Act in haste repent at leisure…

Yesterday I went  to a funeral.  I was very emotional and something that happened between my husband and myself  made me so angry.

Well that saying act in haste repent in leisure came into play when I had a 'rant' on here ...

OK what he did was wrong but I was wrong to vent my frustration on here .

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  1. starlette

    Hi Carol, well have to say to slam the door in your face………what can I say, words come to mind but not for public airing………. now I don’t know how close your husband was to the deceased, so for you to be laughing may have not gone down to well, hence the verbal abuse……demands you feed him !!….are you having a laugh ?………..if your asking if you deserve better then you probably know the answer………..we only get treated as we allow our self to be treated…..

  2. Drummer

    Hello Carol – strange this so often happen at funerals after all for almost every person at a funeral there a emotions flowing, many of which are not normal to us,
    but there are no right or wrong situations, we all react as we feel – you can only be yourself – may be your husband should remember; judge not lest he be judged!
    Kind regards Drummer

  3. 5mintbreak

    Hi Carol,

    We all react differently in emotional circumstances, your hubby’s actions, your response to those actions. Do not berate yourself it is far better to let those feelings out than to keep them within and then they manifest into bigger problems.

  4. Sansoar

    I few months ago I took a course on journaling. I am finding the practice really helpful. I have two active journals – one is my “Venting Journal”. It has really helped me work out some angry moments!

    However I do also use SC as a place to express some ideas/thoughts/feelings that I do not express to those living in my circle. That is one of the great things about SC. I think it can be a safe space to vent or express ourselves in a caring community.

    Appreciating my SC friends….

  5. Elysian

    Maybe I am rounding out a bit. Last Wed., a fella didn’t see me and slammed into my car, totalling it. My Buick didn’t survive. He was pretty shook up, (he looked to be my age, 64, ) and although I wasn’t hurt, and I loved my Park Avenue, I was more concerned for him. I didn’t feel the anger I thought I should. We exchanged pertinents and got all taken care of. That to say, in stressfull or emotional situations, I have come to rely on a safe harbor in myself. A place where I go and look out through different eyes. Remove myself to the causal observer. Survived a few funerals that way.
    Thanx for listening.

    1. ohcarol62 Post author

      Elysian – hope you are ok after the crash!

      We all find our own way of coping – IF we are lucky , sadly there are some who cannot find a way of coping and drown in the vast ocean of life.

      My way of coping is to rant for 5 minutes and get it out of my system then peace and calm is restored once again 🙂

      1. Elysian

        I used to rant. I found it frightened people. Oh, not a violent outburst, but speaking the mind needs lots of thought. I inspect EVERY word before it leaves my mouth now.

        1. ohcarol62 Post author

          when i rant I never verbally attack anyone I always use the words “I think I feel” then say what I have to say …. I am never threatening or raise my voice I just say or type what I have to say or type and get it outta my system 🙂

          1. Elysian

            Very good..most folks don’t realize the use of “I” statements. Has never let me down.