Seems I’m Grandfather material

Today some little shit tried to mug me.

I was walking in our local parade of shops when a 20 something idiot waved a knife in my face and suggested | hand him my wallet.

First point, I don’t normally carry a wallet as such. Second point This idiot had no idea how to hold a knife.

So third point. I took it away from him and told him to bugger off.

That’s when I heard the words that made me realise I AM old enough to be a grandfather. A little boy, about 6 years old, said from behind me “Wow! my grandpa showed me that move, but I never thought it would work till I saw you do it!”

I asked him where his Grandpa learned that. He said “Grandpa was in the Paras. He knows these things”

All I could say was, “Yes, He would know.”

And yes. Now I’m beginning to feel old.

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  1. OMG Way, That must have been so scary, but you acted like a professional SAS man. If you got the shakes after that, it would be normal. Jeeez man. You’re a brave hero. I hope you reported to the police.

    1. I was never a member of that gentle crew, Polly and as far as hero goes, not at all. Although as the saying goes “I had the honour to walk with a few”.
      And yes, reported and knife handed over.