Are Rabbits Rodents?

No, they are not, as many of you may perhaps have thought.  Rabbits, truly speaking are members of the family called '' Leporidae.''

Had this question been asked a century ago the reply would have been positive indeed.

The zoologists then classified Rabbit and other lagomorphs within the order named  Rodentia ( or rodents), which does include rats, mice, squirrels, and also marmots.

Do you know what’s the difference between the two?

Rabbits are different from rodents in a number of ways.   They have four incisor teeth and not two.  They are herbivorous.

While many rodents love to also eat meat.  They would love to chew fingers. maybe our Pinky fingers the most.  As per the Oxford English Dictionary, ''Rabbit'' originally referred only to a young rabbit while the adult rabbits were called ''Coneys.''

The word ''Coney'' gradually declined in general use (it’s now used in British English to refer to rabbit fur), and rabbit went on to become the standard term for the adult animal.  Nowadays, a young rabbit is called a ''Kitten.''

I always wondered whether a kid- rabbit be called a bunny or a kitten.  I would love my fraternity here to discuss and educate me to make the time and labor spent in writing rewarding and satisfying. Bye for now.

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  1. starlette

    Hi Abhilaaj, a baby rabbit is called a Kitten or a Kit…….Rabbits are cute……Squirrels are cute but they are rodents, cut their tales of and they resemble rats….ugh…….makes all the difference that bushy tale……..don’t know if you are aware but the Red squirrel is becoming very rare in Britain, not so the Grey, those little buggers are everywhere……

    1. Tommy H

      We have squirrels here at the school. One has a missing tail but he doesn’t look or act like a rat which is good. We do get rats as well being located next to the local council refuse depot. I quite like our little squirrels. we also have around 7 foxes, they breed like rabbits and I often find dead fellas, We have lots of Parakeets. we even have some water voles, frogs and newts. we did have chickens and rabbits but they were pets for the children.The only thing we haven’t got are wild Rabbits. I would love to see some living in our bushes.

        1. Tommy H

          Have you tried Hedgehog. whack some garlic butter on top cover it in mud or tinfoil and shove it in the embers of a wood fire give it 20 minutes and presto perfect. just peel off the skin and needles . tastes like pork. Yum Yum. trouble is there so dam hard to find these days.

          1. starlette

            I have one on my garden, but I wouldn’t let him be eaten……nooooooooooo

          2. Tommy H

            Can I come and cut your grass please xx

          1. Tommy H

            Got a great way to get rid of slugs, once a month put a small tin 2″ deep level with your soil. fill it with beer or cider. all the slugs drink it and fall in and drown. you can get 100 at a time. Try it and i can help you with your hedgehog issue xx

      1. Abhilaaj Post author

        well said – A squirrel is nothing but a glorified rat– beautiful- maybe like a Koyal- an Indian singing bird- which looks very much like a crow.

  2. roseinbloom

    abhilaaj, In American, United States, English we call all rabbits, young or old rabbits.
    It is nice that you share your interest in learning.