gone!