Do You Want to Live Forever?

I've been asked, and thought about it, for some time. I have decided that my answer is NO, I do not what to live forever, on this plain of existence.

As I progress though this earthly existence, from the day I was born 'till today (well over 7 decades) ... I am sure I do not want to stay forever.

As it is, I am still here, yet so many of my family, friends, comrades-in-arms, are gone.

So why would I want to stay? I don't. I'll take no action to hasten my departure... but when it comes, I'll be OK with it.

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  1. bathchairdave

    Have to admit it is a short but thoughtfull blog. Like Way, I see your point fully. It’s good that you took it up, and made us think.
    I could be “flippent” and say “”bring on the dancing girls”” but even dancing girls have a shelf life.
    Nice one!! Thanks

    1. Rockflower

      No I don’t think so, I already miss loved ones so much and I miss the values and customs of the life I grew up in.I was so privileged to visit Kenya 50yrs. ago, there were still lots of wild animals, now the pressure of expanding human population is pushing much of that wild life to extinction. I grew up in England and I am told there are changing bird populations, so many I knew as plentiful are now scarce. I used to wake up every morning to see and hear a whole colony of house sparrows that lived in the eaves of our house, this is not so now. As children we played with the small lizards on the red sandstone rocks, now there are none. These are small things but I have no confidence that what the wild life we have now will survive. I don’t wish to live in such a world. On the other hand I’m curious, I would really love to know where scientific knowledge will go. I would like to see where medical science goes. Perhaps if this world we inhabit is but one dimension and death is a journey to another”wavelength” it is possible that things are different on the other side.

      1. JamesKB Post author

        You said “I would really love to know where scientific knowledge will go.” Oh but you will know… I believe that when we move to the next plain of existence we will know. For example, I have no doubt that one day we, people, will be able to walk into a “phone booth” type thingy and dial a number, i.e., 456 for Miami, Fla. USA, or maybe 632 for London, UK…. and… suddenly be there!! Don’t laugh, in the year 1900 if you told someone that one day a man would walk on the Moon, they would have called the men in the white coats to take you away! 🙂 🙂

        1. Rockflower

          Well I really hope you are right. I’m inclined to believe you could be right as it seems our universe is a sea of waves, are these dimensions of time. Is it possible that there is a great instrument that can tune into different ‘waves’ I don’t know. Time seems somewhat meaning less to me on the scale of space travel. Hundreds of light years away? this makes my small brain ache trying to cope with this concept. If I got hundreds of light years away and could look back would I see my own ancestors, grandparents, my own birth????? Less apparent how I would see forward but that fault lies in my capabilities I fear. It would be most gratifying to follow science and seeing triumphs, successes, problems solved. But it would be a special kind of agony to watch mankind go down the wrong path and be unable to help and influence. LOL! I am getting into mental knots……..

  2. roseinbloom

    I cite your sharing your feelings, but none of us get to decide whether we want to live forever. We do get to decide a lot of other important questions about how we live and we get to make some decisions about when and how we live and die. If we try to live healthy and visit doctors, we may live longer and better. In the US we can have living wills that include decisional about resuscitation and life support. None of us will live forever, but we can use the time we do have and wind up our affairs in a sensible way.

  3. starlette

    I wouldn’t want to live forever…….even if you remain in good health many of our generation would no longer be around……..would we have that much in common with the younger generation, who would we reminisce with…….. I have heard it said more then once from the elderly that they have lived long enough and are now ready to go…….life can be tiring and tough……..progression in medicine is keeping us alive for longer….but I believe you can live to long ……

    1. Rockflower

      Not only not wanting to live for ever. Sometimes you read of people who plan to have themselves frozen on death. The idea is that they can be some how brought back to life if medical science advanced to cure what ever had killed them. To start with I just do not believe this is possible but even if it were……Imagine a person coming back to a life, a world they have no experience of. No person they know even language would have changed. It would be total confusion and they would be a freak I think it would horrible.

  4. Faye

    Well, maybe not forever…..but I would like that telegram from the Queen, or would that be King…for my 100th year on this Earth. Anything after that would be a bonus..

  5. cappuccino

    I,m told that certain middle east citizens,far from wanting to live forever, want to hasten their demise and catch up with their 72 virgins before the supply runs out.

  6. Drummer

    Now aged 88 I have to face the fact that the end is closer than the beginning, but I am not ready to go – life is still good
    I am blessed with a loving wife (much younger than me) my health not too bad, and so many Chatters friends help keep me going – May it be so until the good lord decides I should go.
    Kind regards and best wishes to you all – Drummer

  7. janey

    No, I don’t want to live forever, but maybe a few more years. I am still enjoying life even living on my own. With family near by and my chatter and other internet friends I’m not lonely.

  8. ladybabe2

    No l find that as l am getting older my enthusiasm for so much is waning but more then anything l am finding it harder and harder to deal with the loss of those l love and l can’t bare the thought of outliving my family.

  9. Rockflower

    Janey, Ladybabe2, it all boils down to the quality of life, so long as you can still find enjoyment and have interest in people and things around. I think you do have to work on those things, would you agree? There is research that says the actual action of smiling does make yourself feel better even if you don’t particularly feel like smiling inside. I think if you make the effort to dress as well as you can, if you look the part you play the part! All these little things make a difference to a feeling of wellbeing.However it all takes a certain amount of energy. What ever will be and I think accepting that makes every thing easier. Reading this through I feel it sounds a bit gloomy in tone, I’m not like this really and I still feel laughter is the best medicine

    1. bathchairdave

      I for one see the point rockflower. I smile at old ladies, and get bashed by ancient handbags. I cross pedestrian road crossings as laid down by law – and find old ladies willy and nilly just missed by wealthy farts in ridiculous status cars.
      I still smile at old ladies – and once in a while – like the sun breaking through a cloudy day – they smile back. I love those moments.

      1. Rockflower

        Dave , long ago when my husband was in the RAF and I was too in a way, although I was there in a sense of unreality. I constantly felt in a time warp. As if I were taking part in a Noel Coward play, talking in that clipped weird way. Lots of frightfully and beastly and jolly this and that you know?
        At a very pompous mess dinner I was sat next to a handsome young fighter pilot. He told me that he always smiled and talked to the “older” women because they are so grateful! I was very tempted to splash my brown Windsor soup on him. Did enjoy scraping an inoculation in his thigh a week later., cheeky so and so. Now I have reached the age of invisibility LOL and I like it. I read that the Chinese employ the old women to spy on the occupants of blocks of flats. How brilliant, how very Chinese , we ancient women are unseen but see all LOL!

  10. foreveryoung2

    No, I do not want to live forever. The world is becoming a terrible place with destruction of our flora and fauna. Greed has taken over many things, and leaders have become scary and self-centred. I fear for future generations as technology advances at a rapid rate. I am so glad I will not be around to see it all.

  11. ozzie59

    Living forever….its not an option that I would take….Im pretty sure that whatever reason we are on this planet is not the way humanity has taken it. We have this amazing planet and look at what we have done…and how money….has taken over any sense of how we should be living on this planet….whatever happened to the hippie days of peace and love….yay…those days are long gone… I dont think we were meant to be here to struggle to pay for water, electricity, etc….something went horribly wrong somewhere down the track….anyway…here we are and no…I wouldnt want to live forever….I cant afford to!!