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Hello bloggers and readers of the blogs, what would you like to see invented, not the usual inventions and meds we all hope for, cures against diseases and illness etc something totally frivolous ,  something that could make your life easier, more fun.  I would love to see calorie free food, chocolate, cream cakes, bread and butter, oh to eat  yummy things without feeling guilty, a cable that I could attach to my body that would give my body a workout while I relaxed and watched Tv.  The toning tables ones don't work, an implement to sweep the damn leaves that are falling daily on the garden and yard, the implement not meaning me and a brush .a remote weeder and painter of fences.  Ok, ok so maybe I just want to be lazy. but I could find better things to do, a stroll in the park, whiling my time away on pavement cafes people watching, sitting by the River - need I say more...

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  1. waylander

    As to the body toner while you sit about, that’s already here. They advertise them ad nauseam on tv.
    As to gadgets I’d like, I read once that Star Trek inspired the inventor of the mobile phone. I wonder why it didn’t inspire someone to make a replicator. No more hot stove, no more microwave.
    And what about a transporter? A few twinkling lights and ….wooooshhh…..you’re hundreds of miles away. No more damned airports and smelly people sat next to you. no more plastic airline food (food? they call that garbage food?).

    1. starlette Post author

      I like the idea of twinkling light to transport you somewhere…….. the possibilities are endless….to be where you want in seconds without having to endure some of your reasons…..lots more I can think of too……..now something that would pack the suitcase and unpack it……..that’s a job I really dislike…..

      1. Rockflower

        Hi Rosinbloom……the thing to do with a bad cold is enjoy it. Shut the door, crank the warmth up if needed make yourself cosy.Have a gallon of a pleasant drink to keep hydrated. Medication for symptoms, read and fall asleep, read, sleep.Pampering baths. TV and box sets, favourite music.All done totally guilt free. I have a cousin he recommends his favourite whisky, lie in bed and drink until you cannot see the rail at the end of the bed, then sleep. Not for me but he swears by it LOL. Get better soon, whatever you do……..

        1. roseinbloom

          Rockflower. There is some pleasure in doing a small job like ordering something online and some reading and social media. I have been to sick to enjoy it some of the time. I am on too much medication to booze it up. The rest you got right mostly. It reminds me how well I feel most of the time and that I am a big whiner and could not tolerate long term illness. Thank you for your thoughts.

  2. roseinbloom

    Starlette, I like this blog and I used to love kitchen gadgets and now I am looking for a grater that does the same job as a hand grater, I don’t mind grating a lemon zest but grate two apples, or six potatoes is a turn off. I did the apples but the potato pancakes never have been made.
    We have to use our muscles, so there is no alternative, never will be. I need a robot vacuum that works, no, what I really need is a real working robot. It could grate the apples and potatoes and vacuum and clean the toilets, etc. The robot would also be capable of very complex speaking and conversational.
    Some robots are in existence, but I need a smarter one than is currently available. I have the Google communication device and it gets smarter every day.
    I will go look for a grater and consider letting amazon deliver food if I get too lazy to shop. Well, I have a bad cold today and NEED help. A’s always, I will return when I think of other ideas. What will I do with my free time; go to the gym more and file my nails often that will be growing too long. I may get creative and write a novel or create a website. By the way, I could start some of those things now.

    1. jessamyne

      Many folks confide that they would like to write. I say, go for it. It’s rewarding and wonderful.

      Best wishes on an endeavor, Roseinbloom!

  3. starlette Post author

    Hi Rose, well the first thing you need with a cold is a Robot to bring you your meds and keep you supplied with drinks and tissues all day………a man could do that but you would need to programme him in……..quicker to do it yourself…lol….sorry guys…….I have an electric grater that is brill for cheese,
    I haven’t really tried any other food in it, another space waster………the Robot vacuum I have…but you have to clear the floor first of any leads……..the Robot for conversation, well that could be interesting…..it would have to listen regardless, and would answer in a different language to grunts…….let me know when you find the substitutes for your requirements and needs…….

  4. jessamyne

    So agree about the replicator! Love to cook, but what a way to have dinner with friends. Being able to socialize without running to the kitchen every minute.

    Been toying with the idea of a skydive again. Was scheduled for a buddy jump many years ago; the day before, a woman’s shoot didn’t open. That was enough for me to believe perhaps the fates had intervened…

    When thrill-seeking, a person must consider the possibility of something not going right. Not sure I’m ready to take that chance, just yet.

    Invent a full-proof chute, and I’d be there in a heartbeat…

    1. starlette Post author

      Hi Jessamyn, brave lady………..I would put that activity on hold for a while….but how would you ever know the chute was fool proof………

      1. jessamyne

        Only too true, starlette. guess that’s why I continue to think about it, instead of doing it

      1. jessamyne

        Skynet, from the Terminator movies. and HAL, from 2001 Space Odyssey. Both were naughty robots that decided they knew better than humans how to run things.

        Sometimes I have to wonder just how far from that we are…

  5. rose1943

    Helicopter pads on the tops of all homes, for those who don’t want to drive in mega traffic or go through all the rigamorow at the airport. I know I would use it ferociously.

  6. roseinbloom

    Remember, your grandmothers looking at us and what they would think about us having electric irons, dishwashers, wash machines, sewing machines, gadgets and still wanting more.

    1. starlette Post author

      Yes indeed……all futuristic stuff they could only wish for………sort of how we are wishing now………I still want the calorie free food though……lol…

        1. starlette Post author

          Aspartame is a very controversial ingredient used in calorie free drinks…….but hey Ho I will continue to drink them……calorie free choc and butter is what I want to see…….not asking for much is it…

          1. roseinbloom

            Here we have several no to low calories sweetners. We also have healthier sweetness like agave, or honey, molasses, and maple syrup. Refined sugar is very bad for you and is very addictive.

  7. vonMichael

    Roseinbloom delivers the keyword; many of those useful items have been
    invented for the houshold and the cars. Household for women, items for the men
    who are driving the cars.

    My first invention was the cogitations reader to stay informed about the real thoughts
    of the pne I’m talking to.
    Today I have the dream recorder in my luggage. A wonderful tool for the evenings
    nothing on tv to watch so one could see the dream of last night. This tool should
    record 3 nights in a mini series and can only be wathed by the own of the tool. Michael

    1. starlette Post author

      Hello there Michael, an invention indeed……..I used to have one I could pre-set for 7 days recordings…….but then the tvs got more updated and techy stuff got more difficult……at the moment I am trying to get to grips with the Amazon firebox…….really don’t know why I bother, it stresses me out, and I don’t watch that many programmes anyway, just a chosen few…xxx

      1. vonMichael

        Same I do, same I do dear Star.
        Specially in winter times they show so many repetitions. Mostly old stuff which
        was on screen many time before.
        So I bought a blu-ray recorder June/July 17 and now I borrow those cd’s of my
        own taste.
        I think I can borrow 4 films per month for € 10.00.
        I avoid the American bread & butter production strictly.Amazon and
        Videobuster are those sources of my choise. xxxM

  8. Rockflower

    Many things…..I do like the idea of quick accurate grocery delivery. Grass that grows just so long and no more, in fact I’d like house plants that say at the perfect size….Ok I know I could get plastic ones but I like real ones.
    I want at a perfect floor embroider stand, totally adjustable to be the right height for my back. The clamp holding the frame must tilt every which way securely. The stand must accommodate a wide range of embroidery frames. I have a collection of stands and while some are better than others, all have faults.I’d also like a really true to daylight light.

  9. starlette Post author

    Hi Rock…….the grass could be solved with the Astroturf, a good quality one looks like the real deal, no weeds in it, no cutting it……..your embroidery stand could be solved with the skills of a good joiner….the pure daylight indoors…..well that has to remain on your wish list ,not sure if that can be invented, its already here, looks like you will have to don your outdoor gear and brave the elements……..