RTR (Rubber Tramp Rendez-vous)

As a sequel to my blog "Vandwelling", I would like to introduce a vandweller, Static CamperVan. I just subscribed to his channel after hearing this excerpt. I do believe in what he says about happiness.

Wisdom is not necessarily dependent of age as you will see.

RTR is where other vandwellers meet in person, they just had their meeting a few weeks back. If it were close to me I'd attend for sure, even though I'm not actually living in a van.

I'm also subscribed to 2 other vandwellers' youtube channels so far; One Awesome Inch and Living In a van Life of Chuck. They are in Canada and I follow their thoughts as far as vandwelling in Canada.

I did start the video at the time of his speech. But feel free to listen to all he had to say.


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  1. roseinbloom

    David, I took a vacation with another friend and we shared a trailer in an R V park. It was the best vacation in my life. I called it grownups out to play.
    There were a lot of activities and we had plenty of time to relax. R V parks is another world.

  2. davidrv Post author

    Hi Rose.
    My mother had bought a trailer in a campground and she stayed there for 3 summers. At the time she was living at my brother’s house, in an apartment he made for her. Since my brother and his wife worked she would be alone most of the day at the house. From May to September she would move in her trailer in the campground.
    The last year she decided to take an apartment closer to town. She spent most of her summer in the new apartment where she is still to this day. She sold the trailer that same year.
    Personally it think it was ok but I couldn’t stay put in the same place for long. I like to move, see places, meet people, learn something new.
    Thanks for your comment rose.

    1. Thewitch

      So glad you feel like that, young, free, not tied down, how hard I tried to tell my children not to go there! They did, I have grandchildren who I love but oh how I wish they had got a life.