Are we ever to old to play?

Ever since my kids and nephews grew up, I have found myself missing the excuse of playing in ball pools, going on see saws, swings, slides & roundabouts. When I was young a lot of the kids play areas/equipment didn't exist.

If ever I am passing a kids play area and no one is around I cant resist walking along the rope walk way, having a go on the monkey bars, or giving the swings a quick try.......

I wish someone would invent ADULT play areas for big kids like me .. I did do Ariel extreme a few years ago but too difficult with vertigo and acrophobia!

So am I the only one who'd love a play area? If not what would you want in yours?

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  1. starlette

    My longing is for the dolls that I use to have as a child, they are not made anymore, they were “walking ” dolls, well there legs moved when we walked them, I use to spend hours styling their hair……..never thought in those days to keep them…….I can see myself styling their hair and reliving childhood memories again if only I could get my hands on one…….the swings, yes I would have a sneaky go if there was no one around, wouldn’t want reporting for using children’s equipment though…..

  2. janey

    I agree ohcarol, I think an adult playground would be great fun, even at the age of 80, I think I could still enjoy some things.
    Though it might be more difficult as I do have quite bad balance problems.

  3. blackdog2

    Never lose the sense of fun no matter how idiotic it may seem, life is for enjoying so go for it and do what a lot of people wish they didn’t have inhibitions that prevent them letting their hair down!

      1. geeljay

        I go to a couple of holiday parks, that have play areas, under the guise of ‘keep fit’ areas, and we have goes on them. We usually persuade other passing adults to come and have goes, and quite a few do. With a little guilty look over their shoulders, feeling rather that it is taboo. Great laughter all round, when they do . The swings and see saws are quite popular with the adults. Having great grandchildren is my excuse!

  4. annemarie

    I loved playing with my dolls and still have my Bride doll that I got for Christmas . I don’t remember what year I got her but it was between 6 and 10 years old. I keep her inside a sealed plastic bag. I never played with her and just had her sitting on my chair in my bedroom. Her veil has detreated but I replaced it with a new veil that I made for her head out of netting. KODAK Digital Still Camera

    1. 5mintbreak

      I dont play with dolls etc., but have large teddy bear sitting in my room on a little cane chair. If no one is around would sit on swing and enjoy a short time swinging back and forth! never too old!!

  5. Drummer

    Well yes – I would have a set of football goalposts -with net, and somebody to fetch the ball when I missed the goal – I would if I could! – A bit one sided though!