Spaghetti Harvest….

…. in Switzerland starts earlier this year as a matter of the warm winter 2014. As to be seen on the BBC chanel closed to the Swiss border to Italy the spaghetti season has started and everybody is
looking forward of getting served with the early spaghetti of this year. Fresh from the garden on the table an enjoyment for tourists as well as the local citizen. And an easter surprise too.

Bon appétit !

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  1. rosevita

    I’d like to get a few plants of them, just to try it out……but as I think about it, it is possible that the weather conditions are not perfect here and they wont grow properly at all !?! Anyway it’s worth a try!!!! :)))

  2. lani36

    there is a plant that peels like spaghetti, but the reaL thing delish, they do ,they do Jw hahaha…. lani

  3. vonMichael Post author

    Very well Star the points are yours. Fools Day celebration has a long lasting history in the UK which leads back to the dark-age about 1600.
    This report to the 1st of April was broadcasted by the BBC 1957 and you can see here: BBC: Spaghetti-Harvest in Ticino on youtube.
    BBC has received more than 200 000 calls on this theme because BBC has had a very trustful reputation in the UK. XXXM