A thought or two on our time 2017 in history

this is my maiden voyage as a blogger,so here goes nothing, lol reading the previous blog, I got to thinking, as I am struggling to know what is happening globally, it doesn't seem to make sense, we don't seem to be learning from the past ? or is it just me?

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  1. starlette

    Hi Sallysue, welcome to the world of bloggers…….no its not just you, I feel the same, at times it seems the more progress is made the more it becomes detrimental to the human race……..sooo many things, the environment, our safety and welfare in the world….we are given warning and updates of how we should live and what we should do for a healthy life, but still the manufacturers churn out the ciggs, medication that hasn’t been fully tried and tested gets prescribed……..we give money to other countries, medical supplies and birth control advice, but still it seems they continue to have children that they cannot feed………..now I read Diesel cars will no longer be legal in time to come because of harmful emissions, we knew this years ago but still they were produced and sold……..the government is no help in keeping us up to speed in what is happening, they are stabbing each other in the back as per norm, child abuse in on the increase, how many more time are we going to read after a child is killed that………..lessons have been learned, we must never allow this to happen again……..globally I despair, the world has gone mad……..I would love to hear of a country somewhere out there that has pretty much got it right…..the Scandinavian countries maybe….I don’t know…..

  2. sallysue Post author

    “cheers starlette ” I was’nt able to finish as I was called away and as a novice tried to add more. as dickens said in “a tale of two cities” opening lines “it was the best of times, it was the worst of times ,I think it could be said of today?

  3. Rockflower

    Hi Sally Sue, Welcome this a great site where we tackle the often difficult questions but we have fun doing it. No it is not just you, at times we do not seem to be learning anything. The trouble is I think, that we are learning at different rates or speeds. Another problem is, that the teaching of history comes way down in educational priorities only just above art. Everyone needs to read history but it does need great teachers, not just learning lists of dry dates but teachers who put the humanity in history and show the web of gobel actions at any one time . Like you, some days I want to throw my hands up , thinking no one is looking and learning from history. If politicians had taken notice of history they would never had sent troops into Afghanistan, where great armies have been chewed up and spit out since Alexandra the Great and probably before then too.That country always has returned to it’s default position of war lord brutality. On the other hand conditions for most citizens in the West and in other areas have improved. In some places much slower than we should like but there is improvement. I am in no way denying that there is grinding poverty with attendant cruelties in some places. Often improvement to the lives of the many hindered by that number one human sin….greed. The good news is, it is much harder for tyrants to hide these days, we all see film of their doings and that is uncomfortable for us all. Many groups work to relieve suffering and that is good. There are international forums where problems are discussed. I think too that we have to guard against impatience and allow societies to develop, remember we took a long time to get where we are? Then on the dark side I look at our own societies that have so much. Yet we see evidence of extreme greed, uncaring about others, no one taking responsibility for themselves and their actions, it is always someone else’s fault you know? So many young people seem to have decided that the only solution is to reach oblivion with drink or drugs. If you take note from the media, there seems to be an endemic of predatory sexual behaviour, extreme pornography and abuse of children . I ask myself has this always been so or is it that now we get to hear about it and even see it? Sometimes reading the papers you wonder……was it like this in Sodom and Gomorrah ? If so are we going to have some great disaster to readjust our values?
    All we can do and this kind of harks back to Lone Rogue’s blog question about chaos. He asked what can we do? well like you we can question, question and speak up. Write to politicians and anyone else be a bit of an old nuisance but do put forward you opinion. That is all we can do, if you see wrong say so. But above all read history LOL!

  4. roseinbloom

    Saalysue, Yeah and hooray and I hope you will do more blogs. There is a lot that is good going on, healthcare, welfare. Fair wages but w need a lot of improvement. History teaches us more that was wonderful than the horrors and unfairness.
    I just hope we can clear up some issues and make progress.

  5. rose1943

    Does anyone remember “BIG BROTHER” from the book and movie “1984?” It seems that everywhere we turn….there he is! We joked about it for many years since that book but little by little, he has come into our lives in so many ways and I feel it’s terribly scarey. When you think of the simple freedoms that have been taken away……and there art many.
    So let’s just stare up at the beautiful skies and the nature around us…..even tho they’re chopping it down like crazy and listen to the sounds of the birds between the sounds of the the machines tearing down the buildings. The sad part for me is seeing how so many believe him and follow him. Much to think about.

    1. roseinbloom

      Rose43, I agree and also we need to enjoy all the beauty and opportunities that are all around us., especially in your big beautiful city. I have a nice city but Chicago call me back.

  6. foreveryoung2

    Times are scary with the leaders we now have. The world has gone crazy and these people have our lives in their hands. People tried to make a difference by voting in “alternatives” and all hell has broken loose. Will they ever learn ?

    1. roseinbloom

      foreveryoung, In the past, your country and mine have survived civil wars, one with each other and plagues, and smallpox and polio and starvation and a whole lot more, so maybe we will survive this, at least for a while.

  7. rose1943

    I wonder sometimes if Donald Trump says to himself “Why in the world did I get myself into this”? He seems to have bitten off more than he can chew and his ego is like a monster driving his words and decisions. Everyday is a new episode in our country’s Donald Trump Reality Show. I really wonder how he feels.

  8. msval58

    No it isn’t just you. The world is in chaos. As I read about what’s happening globally, I am very thankful that I live here in Canada. We’re by no means perfect, we have our own issues that we’re dealing with up here…but…still a relatively sane country in an increasingly insane world.

  9. rose1943

    I beg to differ, Charles. I always learned from my mistakes, my mom taught me that and I taught it to my children. Who are you quoting? I’d like to know.