Do you do it?

Do you ask or give advice to people you know? I try to prevent a situation like this!
Because I have experienced friendships have broken just like marriages on a wrong word that was given. So I myself prefer of painting my own picture on a situation or problem that has to be solved / fixed. And how about you?

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  1. morvenna

    I have learned that advice given without being asked for isn’t the best thing to do…..long ago… a mom……a used to think that had to give advice……fix things….etc…… daughter said on one of these occasions……’Mom…..I don’t want advice……I just need you to listen’….and that’s the thing to do. If asked for advice…..I would have to think very hard about it…….because ……yes Michael….if we do try to give advice and it all goes ‘pear shaped’…..we can be held responsible for the outcome……and yes… could very well damage relationships……sometimes it’s not easy to sit and listen…….but it’s the wisest thing to do.
    xxxxx M

  2. davidrv

    Advice is just an opinion expressed by someone. Take it or leave it. Or, better yet, take it into consideration.
    Sometimes it’s refreshing to know someone else’s opinion. It’s easy to be stuck in a rut when you talk only to yourself. Some have said, “thought provoking” often on this site; isn’t that what we appreciate, what others think?
    I do.
    Thanks for your blog vonMichael. I like blogs ending with a question. Made me think, and most importantly, made me write today.

    1. starlette

      Michael, if asked I will give my take on things,would never tell anyone what they should do,and in my experience people do what they want anyway,and I have never taken advice yet,I trust my instincts and intuition,whenever I have ignored my instinct turned out I was wrong to do so…should have listened… I always do. Xxx

  3. flowersun

    I have given advise,if I can relate to there problem,I have taken advise,but I must say I choose the people,that I take advise from very carefully,I have 2friends on here,who keep me on the straight and narrow,I always talk to them,and they help me see the situation with an open mind,I am lucky to have them,so for me advise from my friends is a must,ps,good question,Michael.

  4. lani36

    If anyone asks me for advice Michael, I usually repeat back to them and say , How do you feel about that ? and that gives them the realisation, that you have heard them and then they answer themselves by working it out and talking it through…..

  5. lani36

    If anyone asks me for advice Michael, I usually say , how do you feel about that, then they usually talk it out and work their own answers out to their problem, knowing you have heard them, or another answer of mine is , well I guess that is a problem, would you like to talk it through and see what you come up with?… lANI..X.

  6. ozzybloke

    Michael, I am very wary of giving advice – it has a tendency to come back to bite…”but you said” etc. There are exceptions, depending on the person and circumstance, but generally I find it better to listen, paraphrase and feedback – and hopefully assist them to find their own solution.

    1. lani36

      Ozzie, you are a very sensible man, never thought i would here myself say something like that ,but you are ha ha ha ha .. Lani x

  7. Lou67

    Asking that question to me is like asking for advice.. lol.. I give advice all the time.. I get paid to do it.. I am a technical advisor… I give advice to my family if asked.. I do not give friends advice or loan money.. Do I take advice? you bet.. I have a financial advisor and along with accountants.. Both get paid to give me advice.. Will I take advice from others? if I feel it is helpful or useful.,,, yes I do.. Lou

    1. lani36

      Lou, can you tecnically advise me why my phone a galaxy app, wont allow me to put pics from it on to my computer please …. lol Lani x.

  8. vonMichael Post author

    Well Lou if you get paid for your advice that’s o.k. cause you can get blamed for it. I fyou pay for an advice that’s also o.k. so you can blame the one who has given it to you.
    You are surprising me by telling me that you trust your account manager of your are having the Lehmann affair in the States. Perhaps not in Texas?

    The case came up on me but all I’ve to say this ( I’m a little proud on myself ) I knew a bit more about money, shares, funds e.g. as the account manager.
    Listen to, getting information, make own judements on the topic seem to be a better way in a matter like this. Michael

  9. vonMichael Post author

    Good morning to all of you,
    we are running into the weekend and I don’t want to miss to thank you all for your opinion on Do it or leave it!
    My question could have been a question in the field of motivation research.
    That’s how life goes, all our doings and sayings depend on situation and other people. I am convinced a final answer can’t neither be given nor found.
    But on one basis we are all the same and it doesn’t matter which corner of the world one comes from; we are all human beings and that makes me proud of being a member of the SC. Michael

    1. lani36

      you are such a nice person michael, you have a gentle nature that shines here , and its always nice to read your blogs…..LANI….X