Your Perfect Dinner Party

After my first Blog which I was happy with and gave me some nice replies to think about I thought I might give it another go. I feel sure this has been tried before on SC but as a reasonably new member perhaps you will bear with me to give the subject a go.

Who would you invite to your perfect dinner party? My rules for this would be to have 6 Male and 6 female dinner guests (including yourself). Also they need to be famous people. Other than this they can be living or dead, even real or characters (from film or book). It would also be nice to know your reason for inviting them if possible.

For me it will be interesting to google and Wiki people I may not know about to be able to appreciate them more.

My Own Party


Me. Nelson Mandela (fantastic statesman), Terry Waite (Possibly the bravest and most selfless men I know of), Alan Turing (Father of modern day computers), Ray Davies (Musician "The Kinks") and Stephen Fry (Comedian, Wit and Raconteur)


Marie Curie (Pioneer in research in Radioactivity), Amy Winehouse (Voice of an Angel sadly troubled soul), Catherine Deneuve (Talented french actress with great beauty). Claudette Colvin (The first "Rosa Parks"). Mary Shelley (Author of Frankenstein) and Baroness Tanni Grey-Thompson (Possibly the greatest Paralympian of all time)

I am not sure how the personalities would get on but I would just like some time to talk to each of them. I hope I get some interesting replies when you have some time to think.

Thank You.

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  1. starlette

    Well for me it would deffo have to include musicians/ singers, have to have those guests to make the party go with a swing…….sooooo……Johnny Mathis for his distinctive voice, he could sing the ballads………John Lennon for his wit and music,
    The Bee Gees…….Rod Stewart, humour voice, he covers the rock and the ballads.
    Comedy element, Paul o Grady, Peter Kay, Julie Walters……….TV presenter Eammon homes, maybe for some inside gossip, but that wouldn’t matter anyway, would be quite content to just listen to his soft Irish brogue, Boy George and Freddie Mercury, both for the same reason, their music and wit, Michael ball and David Bowie……. nothing very serious going on here for a party guest………but who wants in depth serious talk at a party……..not me…..

    1. starlette

      Only one lady guest there…….but I suppose you could count the gays, just as good if not better for discussing women type things……

  2. jessamyne

    Love this topic! Easy one for me…

    No politicians, religious leaders, or celebrities. They’re too wrapped up in themselves to be much fun, lol.

    Right off the bat, Carl Sagan, John Steinbeck, Michaelangelo, Salvador Dali, Gordon Lightfoot, and I want to pick the brain of DaVinci.

    The women would be Rosa Parks, Mother Theresa, Cleopatra, Helen Keller, Joan of Arc, and Ann Boleyn.

    Okay, okay, some are religious and/or celebrities. At least they don’t expect kudos or ridiculous amounts of money.

    ps. Can I invite Tom Hanks for dessert? He would be a blast at a party!

  3. Ms. K.

    My perfect dinner party would be a slumber party! Everyone show up in their jammies, bring potluck, and chill out in the perfect lounge. Stay the weekend, why don’t you?
    Indiana Jones -who doesn’t love a sexy archaeologist? The Rock, Dwayne Johnson -he looks like my brother, and has great family values, and prob some great stories about movie making. Sean Connery – need I say anything more? King David from the Bible -talk to us about your journey with God. Kenny Rankin -to share his songs. Sherlock Holmes – intriguing.
    Susan Elizabeth Phillips – please tell us a story! Princess Diana -a lovely, and courageous woman. The two Irish sisters from Nora Roberts older Irish series. Barbara Streisand -her voice could charm angels. Mrs. Durrell -The Durrells in Corfu on Masterpiece -we’re sisters under the skin!

  4. roseinbloom

    Hello, a great discussion topic. I would have to think a great deal before giving names and but it would be a relaxed event with food as not the main event. I would have light but delicious food available, mostly sales and fruit with seafood so people don’t get dopey but would serve alcohol to loosen some tongues. I would only want to invite people who are honest and willing to speak.
    Rich people get to ponder this thought and some have chosen to invite people who
    entertain and elucidate. Charles Darwin would be on the top of my list and Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin and Abigale and John Adams would also be there. Pocahontas and Sacajawea would be on the list and Confusious, Buddha and the real Jesus Christ, and I would invite Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton and Bill Clinton and Al Gore. I see I need to narrow the list. I would love to see and hear the last people and I need to invite Martin Luther King Jr. And Barrack and Michelle Obama. I would probably have a bigger group and a long cocktail party and just wander around with Pearl Mesta and Dolly Madison playing hostesses. I would be free to mingle.

  5. rose1943

    I would have both of my deceased parents. 4 grandparents, only knew one grandmother, the other 3 deceased. My nephew I loved dearly, died a few years ago from MS. That makes 8 including myself. Can’t get into aunts and uncles, my mom was one of 10 children…..
    This would be perfect for me.

  6. Whitewaves

    Richard Gere —— intelligent eye candy
    Richard Branson———— a true success story by his own abilities.
    Eleanor of Aquitaine ——- queen/ survivor/ powerful woman in a time of men
    Elizabeth 1 ——————– same reasons.
    Robin Williams ————— to meet the real man, not the image
    Jane Austin or if non real allowed Elizabeth Bennett.
    Mary Magelane —————– so so many questions.
    Oscar Wilde————————just brilliant
    Stephen Fry————————To ask the questions I wished I had thought of
    Me ———————————— my party!