I do on occasion buy a lotto ticket or two and like everyone else I have a Friday night dream of, what it would be like to win millions. Yes I would make my own life a bit more comfortable, do a few nice things for my family and community. But there are millions  left over....... I would be delighted to play 'fairy godmother' for the charities I should like to support in a big way. I have a good sized list  so I need to win big. I think that once I secured this fortune, I would approach Bill Gates for some input as I do admire what he is doing with his riches.

My animal charities:  I have always loved elephants, I believe them to be wonderful animals and they are being poached out of existence.  One of the most awe inspiring experiences I every had  was, being sat in a VW on a dusty Kenyan road,feeling very small as I watched a huge herd of elephants go past throwing the red dust over their backs.They disappeared into the bush but you could still feel the thunder of their tread. I often wonder how many of them survived to have a long life. I should like to support the  game wardens. many of then get killed or suffer life changing injuries while serving protecting elephants from poachers. I would wish to support them and their families. Plus those who work with orphan traumatized  elephant calves left grieving for their mother and families.

I should also like to set up a foundation that would help the elderly with a sick beloved pet to pay for veterinary and  and grooming fees.  In fact those who would appreciate having a suitable pet companion, help in general.

Medical charities.... I would help to fund research into epilepsy and migraine also research into drugs for these conditions. There are few drug choices for epilepsy and often  what is available is not really suitable for a patient due to other medical considerations.  There is a need for more drug options, then I would fix the price of that drug so no corporate gouging .

Help to those charities that help  women in undeveloped countries. I should like to help set up  medical services for mother and child. Not only midwifery but for surgical repair  due to primitive  mother and child care. Mothers can be as young as 13yrs and these immature bodies can be  damaged by giving birth.This most likely could be a fistula  between the bladder and vagina, this means that urine is constantly leaking, imagine this in a hot country and no dressings or pads available. These poor girls stink and this  often means they loose their husbands and any support. They are thrown out of their homes and villages, their lives are ruined, they live as outcasts in despair. It is but a simple quick surgical  matter to close this fistula and give them a life back..

Embroidery. I have a life time interest in the history and promotion of art needlework, so I should like to fund a scholarship at the Royal School of Needlework, London for a Canadian.I should also like to fund the making of a replica of a fine piece of  Opus Anglicanum. Most surviving work is much faded sine the 12th century, so it would be wonderful to see the work in the glory of the original colours. In fact I'm going to attempt to work a small panel myself this winter.

Those are my major choices what would yours be?

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  1. Scorpio

    I support various charities , mainly animals, homelessness, children, greenpeace,servicemen and doctors abroad. I can afford a certain amount each month and I like to give a little back.

  2. ohcarol62

    Wealth all depends on perspective. I am not conventionally ‘rich’ I have to work for a living but I have a lot more than some, so I help out wherever I can.
    I sponsor a little boy in Kenya through World Vision. They get as many children in the village sponsored then with the collective money they put in fresh water supplies, schools, medical care . The water allows crops to be grown and people to be able to drink without becoming ill. I recently had an update telling me that the children in my sponsor child’s village no longer go to bed hungry 🙂 In 2020 their village will be self sustaining and the charity will move on to where it is next needed.

    I also support WWF like you I also have a love of elephants.

    I support homeless people by buying them a sandwich and a hot drink of their choice, I also buy a magazine they have called the Big Issue – they sell this and the money they raise they can get accommodation and food with.

    I also support the NSPCC full stop campaign, and the local animal rescue centre.

    I also give to local groups and go fund me causes.

    There is a lovely quote by Mahatma Gandhi that says “be the change you wish to see in the world”

    if everyone who wants to help does then we will start to see positive changes, that help need not be money – awareness raising, campaigning, petitioning, voluntary work – long term or occasional, giving away your unwanted belongings to a charity shop , attending charity nights, can all be just as valuable as money.

  3. Ms. K.

    To be honest, I have no noble causes! I’ve struggled financially all my life, so if I had millions, I’d be so happy that I’d do whatever I wanted, and have fun. I’d also take care of my kids, and make sure they had no more student loans, mortgages, or health bills. I’d set up trusts for them and their children, and a foundation for future generations.
    I’d give to battered women, and set up a year-at-a time living allowance for serious writers who are mothers. Writing when you have children, a job, and not enough money is so difficult.
    I’d have so much fun!!!!

  4. Rockflower Post author

    Ohcarol…… it would be so wonderful to support our special charities with enough for them to do something really big. so many charities are worthy and ordinary folk like myself can only give so much and we cannot give to everyone. I’d have so much pleasure giving in secret, you hear of a family in need and you could solve their problems. But even if you had trillions you would not be able to help everyone.

    1. ohcarol62

      That’s true but what you find is that often those in a position to give don’t. Proportionately the less well off give the most to charitable causes. There is enough wealth in the world to go around but sadly some care too much about owning islands and having 2 +3 mansions and overpriced possessions.

  5. jessamyne

    Me, anything and everything to do with animals. I’d love a huge place with plenty of room for them.

    Also, promoting literacy, for everyone, but especially children

  6. roseinbloom

    Before you give to a charity, investigate to see how much money actually goes to a cause. The Red Cross just was reported for having a very bad score. Many CEO’s of these charities are pain in the MILLIONS. The Salvation Army returns 90 some percent back to the causes. Good Wii returns nothing or almost nothing. It is unbelievable how little is actually given back to good works.
    I will find more information and post later. Some countries may be better but US charities are extremely corrupt.
    Most churches use 95% of income to support the church and 5% may go to charity.
    My church is about the same, and we do take up collections for various charities several times a year, but our budget has almost nothing in it for charities.
    I do support the church because I believe they promote values in which I believe like peace and tolerance.

  7. Rockflower Post author

    I do hear you Roseinbloom, where there is the possibility of money there are always those who want to exploit it. Then there are the well intentioned but just plain incompetent. Not everyone has expertise in handling large amounts of cash so you need to take care.Also don’t be intimidated or fall to being made to feel guilty about not giving as much as a charity would like or expect. No one can support everything however much you should like to., you just have to make hard choices as to whom you will support. There was a case of a kind elderly woman in UK, she was not poor but neither was she super rich. She was so harassed by charities who had passed her name round, that she died. She had become so depressed and distressed by constant appeals that she could not support. We all can only do what we can do. Most of us choose what we have some connection to and that is that. As Gran’ used to say…life is unfair, get used to it.

    1. ohcarol62

      I use to give £150.00 a month to charites until I become unemployed and could no longer afford it and had to cancel my monthly donations. Then Save the Children harassed me. I was inundated with calls and callers resorting to emotional blackmail. I was so angry I care deeply about my fellow human beings and animals and when I can help I do and they things they were saying were things like ” but £3.00 amonth is less than the cost of a pint of beer” and “its cheaper than a TV licence” They made me feel awful for spending any money on myself.
      Eventually I had to threaten them with legal action and the harassment stopped.

  8. len1932

    I have always been know as a person that helps others. I am not bragging but I share the blessings the Lord gives me. On the farm we give a couple tons of vegs away, 1,000 lbs of beef, and several hundred dozen brown eggs to those in need at four churches, neighbors, the Mail Lady, friends and anyone in need. I have given a dozen or more cars to family members over the years. Seems like I cannot give things away fast enough

  9. grandmaj

    Good advice would be to do your research first, before deciding on a charity you wish to donate your money to. Some charities only receive as little as %10 of the funds donated. So well worth doing the research…

  10. janey

    I support two hospices and cancer research. I can’t afford to do it monthly, but send a yearly donation, Usually round Christmas.
    If I won the lottery, and I very rarely do, I’d first of all see that my family was all right, and do a trust for my grandchildren. I’d get some much needed improvements made to my house, but wouldn’t move as I’m happy where I am. Have a bit of fun too. Be able to take a holiday abroad maybe.
    I would research into different charities, and then decide which others I support.