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 The Joys of Facebook

Not often you hear positive things about FB. I use it mainly to keep in contact with family in USA and friends who don’t live close by. The one thing I love is the little feature that says “4 years ago today” its like having my very own surprise time capsule – great fun… So […]

 Dear Mr Trading Standards

I would like to report a breech of trading standards law stated in the The Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2017: In particular those that cover misleading practices, like false or deceptive messages, or leaving out important information. I have been using an accountancy program called Sage. This title I believe mis-represents the program – let me […]

 Which type are you & why?

Recently I have encountered a few people with a totally different perspective to me when it comes to dealing with mistakes. It’s good that each of us is unique indeed, that is what makes the world tick. When I make a mistake I always admit it and  apologise and do whatever I can to put […]

 Sweet Dreams Are Made of This…

Does anyone else here have vivid dreams that they remember or even better dreams that when they awoke they believed were  real? My dreams quite often include talking animals and for all the dream analysis out there  – no one has covered the subject of talking animals. They cover an animal  but quite often the […]

 Dear Mr Taxman – Final?

Dear Mr Taxman as you are aware, after recovering my P60 I finally submitted it on Saturday. I did suspect that over the past week or so we had grown closer but I really didn’t expect all of this attention from you. Firstly you tell me you are sending me money £185.00 I think this […]

 Dear Mr Taxman PartII

Dear Mr Taxman it’s been 3 days since my last confession and I thought you just may be missing me a little. Since I last wrote I took on some good advice and to improve my home filing system I have adopted the Japanese tradition of de-cluttering. The Japanese hold each item individually and if […]

 Dear Mr Taxman

Dear Mr Taxman, all is forgiven. You will be ever so pleased to know that my T-shirt is washed, I am now showered and free of all stickiness and my pending alcoholism has been put on hold. I have a found a copy of my P60. At the earliest opportunity (not tonight I am at […]