Small Pleasures, What’s Yours

I knew a lady that bought herself a candy bar and a record every Saturday. The lady was a pensioner of modest means, but seemed to enjoy life. She shared rented space and shared a kitchen. She also traveled and attended the theater. She seemed to  know exactly what was important to her and how to spend her money.

 I always remember this woman and I try to remember to plan little pleasures into my day and my life for myself and the people close to me. What are your little guilty indulgences, or wholesome pleasures that make the mundane disappear and the sweet life a reality?

I tried to give up coffee, but I found that my morning was just not fun so I still have my coffee. I bought special little creamers and had to make a cup as soon as I got home. I try to remember to turn on the music when I have my boring chores day. I keep a bottle of a very special brandy for a time when I want something special, or need a "stiffener. These are a couple of my mood boosters. I  also have my social sites to visit when I feel like connecting and sharing. I subscribe to a weekly magazine and read it with my coffee and other times. I also have a friend that calls me to walk or go to the gym and that makes my exercise goals a lot more fun. These are a couple of my mood boosters.I think you get the idea.

I think you get the idea. So what are your little pleasures that make life just a whole lot better?

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  1. starlette

    Hi Rose…….when I was working I got paid monthly, the first day off after my payday I would go into Town and treat myself to a meal……….maybe something for the house, myself or my kids……….just having a few hours to myself was the treat I would say………may sound like a simple easy thing to do but in those days it was a real pleasure to me, I would walk around the Town for hours popping in every shop………now days I cannot be bothered….lol

  2. roseinbloom Post author

    Starlette, I thank you for your comment and I can appreciate what you say. I never got paid monthly until I retired but when I got paid weekly, Our little pleasures change o’er time but it is always important to have some.

  3. Drummer

    Well out come our secrets – I have two daily things that brighten my day – first my wife brings be a Coffee in bed each morning and we get into lengthy and enjoyable conversation before I rise – in the afternoon I have to admit to enjoying a nice Whisky and then of course there is always the computer and Chatters – so yes indeed, life is pretty darn good!

  4. Suzan1957

    When I was a young girl, (17) I would go downtown to a specific shoe store that had buy one pair get a second for a penny. I got paid once a month and I had a pair of shoes for every outfit and then some. Shoes were my thing when I was young and for many years after but not so much now. Oh I still love to look at shoes and wish I could WALK in them now without falling or loosing my balance or throwing my back out. But today, it isn’t so much the material things that seem to keep me happy and content, it is the planning of making a life long dream come true. But then again that is another story.

  5. roseinbloom Post author

    Susan, making a dream come true is pretty spectacular. But don’t you need some little pleasures along the way.
    About shoes, there are still beautiful shoes for NY age and condition.
    I hope your dream comes true soon.

  6. pearly163

    Small pleasures; I love to go round charity shops. If I find something that is useful to me or to some one I know and costs very little in comparison to buying it new , that bargain makes my day!

  7. roseinbloom Post author

    Pearly, I am reminded that going to charity shops was one of my little pleasures. I got a treasure and I helped a charity. Having to move a few times made me think twice before buying anything anywhere that wasn’t consumed fairly quickly.
    I was hoping that more people would share and be reminded of forgotten pleasures or pleasures that they could add to life.
    I just read an article, in which a homeowner with a great view said “they made an event of the sunset”. Many of us forget to appreciate what is all around us. I bought a home and had to rehab, but I got 27 windows, all with light and most with something worth seeing, after I had lived in condos with limited light and windows. Thank you for sharing your small pleasure.

  8. CSweet51

    I enjoy giving to others. Buying the coffee for the next person in line, when ever I fly I give chocolate to the flight staff and those that cover the desk at the airport.
    it isn’t much but it is worth seeing a smile on a person’s face. Driving someone to the grocery store, Listening to a child tell you about his day.
    Ofcourse, I love chocolate!!! hahahaha

    1. len1932

      I love to give things to people. I give out hundreds of light pens that a message : The Lord Is My Light And Salvation” It opens a conversation on the trains around the US or people I meet everywhere. Also give a ton or two of vegs, 1,000 lbs beef, and 200 dz eggs away to those in need.

  9. roseinbloom Post author

    Csweet, that is wonderful and I did not mention other people, but I do many things for my young ones and those close to me, but I don’t go far enough outside my circle. I wish you would write a similar blog.
    Sometime the answers are better than the blog, and that is what I want. I want a discussion and a collection of ideas. I will try to do more of what you do. I was not well for some time and now I am feeling a lot better. There was a nice lady that smiled and gave me a hug every time she saw me. It kept me coming to church.
    Small kindnesses mean a big difference.

  10. TessaW

    Simple pleasure for me is upon checkout counter from groceries I grab the Liners dark chocolate truffles that are an impulse buy. I distinctly remember my grandmother always having Chocolat and enjoying a simple piece of chocolate with her coffee. So when I buy my chocolates it’s a simple memory of my grandmother that makes me smile keeps me warm and tugs at my heart.

    1. roseinbloom Post author

      Tessa, That is nice so now you may want to PLAN to buy your chocolate and enjoy it with your chocolate. Maybe, you would enjoy going shopping more. We are entitled to some small pleasures. Many of us have been so focused work and sacrifice, we don’t do enough for ourselves.
      When I go to the store, I plan to buy some treats, not sweet ones, but some treats.

        1. roseinbloom Post author

          Tessa, I know about the battle of the bulge, but we can plan some treats. You don’t go shopping that often. Don’t grab it and gobble it, instead just take your time and enjoy it. I just got a treat, caramel syrup,sugar-free, for my coffee and real cream mini creamers. My day starts with a treat and then I have another cup later in the day.
          Little treats are important.

          1. TessaW

            I do cherish them slowly. It’s dark chocolate and a piece of heaven in each bite.

  11. rose1943

    I like not having to cook on Saturdays and that Jim only has to work in the morning. We order food in or he picks some nice food up for us. We eat a bit earlier in the day and watch our favorite shows on TV. We both like watching on our Firestick. Good shows no commercials. Simple but happy and relaxing togetherness.???

  12. roseinbloom Post author

    Rose, I have to learn more about that firestick, but we watch netflix and hulu , Bob gets stuck watching “chick flicks, because I won’t watch blood and guts that he prefers.
    Sounds nice Rose. We are on a diet so cooking is only steaming and grilling . It makes it almost not cooking.
    It is Saturday tonight and I got two magazines that was a treat that I get once a week. I love it when they are delvered.

  13. Precariot53

    I get a lot of pleasure out of small things such as looking at the stars in the night sky, sharing a joke or a laugh on WhatsApp with friends, a good book – I love reading – or a good film. I am hooked on Scandinavian dramas and foreign language films as I don’t find much on the BBC i enjoy apart from the odd documentary or film. I care for an elderly lady with dementia or STML and she has a good sense of humour but not much real conversation so hoping to get some here. I worked abroad for so long and looked after my son and mother (Alzheimer’s) so never really planned much for my future. I find little in common with people who are married, settled, their futures mapped out. I never make long term plans.

  14. len1932

    I get pleasure out in the veg garden at 6AM talking to the quail They coo and I coo back and they show me their babies, oh so cute. Now they all fly around the trees and garden as they show off their flying skills. Then the bees are everywhere in the veg blossoms and have a bumble bee or two each morning but they are on danger list as too few any more around. What may have been a chore as a kid is now a real pleasure for and an old rooster.

  15. roseinbloom Post author

    Len, I may need to spend some time in nature. I did a lot of observing nature and what it was all about when I was growing up. I took lessons from nature that lasted a lifetime. I am glad you find joy where you live.