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 If Only

Hello bloggers and readers of the blogs, what would you like to see invented, not the usual inventions and meds we all hope for, cures against diseases and illness etc something totally frivolous ,  something that could make your life easier, more fun.  I would love to see calorie free food, chocolate, cream cakes, bread […]

 Let’s talk blankets!

I love blankets. Seriously, it’s an obsession to the point where I have a closet dedicated to blankets! I can’t help it! Sometimes, you want a fleecy throw, or several thinner ones, or a decadently feathered hug, right? So, what’s your blanket style? And, if you share a bed with a companion, do you share […]

 What are we all doing?

It’s been so quiet lately. What’s everyone doing? Fall cleaning? Filling the pantry for the upcoming winter months when it’s too cold to venture outdoors? Falling asleep in front of the telly? lol. I like to do that now and then, especially movies. I’m very close to finishing my project, and am stress eating lots […]

 What’s In Store

It has been said recently the First Person who will live a thousand years has already been born, Meaning we are on the brink of discovering ways to enable us to extend our lives for some considerable time, I believe this drug or procedure will eventually be restricted and probably only available for the wealthy […]

 Your Perfect Dinner Party

After my first Blog which I was happy with and gave me some nice replies to think about I thought I might give it another go. I feel sure this has been tried before on SC but as a reasonably new member perhaps you will bear with me to give the subject a go. Who […]

 Tribalism – Good or bad?

Globalism, nationalism, socialism, communism, racialism and on and on. Are they not basically developments of the original tribes which gathered together for survival against wildlife’s dangers and dangers from other gatherings? In our modern world are we ready to assimilate as one world without borders?

 Does TV influence?

I have always denied that TV influences people , I grew up watching Tom and Jerry – the old none pc version, yet not once did I hit anyone over the head with a frying pan, I watched Columbo and never took up smoking cigars, I watched the Sound of Music and never became a […]

 Horror movies great scary bits

Been watching a few American series on netflix. Most are very good but this has got to be the best werewolf transformation since John Landis and his makeup/fx team brought us American werewolf in London.  See Hemlock Grove on NETFLIX or on anywhere if you can, t’s in series1 ep2 towards the end – not […]