There is a little Heaven and it’s called Selca

There is a little Heaven, a village called Selca, on the Island of Brac , one of the largest Islands on the Adriatic Coast.  There is my second Home, a place where my mother was born. so here I am sharing it with you all

The first shot is  a view from  the village that  is 3 km  from the sea ,looking South towards the other islands, one neighbouring is HVAR.......

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  1. goldengirl1224

    Stunning pictures, Seashell — I can see why you would feel it is little piece of Heaven and how fortunate that you can spend time there – back to your roots so to speak.

    1. seashell Post author

      Thanks for your comment …! But really, Paradise here on Earth is wherever one is at any time of Life, when the Spirit is free from the Mind Conditioning and one feels that special Peace from Within….A little profound? Maybe…for some….This World of ours is full of mysteries waiting to be revealed and we ourselfs are part of it….I am greatful for all he lessons that come my way…VB

  2. jw1953

    seashell I hope everyone can find their own little piece of paradise looks like you found yours.

    1. seashell Post author

      Thanks for the comment jw1953! I did not find that Paradise….Life dropped me there at birth….lol, lol…, but consider myself a Universal Scout…Love it everywhere on Earth ! Where are you? Cheers, VB

  3. Drummer

    Hello Seashell

    Thank you for sharing your piece of paradise – it looks delightful.
    Kind regards Drummner

    1. seashell Post author

      The island Brac is one of the largest islands along the Adriatic Coast, that is known a ” the coast of the thousand islands” , and is situated near the town called Split in Central Dalmatia. Dalmatia is part of Croatia, and it is all the coastal region that runs from North to South .
      Will try to post a map…

        1. seashell Post author

          Yes , it is lovely there. Especially the Adriatic Sea! One can safely float on it with no fear of sharks and other undesirables….Here in Australia I find it difficult to have a relaxing swim…as there are bluebottles and jellyfish, etc.

  4. Sansoar

    Beautiful photos… I like the idea of each of us celebrating and appreciating our special places.
    You mentioned Seashell the joy of place that sparks special peace from within. This reminds me of my gratitude exercise I try to use at the beginning of each day. I focus on 6 people/places for which I am grateful. One of the themes I use is the 6 places that bring me peace & joy. It does start my day off nicely to visualize these places.
    I may post some in the Photo Group to share- perhaps others would like to do so, too.

    1. seashell Post author

      What a lovely message you wrote! Thank you!
      Thanks for sharing your idea of Gratitude…, as that is something so important to have, An Attitude of Gratitude, as it gets you through the day nicely..

  5. roseinbloom

    Seica is truly beautiful. My hometown is in the mountains and it is beautiful, but I live big cities and have lived in a large city since I was 18. Some places have a serenity that is special. Like you said, it is inner peace that matters.