The Joys of Facebook

Not often you hear positive things about FB. I use it mainly to keep in contact with family in USA and friends who don't live close by.

The one thing I love is the little feature that says "4 years ago today" its like having my very own surprise time capsule - great fun...

So this time 4 years ago today what was I up to ?

this was an entry I made on 31st January 2013

Being over 50 has finally caught up with me. On our training session today, I thought the facilitator was telling us it would be useful to make a pedophile. Stunned and shocked I messaged my close work colleagues and asked "Did I just hear right did she say make a pedophile?"  Suddenly the room erupted in laughter. My messages had leaked out. Then out of the blue one of the Directors said "No Carol, she said PDF file!" .

 I need help.

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  1. waylander

    2facedbook is not a medium I embrace after a bad experience some years ago when I first got online at home.

    An even worse experience with them was trying to get them to cancel and delete my account, thereby removing any data I had posted there, rather than just making it “inactive” which means they retain everything.

  2. Cloudless13


    No I don’t do Face it book, I am sure it has its use’s and is a good way of sharing photos and things with friends and family….. Yet my kids experience has seen
    so many self obsessed people talking endless photos of them selves and posting them…. hay look at me. Or just to say something, hi I bought a new house bin today… that goes on a lot… However what rocks ones boat I guess or gets people communicating.

    PDF must post dat letter Ummm no F to be found.. Arrrr from… got it now… Matron can I have my pills now please..

  3. starlette

    I have Facebook, but mainly I use it for the messenger to communicate with friends and family……it reminds me when it is my Facebook friends birthdays……it has allowed me to communicate with people from school who I haven’t seen for many years……….very rarely do I put a post on my page unless its a relevant pic or a jokey post………the downside is when people think we all want to know what they have eaten during the day, what time they get up, go to bed, shower………various groups I am in such as the local pics and memories and the local buy swop and sell site are interesting and handy…….so yes I do enjoy it…..

  4. 5mintbreak

    Aha! facebook either love it or detest it!! For myself I like the birthday reminders (age of forgetfulness) but detest the on this day years ago blah blah! have reconnected with old friends through facebook and it is so nice to say hello to them. Feel they are over the top with anything you ‘like’ you then get add lib unasked anything to do with what you have liked! Biggest concern is privacy which a lot of the younger ones do not bother to activate, I try to keep mine updated and if I do not know requests I ignore. Keeping in touch with all branches family is great.

  5. Drummer

    I use Facebook regularly – mainly to maintain contact with friends overseas – some of whom I have actually discovered
    via Facebook. Undoubtedly the most exciting things that I have come across have been entirely due to this medium.
    I found a photograph of me acting as Drum Major with the RAF Police Band and dog display at Staverton, Gloucestershire at the Three Counties Show in 1947 – now that takes some beating for me 70 years later!

      1. Drummer

        Just remembered I later found a photo of me with the band leading Brightlingsea Victory Parade 1945!

  6. Suzan1957

    I too love the past memories on FB. My time caspsule memory is from a post Janurary 31, 2011 – So glad Keith is home for a few days. Would of been really nice if Trey and Keith could of been here the same week but I’ll take any time I can get with them home.

    1. ohcarol62 Post author

      Awww that’s lovely are they your kids? If so you are just like me. There is nothing I love more than having both of my sons here at the same time ?

  7. davidrv

    I only have relatives on Facebook. Good way to stay in contact with family when travelling.
    And waiting for a new level on Water Splash.

  8. ladyIsabelle

    I wouldn’t bother with Facebook if I didn’t have relatives in different parts of the world. I am able to keep in touch with them instantly with Facebook. It is far too intrusive, and creeping into more and more of our on-line activity.