Does TV influence?

I have always denied that TV influences people , I grew up watching Tom and Jerry - the old none pc version, yet not once did I hit anyone over the head with a frying pan, I watched Columbo and never took up smoking cigars, I watched the Sound of Music and never became a Nun,  I watched Dr Who and did not take up time travel, I watched the Road Runner and have never tried to order anything from Acme, I watched Batman & Robin and never attempted to climb walls, I watched  Superman but never wore my underwear outside my clothes, I watched Laurel and Hardy and was never tempted to carry a piano up steps or hit my friend with a hammer, I watched Magnum PI and never grew a moustache,  I watched Monty Pythons, the Goodies, The Young Ones ..................... Oh wait! ........................

So it's THEM I have to blame for my strange sense of humour.

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  1. vonMichael

    To be honest TV never had and doesn’t has any influence on me. At the early stage of
    tv here in Germany ( the time when I was young ) those tv productions you mentioned
    were produced in the USA or UK but not in Germany.
    Those productions we got to to watch ere Fury and Lassie and as aspecial entertainment L & H in the early evenings.

    So when I was old enough to decide for myself cheap Hollywood productions came on screen and were not up to my taste cos they were nothing else than time wasting
    offer of the industry. Sorry

    1. ohcarol62 Post author

      LOL …..

      My fav. programs are Documentaries, Independent films, and Zany humour
      outside of that I hardly ever watch TV ……..which is terrible for answering quiz questions , I haven’t a clue who most celebrities and film stars are!

  2. waylander

    I doubt that TV influences anyone really. If you have violent or other criminal tendencies, it may give you a few ideas, but on the whole no effect at all.

    1. ohcarol62 Post author

      Have to agree …… I do find though the BIGGEST influence of all is news reports on TV and in Social media on crime and propaganda.
      Sadly not everyone is able to think for themselves and believes political propaganda
      and Feral Youths with nothing better to do tend to copy cat acts of violence and criminal damage.
      When the Brixton riots happened in the 80s a few weeks later we had the Toxteth riots in Liverpool
      Reports on dogfighting tended to escalate rather than resolve the problem etc

  3. starlette

    Hello Carol, the only time TV influences me is on the makeover house design programmes…….then I get ideas…….but in all honesty, if we had copied all we watched as kids we would have grown up as delinquents…

  4. jessamyne

    Too many people blame tv violence for violence in real life. It’s just one more excuse for bad behavior.

    I do love cooking shows, and something that makes me laugh until the tears come.

    Why watch something negative when your option is to feel great?

  5. rose1943

    I was just thinking about tv in my sort-of childhood. We had radio only until I reached age 9 or 10. Watched whatever we could get, not much on then but happy to have it. Then came all the good mysteries and comedies…of course, Howdy Doody, etc.
    My dad would never ever allow football on our television. He felt it was too violent and I just thought it was noisy. To this very day, I hate it, hate it, hate it.
    Needless to say the man I married not only watched it, played it and betted it.
    He now only watches it…too old and poor for the others. I still won’t go near it and he keeps the sound kind of low for me.
    I guess you could say I was influenced in a way. I think it IS very violent and I see the young boys acting in accordance a lot.

    1. ohcarol62 Post author

      yeah I dont think TV makes people violent but sadly in this day and age there are a lot of Feral kids without the guidance of decent adults who copy cat acts of violence.

  6. rose1943

    P.S. I’m a big fan of TV, forgot to add that. Mostly shows on cable and on Firestick. Love anything from the UK on ITV, BBC, hate our shows in the U.S. They do not know how to write!!!

      1. Tommy H

        I was told that there was an agreement with the Terrestrial TV Channels and the government to show Police Type Programs almost every night. I believe this is because you never see any for real now. Just gives the impression that they are out there still working hard. Also I try my hardest to skip all the adverts, (there is a saying “If you tell someone something enough times they start to believe it”) So ads are out. Wife thinks I have a short attention span ?. What was I doing . Also as everything now is a repeat it has certainty changed my outlook I just haven’t got the same enthusiasm as I used to have. I was even grateful when they started showing Lost in Space again recently. last time I watched that was 50 years ago almost so I thought I might have forgotten the episodes Good old Zachery Smith. I try to find sort of educational programs I find learning how to build/repair things is great to watch over and over. xx