Dear Mr Taxman – Final?

Dear Mr Taxman

as you are aware, after recovering my P60 I finally submitted it on Saturday. I did suspect that over the past week or so we had grown closer but I really didn't expect all of this attention from you.
Firstly you tell me you are sending me money £185.00 I think this must be to replace all the wine I drank whilst completing the return. Very kind of you . Then you have written to me three times in 2 days Wow I haven't had that kind of attention since I was dating!
The first time you wrote told me precisely nothing, the second time you told me precisely nothing and the third time you told me I did not have to complete a self assessment tax return arrrrrrrghhhhhh
Well here is where our relationship ends, No More! In future you can contact me through 'my people' and I shall find myself another pen friend

I look forward to receiving your cheque.

Yours faithfully

Carol Wilson

PS I really don't have any 'people ' but you have to admit it sounded impressive.

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  1. roseinbloom

    Ohcarol, I am happy you have finished with the taxman this year. I am waiting for my 1099 which is equivalent to your p60. It is required to be sent by the end of this month and then I have to file a long complicated form which I have done by an accountant. I usually get money back, but I hate any letters from the IRS, our tax department.
    I like to pay taxes for some things, but a whole lot of our tax money is wasted.

  2. waylander

    Might I suggest the Fawkes gambit next year when dealing with the tax man?
    This involves stacking several tons of explosive under his office and detonating it once you are sure he’s in attendance.

    1. ohcarol62 Post author

      hahahahahaha I have considered this but being ever so slightly accident prone (1-2 accidents a day) I thought I’d steer clear of it as I’d be the one going Boom!