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 Whats the answer…….

Watching the news unfold Saturday Evening, another terrorist attack on London Bridge, people killed, many injured, people saying its time to draw the line, as in don’t let anymore immigrants into the country.  That horse has bolted, they are already amongst us hundreds of them – frightening times and more ahead.  It isn’t going to […]

 I Did It My Way!

Thought I might let my gremlin out again! Haven’t written a blog for a long time,so I am not sure  what I have to do after reading all on the home page but here goes… Our lives take many turns on the way ,reminds me of an old river fresh and strong up in the […]

 RTR (Rubber Tramp Rendez-vous)

As a sequel to my blog “Vandwelling”, I would like to introduce a vandweller, Static CamperVan. I just subscribed to his channel after hearing this excerpt. I do believe in what he says about happiness. Wisdom is not necessarily dependent of age as you will see. RTR is where other vandwellers meet in person, they […]

 Happy Valentines Day

Valentines day was never meant to be about industry making money , it is not about cards, flowers chocolates, meals, gifts,  grand gestures etc.. It is about celebrating our loved ones whoever they are and wherever they are , it is about remembering that love knows no bounds and can cross the greatest oceans and […]

 Dear Mr B

OK anyone having read my Dear Mr Taxman Blogs from January will know I laid all my cards on the table . I also put the posts on my Facebook page. Imagine my surprise when JB (my friends baby brother who I have known since he was new born) one of my Facebook friends WAS […]

 Chapter 19 – Clear Skies

I have had so many chapters in my life, I’m sure there would be more than twenty in my book. But I think I am on Chapter 19 and it would be called, ‘Clear Skies’.  What will Chapter 19 – Clear Skies be about? I would have already written 18 chapters full of excitement, sadness, […]

 Time Heals All Wounds?

I heard this all my life.  I never questioned it.  Just kept waiting for time to do its job.  Then I heard Dr. Phil one day.  Someone said this on his show.  And he loudly stated “TIME HEALS NOTHING!”  Really….. I saw the quote this morning on Facebook….Time Heals All Wounds.  And I wanted to […]