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 Happiness Is WHAT?

Happiness is WHAT? What is it like to be happy? Are you HAPPY? We are entitled to the “pursuit of it” here in the USA. I have read numerous books by credentialed people on the subject and all were right about what they said and yet I never got a good idea of it. Some […]

 JK Rowling

Is anyone else a Harry Potter fan? How about Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them? My children were about 10 and 12 when the first harry came out. I was working at the library, and wondered at all these requests for this book, and ordered it myself… and fell in love. What I loved is these […]

 Talking to the Quail

Each morning I am in the vegetable garden at 6 A M, as my dog, when I sleep, kicks my back and licks my face as he is a prompt geter-uper so I do not set the alarm clock. In the garden I water 144 summer and 144   winter squash and melons and tomatoes.  All […]

 Thoughts in the Rain

thoughts in the rain 15. Jul, 2017 Spoilt for choice Saturday rolls around, yet again. Another weekend of choices. Some good, some bad and some totally boring. Should I start on a new painting? Perhaps another design for my attempt at a colouring book for adults? Or maybe a poem about how I am uncertain […]


Hi folks………just been scrolling down my facebook page and I came across a post asking where the best place is to buy a cake for a cake smash photo………..well I had never heard of this so I scrolled on, it would seem its the latest thing to do……….you buy a gooey cake and let the […]

 Garden of Joy

I have a 1/2 acre garden that is fun to grow each year.  It has 144 hills of summer squash, 144 hills of winter squash,  watermelons and  tomatoes. We give 2 ton of vegs away to churches and friends in need. At 6AM in the morning it is cool outside and has been over 100 […]

 Millionaire Fortunes & Children

Maybe its just me that’s very skeptical, but yet again a multi millionaire states that he wont be leaving any of his fortune to his children, Gordon Ramsey made this statement a couple of weeks ago, he says his children  will have to make their own way in life to appreciate money and the realities of […]

 Do our children owe us……..

Why is it that some people think their children owe them for being given life, I think its extremely selfish of some parents( especially mothers ) to think their  adult children should be there at their  beck and call, in my opinion our children owe us nothing but respect and hopefully loyalty, they didn’t ask […]

 When to throw the towel in……..

Over the past few years since joining chat sites I have spoken to many people who are in marriages that are long past there sell by date………..and it has to be said they have all been men………the reasons they give are family, financial or their wife has become ill and now rely on them for support…….family, […]