I did what I did

Yesterday I met him again, again on you tube, Mr. F. Sinatra singing his song ** My Way **.

One thought appeart in my mind that every word of this song is more than very true; I did what I had to do but I did it my way.
I can't complain anybody for the way things nor any decision in my life went caus I did them my way.
Regrets this is also true I have a few and if I'm looking back I shoud have done several things different to turn the results out better.
But as I say, I did it my way.

Which means for me that every person is an individual but on this line we are all the same; we are living our lifes on ** My way **

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  1. starlette

    Sometimes we have to learn the hard way for it to have any impact…… regrets………. pointless………..we are unique…….can only ever do it our way. xxx

  2. roseinbloom

    vonMichael, I have played that song a zillion times and love it. Thank you for reminding me. When Mr. Sinatra sings, you feel and believe every word.

  3. lani36

    My favourite song of frankies, and yes, I guess most of us as we look back might realise we did it our way, those that have really lived and loved von michael.

  4. vonMichael Post author

    Thanks for your view on this subject Star. Regrets are the connection between yes and no. They are the psychologically result of our doings, not more.
    But humans need them like the fresh air. xxxM

  5. vonMichael Post author

    But Rose this song is a special one. I mean the lyrics makesit to a special. In the very first time I was here with the SC I was astonished and surprised about the sadness in some posts! Writers kept asking for answer of their doing and a little advice to do something better.
    All I have to say; they did what they had to do in their way and they have any
    right for regrets. Michael