Days like this are worth living for

What can be nicer in life than spending a couple of weeks in a good hotel on a caribian island.
Sitting in the sunset on the terrace with the the women one loves, enjoying fresh seafood and having good wine to go with?
What else? Life latin - american music played by a combo so one can dance to Mambo, Cha-Cha-Cha, Tango, Bolero, Calypso e.g. of course?

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  1. roseinbloom

    vonMichaael, I assume you are going with one woman, but you “the women”. You may want to correct that. It sounds wonderful and it is about as good as it gets for you.

    1. vonMichael Post author

      Hello Rose all I have to say to that is in Europe I know some countries and there is nothing new for me. England would have been an alternative but the weather conditions are nearly the same as in Germany which is on top of it far more cheaper than the UK.
      Despite of these I don’t like any Muslim Country because I don’t like the food which is been served and the population too. If I can’t look into once face because it’s hidden behind a curtain I feel unsafe. No that’s not made for me even if the offer includes all inclusive.
      I would rather prefer to stay local an rub shoulders with the local.
      Have a nice weekend Michael.

  2. lani36

    Hi michael, you paint the prettiest of pictures especially the latin music, could do with a carribean holiday right now… but alas, have to make do with end of summer, dry grasses and cold mornings again, for awhile anyway, but one can dream …..xx…lani

    1. vonMichael Post author

      Hello Lani that would be a good choise to do. Get rid of of dry grasses and cold mornings and immerse into warm water, blue sky, good food and the music you love. I hope you will fulfill your dream as soon as possible. XXXM

  3. Lou67

    My wife and I were there about thirty years ago.. I am surprised we don’t have five children.. lol.. thanks brother (vonM) for bringing back that memory,, Lou

    1. vonMichael Post author

      Hi Lou I am a little proud of bringing good memories back to you. I like the french carbian islands Guadeloupe is my favorite destination.
      I hope the day will come for you and your wife to renew the good times you had 30 years ago.
      NB. I like that expression of yours ** brother **.
      All the best Michael