Do you agree with me…. this point; advertising of yesteryears was more attractive, expressed more humour and tempted far more better than the ads we are getting to see today. I can’t remember having bought any item in the last years as the result of good advertisements neither on tv nor in paper.

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  1. lani36

    Michael, for the first time i did purchase a television brand name because of a t.v. advertisment…. not usually though…… lani

  2. ozzybloke

    Michael, very much inclined to agree with you, although some ads are still reasonable. In general, I find they put me off rather than attract my interest. On of the nice things about computers and the web, is the option of looking in places of choice, rather than having some TV talking head trying to beat Kennedy’s words per minute speech or the letter box crammed with junk mail. We have a very popular site (I understand no name allowed) online that caters to most interests.

  3. Jsmile

    In my corner of the world they do still have good ads.
    In this day with all the entertainment advertisers have to be very creative
    to get and keep the attention of their market. I will say most are down right
    annoying. One funny ad that comes to mind is the “badger car ad”. Google and see if you get a chuckle lol

  4. roseinbloom

    I agree vonMichael. I still remember cereal that snapped, crackled and popped and it really did. Thats just for a laugh. I don’t buy much and I avoid commercials if at all possible, but I do like the drug commercials. When they get through listing the side effects, I know not to take any of it if at all possible. So, commercials that introduce new products can be helpful. I wonder if the USA commercials go to other cuntries.

  5. starlette

    Michael I do not take one iota of notice of the adds,or of the television programmes come to that, a TV add would certainly not make me purchase anything……xxx

  6. vonMichael Post author

    Thank you all for posting your consideration to that theme. As far as I can see this seems to be a matter of age, experience in life, country one lives in, personality a.s.o.

    Times may have changed so people of our age feel more insecure as it concerns the commercials content and their beliefes tend more to the
    And that I am convinced is good. Michael

  7. anglo190

    Most commercials wouldn’t convince me to buy the product. I have enjoyed commercials featuring animals.