I've been interested in the concept for many years. I had envisioned touring Canada in an RV in the late 90's. My hobby is genealogy and at the time I had a desktop. I figured an RV would be nice to hold all the books that I use for research, and the computer tower and the massive CRT monitor.

Then came the laptop. Expensive at first, then rapidly becoming affordable. That reduced the space needed. Then the cameras were good enough to take pictures of books which I have several in digital form today. And finally free wifi at certain locations.

So I'm thinking, downsizing to a van is not impossible. I've been following a few vandwellers on YouTube, mostly from Canada because we have harsh winters and unless you go South to the USA, it's a problem. And at the same time I don't want to sell everything and live on the road endlessly. I'd like to try it for a few months.

We have camped in a van before on holidays, but always in campgrounds. In the rv, we went half in campgrounds, half in nature. What I like is the adventure. Living in the same town or city would be kinda boring in a van. It's another lifestyle that interests me at this time, just because I could do it.

Just thinking out loud on this Saturday morning.

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  1. Sansoar

    I love your line “just because I could do it”! Isn’t it fabulous to be at the time of life with circumstances that open up so many “what ifs”. As a fellow Canadian, we do have such a huge and beautiful country but so many travel options do not do the country justice. In a few hours flight, we can travel from coast to coast to coast but miss out on all the amazing places in between, especially off the main highways. I once travelled by train from southern Ontario to Saskatchewan and except for the challenges of sleeping in my seat (i.e. travelling on a tight budget) it was a wonderful experience. The views were spectacular!

    Good point about how little space we really need these days. I am amazed at the little teardrop campers with all their functionality in such a tiny space.

    Keep us informed of what you decide… sounds amazing- even to dream about!

    1. davidrv Post author

      I’ve looked at those teardrop campers. Very well made and organized. But I prefer not to haul anything, this way I can park anywhere I want to.
      I’ve travelled most of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. Prince Edward Island also although it doesn’t take long. I always liked the ferry better than the bridge. Quebec is a big province, we lived there for 4 years when I was 10 years old; my youngest brother was born there. Ontario is where I’ve been the farthest on land, Kapuskasing in the North and Niagara Falls of course.
      We’ve flown to Vancouver and while there we drove up to Quesnel where I have an uncle. So I haven’t seen the prairies yet.
      I’ll surely post something if I do it.
      Thanks for your comment Sansoar.

  2. starlette

    Way to go Vandwelling, my grandson travels thousands of miles abroad in his people carrier, it has a leisure battery keeps his mobile charged, the back seats were removed, a table made that flips to form part of the bed, little cupboard on the side and storage under the seats, he cooks on his camping stove and uses camping sites for showers, a step up from tents……

    1. davidrv Post author

      I had made a bed for my other van in 2014. I had to remove all the seats. I sold it to an older couple, just half a kilometer away.
      Our new van has stow and go seats which disappear in the floor. I’m not sure if I would use it or get an older model.
      I find a van is handy in campsites when it rains.
      Thanks for your comment starlette.