Traveling at OUR AGE

I would like to hear about everybody's travels. Travels can be to the other side of town or across the world, but I guarantee you, you  will learn something and feel something before you get back, and you also may feel challenged at times and a little scared. You will also feel excited, happy, amazed and many other things or you traveled with your eyes and ears mostly closed.

I hope I have your mind rolling backward and you are remembering all that you learned in your travels. Remember a trip does not have to be a great distance to be worth taking or talking about. When I was a child a trip to our major shopping was a day trip and included lunch at the dime store. I could get dried beans  and corn bread at our dime store and did. Where else in the world can you get that?  There are places, but not just everywhere. Everyplace has its own uniqueness.

If you don't see anything worth exploring, use your imagination and open your eyes. In small towns, people sat on their front porches, and liked the view and experience there. So, a trip can be almost anywhere that changes your views. I have always heard that travel is broadening, but only if you travel with eyes, ears and mind open.

I know people will also think of armchair travel and that an alternative, but try to get some real trips in even if they are very small.

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  1. lo1234

    Just a short trip to another town is wonderful as it gives you a change of scenery and sometimes a different perspective. A trip to the beach just to see the ocean can have a profound effect on you. Hiking up a mountain can give you aches and pains you have never had before; yet, it can be empowering. All travel is good in my opinion.

    1. roseinbloom Post author

      Lo, you have a lot of variety of scenery right near you. You are lucky. Mountains, ocean, huge city and a whole lot of history, and you seem to appreciate it.

      1. len1932

        While in the Air Force 1956 by ship my family , furniture, car, and all went by MSTS Navy ship to Athens Greece, Stopped in Morroco, Italy, then Greece. On way back in 1960 by ship US Patch the Navy ship took us to Turkey, Italy, Spain, Portugal, and hit rough water on way home. Ship would hit waves and nose down and the rudder would come out water and shake ship. The nose would dig into the water and spray all over ship. While in Greece visited Germany and flew over Switzerland. Came home with a new Mercedes 190B car which lasted till 1969 when our family got too big. Just bought a used Mercedes 2006 270C and took it to dealer for checkup and had many things repaired so is in top shape now. So now back in the Mercedes world.

        1. roseinbloom Post author

          Len1932, I wonder how much of those countries you got to see, but if you were station in Greece probably a lot.That was a scary ride home and travel can get risky. I am always happy to get home.

          1. len1932

            We went all over Greece and I often rode to work with a Greek guy with a cycle with a side car. It was German and left after the war. His girl friend must have weighed over 300 lbs and had a hard time getting in it. On a rough road one day they were riding out in the country and it separated, She was not hurt but I lost my free ride to work HA HA

    2. len1932

      I remember a trip I took in 1950 in Iowa with my girl friend. It was out in the country in a 1938 Pierce arrow I had just bought from a widow. The car had been parked in the garage for many years as she did not drive. As we drove along at a very comfortable speed the car took off to 100MPH so turned off the key and motor and coasted into a farmers yard. The cotter key in the engine trodel had come out so replaced it with some bailing wire. Drove it home and sold it a couple weeks later for $50 and bought a Ford Coupe with a rumble seat. Wish I had parked the Pierce Arrow for the 22 years I was in the Air Force and today it would be worth a sum with mileage of say 20,000 miles on it.

    3. len1932

      .When we lived in the Upper Penn of Mich as stationed with Air Force, we would go camping out in the woods, Our two beagal dogs seemed to be good hunters as always found a skunk or two. Had to go home with the windows wide open and when it rained and dogs got wet the still smelled. We tried tomato juice on them but did not work,. When we visited the base dump to dispose of something we often would have a visitor the friendly black bears. When we left the area and went to California our reassignment, we like others celibrated. We through our snow shovel off the Big MacK bridge into Lake Michigan. Need a snow shovel the area under the bridge must to covered with them.

      1. roseinbloom Post author

        len, You are to be commended for your adaptability and flexibility and that is exactly what we older people need to be. We need to just do what we can in a different way. Not many Americans have taken a single train trip for vacationing. I have traveled by Amtrak to get back to my hometown and for vacations. I took the Amtrak to Washington D.C.. I just thought, I could take it from Cincinnati Ohio to Chicago since my companion does not like to drive in big cities nor do I.

        1. len1932

          On the train we met people from all over the world/ Also one car was filled with Quakers going to a convention in Chicago. I had to ask the husband if I could talk to his wife and she could only say something if approved

    4. len1932

      Years ago around 1940 my parents would load up the car with the family and tents and all the camping gear and food. We head off to no where across the country sightseeing. We would stop and ask a farmer if we could camp in their pasture? Sometimes a mowed oat field but they were loaded with flying bugs of different sorts. One time we camped out on the open range and in early morning were over run by a large flock of sheep checking us out. We then went to stopping at camp grounds with facilities, then trailer camping, then a motor home camping which we still have for short trips. But now it is train trips with first class compartments. Meals, bath, beds, and like on a cruise but do not get sea sick.

        1. len1932

          We were traveling by car around the country and my kids took their cat with them. It had to go badly and I did not want to let it run free so I squezzed it and just like a toothpaste container it shot out and unloaded next to the car.

    5. len1932

      As I got older when I traveled by train we learn things that help. Always keep a cane in your hand and the porter will help you on and off the rain. When in the depot with a cane you will get a ride in the cart and not have walk far. carrying bags. Always have a tip ready to give the helper and thank them’

      1. len1932

        We were going from California to see the Cherry Blossom Festival and the train going through Chicago was 10 hours late so we would miss the transfer. I talked to the train conductor and he said there are 25 parties going on to Washington DC and if the train is missed we will have to put them all in a hotel for the night. I said I will give you $20 tip if you can work out something. Well the train began going through Iowa at top speed (79 MPR) but even faster. It must have been on the radio as when we went through towns groups of people would be waving at us. Along the way we stopped in the country to let a group of people going south to New Orleans getoff and on a bus that was taking to a waiting train a few miles south . When we got close to Chicago we stopped out in the middle of no where and a train from Chicago stopped by us on the other track. It was our train which had been held in Chicago for a 1/2 hour. My wife and I was first off the train and escorted by the conductor who we thanked and gave him the tip. People on the train we boarded said they had waited and were happy that AMTRAK takes care of its riders so well. It maybe slower than flying but I recommend AMTRAK to all my friends and if you get an AMTRAK credit card the trip can be free. We saved $1920 on this trip and went first class with full compartment and meals included.

        1. roseinbloom Post author

          How much did the trip cost? I will look into that Amtrak credit information. Len1932, you are proof that traveling may be cheaper than some people realize.

          1. len1932

            It was a trip total of around 5,000 and saved 1910 so a little over 3,000 for the long trip of sightseeing.

          2. len1932

            Soon a couple from our church and my wife and I are going from CA to Seattle. He has completed cancer treatments. The trip is 19,000 points around trip so will cash in that many and we all go for free.

      2. roseinbloom Post author

        I will remember that. A cane may be handy to defend yourself also. The tip is a good reminder. I pack at least 20 singles and saying thank you is good. When I travel, I learn to say please and thank you in the language of the country. I also learn to say a few more essential phrases.

          1. len1932

            That was:

            Hello pretty doll. Meant in real meaning Hello pretty girl

  2. annemarie

    Rose , I have been to Bermuda, Canada , Ireland, and Mexico. My husband I were traveled into 35 states till he past away in 93. After that I took my son and his wife to Hawaii before I moved backed to MD. I also rented a house in Stone Harbor, N.J, every year from 99 to 2009 for a week in August and both my children were there as well as my 2 grandson’s. In 2012 I took my children and grandson’s on a cruise to Bermuda and that was my first cruise and loved Bermuda as my children had both been there before . I haven’t traveled since then except last year I went up to Greencastle , Pa. where I grew up and as it was Old Home Week and had lunch with all my girlfriends from childhood . Had a really nice time as my half brother and his wife came up from Bethesda and my cousin Mary came up and we stayed one night up there. Also saw our cousin Barbara who was one of my childhood friends only learning in 2010 she was my cousin . Well my favorite trip was to Ireland and would love to visit Scotland and England and hope I can do that next year . My daughter is planning on renting us a house in Ogunquit , Maine next year for a week as she and my son have stayed there and love that area of Maine. Well look forward to reading all the other chatters travel’s that they have taken.

      1. roseinbloom Post author

        Marie, I have traveled to Mexico, Canada. Caribbean, 13 countries in Europe, and a lot of the US, but just going to a different ethnic area in Chicago was like a different country.

  3. Ms. K.

    I became a flight attendant for a small airline when I was 51, to my family and friend’s shock. We flew to Canada, and as far as Wisconsin one way, and down South, and the East Coast to Maine, the other. Ok, my geography’s off, but you get the idea.
    I loved the surge of the plane taking off, night flights, walking through towns and cities I’d never visited, and the whole experience. I only did it for 3 years, and I still miss it. On clear, blue days when the clouds are powder puffs, I often think, “It’s a good flying day.”

      1. len1932

        I was in Air Force for 22 years and had many close calls. My first wife came down with Polio in Athens Greece in 1958 Polio Vaccine had been in Germany for 6 months. She was sent to Germany for 4 months treatment. On last trip I went up to visit her there was no AF passenger planes going to Germany that week, I took a Navy C47 (Civ DC-3) and it went to Naples Italy to refuel and go to Germany. A large storm came it so we were on the ground for 7 hours. Just before takeoff time I was called to terminal office and told I was bumped from the flight as some else had a higher priority. I said no problem I catch a light tomorrow. That plane took off had engine failure and hit a mountain killing all on 46 board. I was 26 years old then with a wife and two children. Wife and i had 6 children and today I am 85 years young

    1. Ms. K.

      Oh, Rose, I’m almost 60, so it’s been a few years, but what an adventure! I’d always promised myself that when my kids were grown that I would do something exciting, lol. I admit I don’t feel my age, and believe that more adventures are right around the corner. I hope someone kind sits next to you when you do fly,

      1. roseinbloom Post author

        Ms. K, that was a really kind thought that someone kind would sit next to me and actually someone kind did sit next to me who was also airline mechanic and he explained the noises and it helped greatly.

  4. vonMichael

    Hello Rose,
    good idea of yours to write this blog. I don’t like travelling any more. We have so many
    traffic congestions every day cos Germany has become a country for transit from Scandinavia and Eastern Europe down to France, Spain, Italy and many more. Our highways and motorways are overcrowded by big trucks and during holiday time we have now it is impossible to enjoy any car ride within or outside of our country.

    People of my age choose ( if they can afford it? ) other times of the year and more
    exclusive destinations somewhere in the world. And one other point effects holiday plannings for many people; possiblity of getting involved in a terrorist attact. I think there are no safe places in Europe any longer.

    One destination I have in mind but I’m sure I’ll never go to is; Sunibel Island / USA.
    A place which is nearly unknown here and I hope it will stay like this. Maybe even you don’t know the place Rose?? I take up a very good advise of one of my friends her;
    ** keep on dreaming Michael **

  5. roseinbloom Post author

    Michael , I am so sorry to hear that you have such a traffic problem. As for Sanibel island, I would advise you to see a lot if you cross the ATLANTIC. One tropical island is pretty much like another and all can be somewhat inaccessible from an airport.
    I would not pay a lot to lounge on a beach. There are some very inexpensive island cruises for that purpose. I try to stretch my travel dollars. To come to the USA, you need airfare and lodging and food. You would be amazed at what you could do.

  6. len1932

    I like to travel by AMTRAK around the country with my wife. Been to all states except Alaska and HI. Lived in several while in Air Force but retired in California. in 1973. Have a farm raising beef cattle and large 1/2 acre garden and chickens. Give most of it away to the people in need. friends, church members and neighbors, Now at 85 next month, have wifem her daughter abd husband on farm so have lots of help.

    1. Ms. K.

      What a wonderful adventure your life has been, Drummer. I recently attended a wedding -and discovered that I was seated at the old folks table, while my daughters and their friends were the new 30’s. LOL Two of the young men, who’d I watched grow are now musicians! One was on his way to China, and the other Berlin. Isnt it nice knowing that you’ve passed the baton to good people? I’m so proud of them.
      My traveling days are just beginning!

    2. roseinbloom Post author

      len1932, I have plans to take a short Amtrak excursion trip in October. You are the only person I have heard of that travels by Amtrak a lot.

      1. len1932

        roseinbloom When you go by train you will be surprised how many people are from other countries and can speak English, Love talking to people from all over the world.

  7. Drummer

    Hello Rose
    I guess I should count myself as one of the luckiest men alive for the fact is that I spent close on 30 years of my working life travelling, due to my recording production work, my first trip having just arrived in New Zealand was to Fiji to attend and record the South Pacific Festival of Arts, and following this I had the good fortune to visit almost all of the participating countries in their own homelands. There were regular visits to Australia, the USA and of course Britain – chasing the great love of my working life MUSIC.
    I have traveled widely and now in my later years I can look back with pleasure at my travelling times.

    Now no more travelling but so many memories – I am a lucky old man!

  8. len1932

    Since visiting a farm with animals to see has attracted many city folks and their children to our farm. We have now 4 small calves and one we bottle feed as it is a twin abandoned by the mother. Also let the people pick free vegs from our 1/2 acre garden. Give away bushels each week.

  9. goldengirl1224

    I enjoy travelling – ‘anticipating’ a trip – but the process these recent years with crowds through the airports – rude security personnel, delays, etc. does take the shine off—–especially if it means travelling via Heathrow – which in recent years has become a nightmare to negotiate.
    Then of recent years we are now faced with all those terrorist plots, etc. I will still travel as I have friends and family overseas – but it is not with the feeling of pleasure that I used to enjoy.
    Even driving these days is not pleasurable if its long distances – I am now the only driver – so its not really a joy for me – miss all the scenery – and there is so much construction taking place on the major highways here in the UK and great congestion. Have taken – when not travelling to Europe or Overseas – to enjoying travelling on coach trips or train — then I can relax!

  10. roseinbloom Post author

    Golden girl. Travel has its challenges, and it may not be the best idea. I just took a trip with a group of seniors. One collapsed on the sidewalk and war to the hospital and another woman pulled her hip out and went to the hospital. Travel is enriching and each of us has to decide how far and where we go but we all also need to push ourselves some.

  11. lani36

    been travelling for the month of AUgust , up theceast coast of australia, going through 3 states , meeting many wonderful chatters and other most helpfull AUssies , motels are second to none . all 5 and 6 stars , see the length and breadth of ones own country first , I feel . met with many well educated and warm country folk whever I stopped … dscovered new towns with interesting historic features.. the most feeling I have about queenslan AUstralia, is that onw will never find nicer folk anywhere .

    1. roseinbloom Post author

      Golden girl. The trips at our age may have o get shorter or require help from a companion, or ask for assistance which never occurs to a lot of us.

  12. foreveryoung2

    Unfortunately the only overseas trip I have had is to Norfolk Island which is not too far from Australia, but a passport is needed to travel there. I have had several trips interstate in Australia, but haven’t been to Western Australia. I lived in Tasmania for a short time after my divorce. I love it there and if I was younger I would choose to live there. I have always wanted to visit England, Scotland, Wales, and Ireland, but I’m afraid finances and health problems have put an end to that. I can, as vonMichael is doing ……..”dreaming on”, but I think at 74 this will just be a dream. Good travelling to all those who are able to do so xoxo

    1. len1932

      At 85 years young I have stopped driving a car. Bought wife a new car so she does the driving and I keep my mouth shut and hang on. No crashes yet but some close calls and afraid to comment or she will say You Want To Drive??? Long trips we go by AMTRAK train all over the US.

        1. roseinbloom Post author

          foreveryoung, It does make a difference when you have a partner, but it should not stop you unnecessarily. I took a 21 day trip to Europe by myself. I had never been to Europe and had never taken a tour. The trip was wonderful. I depended on other people and met other people so in many ways, my trip was better. I was younger, and it is more risky now, but I would still do it again maybe. Maybe.

        2. len1932

          I sometimes pull the door of the car closed with my cane. My wife who does the driving said if I hit her with it she was going to wrap the cane around neck. It is made of metal so if you see me with a permanent collar say HI

      1. roseinbloom Post author

        Lani, Sounds like you had a great trip. I have been making trips to my home state which is the next state over. I have been meeting people and reading history and I like you, found that the people are very good and wise people, even though the media pictures them in negative ways. My state is totally mountainous and very beautiful but very poor economically.
        I also traveled northeast and southeast and southwest recently. I met a man with his son who tries to see all the state and national parks, so I thought I would do more of that. I plan to start with my home state.

    2. roseinbloom Post author

      Foreveryoung. I am so happy that I traveled to Europe from the USA. I am your age and I may never travel that far again. You may love travel shows. I know that I do. I watch Burt Wolf and there is another one whose name I don’t remember. There is also a travel channel which I have watched. Reading also helps and maybe you already do a lot of the things I have mentioned. Living where you do makes travel expensive. I have a great niece who is working in Australis and traveling around. She worked in Europe and traveled to many countries for 2 years before living in Australia. Some of us are born with a greater desire to travel and just need it more than others. I am amazed at this niece. At 21 most girls are in school or in serious relationships. Her two sisters are very traditional. Go figure.

  13. len1932

    When you travel by train it is good to check on the hotels so you know where they are at, Recently in Washington DC my wife and I got in the cab and said the name of the hotel. The driver said that is across the street from the train depot. I said take us on a 10 mile tour of DC to put some miles on the fare as we do not want to lose by our lack of sense