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 Do We Lose It?

Hello folks, just been reading and commenting on a recent blog, a chatter Madge commented who looks at a 66 year old anyway. a 66 yr old man maybe!! or do men only look at the young  bodies, now if a older man had loads of dosh he maybe in with a chance to bag […]

 Old TV Shows I Like

Since we don’t have cable, I’ve discovered stations that play old TV shows. My favs are: 1. Match Game with Gene Rayburn 2. To Tell The Truth 3. the Frankie Avalon/Annette Funicello (sp?) beach/surf movies 4. What’s My Line? 5.Love American Style Anyone else watch old favorites, or wish some old favorites would air?


I do on occasion buy a lotto ticket or two and like everyone else I have a Friday night dream of, what it would be like to win millions. Yes I would make my own life a bit more comfortable, do a few nice things for my family and community. But there are millions  left […]

 Okay, it’s a rainy day

. . . and if you could have a favorite meal or dessert delivered to your door, what would it be? I’d want salted caramel/ apple cheesecake from the CheeseCake Factory, and steak and mashed potatoes with double butter! I’d already have a pot of tea brewing, and a tot of Irish whiskey to pour […]

 Traveling at OUR AGE

I would like to hear about everybody’s travels. Travels can be to the other side of town or across the world, but I guarantee you, you  will learn something and feel something before you get back, and you also may feel challenged at times and a little scared. You will also feel excited, happy, amazed […]

 Jaws…duh dum…duh…dum

I watch Jaws a lot – every other day for several reasons: 1.I don’t have air conditioning, so I vicariously cool down by focusing on the ocean. I manage to ignore the shark pretty much. 2.It’s fun to watch Men At Work! They’re all such different characters, it’s nice to see good male acting. 3. I […]

 Small Pleasures, What’s Yours

I knew a lady that bought herself a candy bar and a record every Saturday. The lady was a pensioner of modest means, but seemed to enjoy life. She shared rented space and shared a kitchen. She also traveled and attended the theater. She seemed to  know exactly what was important to her and how […]

 The fall of the English language

English is a complex language, but children of as young as 10 or 12 have managed to master it. Why then can the advertisers and their copy writers, who, presumably, are considerably older than that not manage to cope? I can see your confusion. What’s he on about now? OK, a couple of examples:- 1) […]