Not for all but for a..

few members of the SC. For those extraordinary accomplishments of two persons.

Just lean back, relax and let your memories flow by

*** Luciano Pavarotti & Amira Willighagen singing live Nessun Dorma ***

to be found on you tube.


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  1. lani36

    The one and only pavarotti, michael, could sit back and listen all day. Thank you for posting this. Lani…..x.

  2. vonMichael Post author

    Hello Lani,
    I don’t know if you have seen the video till its end. But amira the little girl from the
    Netherland has a fantstic voice, She has never had any singing lessons and with
    the age of years she is super, super lovely. Pavarotti and Amira, close the eys,
    lean back and dream oneself to Ancona / Italy were They used to have a Verdi
    An enjoyment for the soul of each who likes Verdi and classic-music.
    Have a nice weekend Michael

    1. lani36

      Hi michael, wrote a poem on poetry groups, here a little while ago , it was titled, wine and opera ,in which I mentioned verdi , might put it up a gain, for you to read if you wish., I did hear that little one, she will go far I think, beautiful voice… lani.xx.

      1. vonMichael Post author

        Yes lani I would love to read it. Have you noticed the little girls eys?
        Wonderful. 9 years old and such a voice. Unbeatable and if you take into consideration Amira has never had any singing lessons. Just wonderful.

    1. Maize

      This is beautiful, star,but I have such sad memories about it.My sister lost her husband to a brain tumour,they were both in their 50’s, and had been everything to each other. They heard this song, and Mick found out who sang it, bought it for her and it became ‘their’ song.
      Anne had it played at his funeral

  3. starlette

    Always brings a tear to my eye Maize, and i should imagine it is now played at a lot of funerals……… daughter went to see him………..blubbed all the way through his performance, as did everyone else………..and a good evening was had by all…heheh xx