Favourite Places to Visit

I am lucky to have travelled around the world for work and pleasure, but there are still many places I wish to travel to and those I would definitely go back to.

What are your favorite places?

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  1. waylander

    Believe it or not, a dirty, run down council estate called Easterhouse on the outskirts of Glasgow. Each time I go back I look at the state of the place and think “Thank GOD I got out of here when I was young”

  2. aloysious Post author

    It must have been strange had it altered much, you must be a different person now but memories form part of you, have you other places that evoke better memories. I have some places win bad memories and more with good one that I would go back often for good reasons. I have never be lived the adage You can never go back ! Aloysious

    1. LoneRogue

      That phrase “you can never go back”, I”ve always thought it really meant you won’t find what you want to see in, that we usually want to see it as we remember it. We don’t stay the same and places don’t either it seems.

  3. roseinbloom

    I go to my home state of West Virginia and I enjoy the natural beauty and the people. I don’t want to live there but it is a beautiful place to visit.
    Maybe you could help me by sharing your favorite places to travel since I have not been over the world much.

  4. champuizat

    Has to be Australia, went there in 1995, didn’t realise how huge the country actually is. Stayed in Sydney(kings cross, boy that was an eyeopener) and travelled up to Brisbane, Cairns and Cape Tribulation which was beautiful and unspoilt. Also loved New York and Philadelphia in the states, and the Rhine Valley in Germany.

    Travelling up the west coast of Scotland is breathtaking, misty glens and beautiful lochs, also love the Yorkshire Dales, wonderful countryside with small villages selling their own homemade produce and a great pint of Tetley beer!