The big C……..Christmas……

Hello Christmas is just around the you love it or loath it, what are your expectations of it and are they it a big waste of money, a anti-climax.........has it lost its original meaning.......all the spending and it worth it ?......the times we live in are so materialistic, have to feel for the parents who cannot afford to give their children what they would like to, there is a lot of competition  and humiliation in schools.........must be heart-breaking for it really the season of goodwill ? has to question that.........but I do know the people in my village will put their hands in their pockets even deeper at Christmas to provide presents, luxury goods and food stuffs for the food banks....hope many others will do the same........

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  1. roseinbloom

    Starlette. I am in a hurry. Rob likes to publish a large number of blogs at one. I am not religious in the traditional way, so what is Christmas supposed to mean. The meaning of Christmas of Peace and joy gets turned to a big commercial extravaganza which I am against. I know Christmas is holy and wonderful for many people who actually do have their traditions and celebrate in a religious way or who just love their traditions but I am not one of those.
    I would prefer to take a long trip and come back when it is all over, but I will do a few mandatory things like most other people, but I don’t believe in any magic or any Santa Claus.

    1. starlette Post author

      Hi Rose, no new blogs for days then an avalanche……….pretty much in the same frame as mind as yourself……..I go through the rituals of buying and writing the cards, why do we bother, most will be in the bin before Christmas is over, its nice to get together as a family for a few hours and open the presents, enjoy the food, but the magic of Christmas is for the young ,my daughter still sprinkles fairy dust down for my Grandson, he is 25…lol…..we go along with her…she loves the whole caboodle……she blames me for her adoration of the season, she says I made it so magical for her as a child that she just loves it…….Mum to blame again…….as regards the religious meaning of it, well the schools still put on the nativity plays although a different slant on some of them, modern versions not quite the same somehow…..

  2. vonMichael

    Hello Star,
    good idea of yours to ask that question on here…You may know I’m a Roman Catholic
    and my wife too. Ages ago we broke with the modern rules of commercialization.

    Why is that so; because we are in the position of buying items when they are needed
    and / or just wanted. In the first years of our marriage we had to save up for items
    but today there is no need for saving up any more.
    On the other hand one or two days after Christmas Eve shop stuff or shop owner
    present latest price reduction of their offer in the windows of their shops.
    So it makes sence to wait 36 / 46h to see the offer and to safe a lot of money.

    On the contrary of many, many other people we concentrate on the primary
    meaning of this event. The only thing we place our investment in is delicious
    food which would not make sence for us to have without such an event.

    Further more we both are missing the cold and the snow during this weeks which
    was always the cherry on the cake for us, That kind of wheather that makes people
    go more careful and slower in everything they do.

    Yes Christmas time is a special time for us; filled with different smells, different
    music, light in the streets a.s.o. and yes this means something special to us. xxxM

  3. starlette Post author

    Hello Michael, well the snow does add the finishing touch to the festive season…………as long as its gone by Boxing Day…lol………yes the food plays a big part, those extra luxuries that we treat ourselves to and throw caution to the wind when we eat them without guilt………tell me do you still give your presents out on Christmas Eve, my hubby was German as you know and we always gave a present out on Christmas Eve as it was their tradition……..we still follow this tradition today….one pressie each on Christmas Eve……

    1. vonMichael

      Hi Star,

      I’m a bit late with my response. Sorry for that.
      Yes Star, presents are still given out on Christmas Eve here in Germany. That
      date has its roots in the religion cos Jesus was given to us as a present.

      Please tell me do you have different Christmas traditions in the UK, I mean
      traditions how Christmas is celebrated in a differnt way due to the regions?

      We have differences in meals that are come on the table. For instance traditions which are coined by Eastern Europe people such as Saxony,
      Bavaria, Silesia and some more.
      Some traditions that nobody would like to miss are Christmas trees, bells,
      cakes and some more.
      Have a wonderful relaxing and weekend, xxxM

      1. starlette Post author

        Hello Michael,……presents given out on Christmas day, stockings or sacks hung for Santa to fill with gifts that have been requested by the children who wrote a note to Santa ( or as I was informed last year some children now send texts to Santa….tut tut……….a glass of milk and a mince pie are left for Santa for refreshment, and a carrot for Rudolph…….the traditional Christmas dinner is Turkey with all the trimmings, Mince pies and cream, Christmas pudding and Brandy sauce, Christmas cake…….we pull crackers at the dinner table containing stupid jokes a hat and a tacky little gift, although have to say in recent years have had some nice trinkets out of the crackers………some will hang advent calendars each containing a little door where you would place a little gift, chocolate usually….each door during December is opened up until the big day, then that would contain a special little gift…… programmes will be many repeats shown year after year……yawn….. we have the tradition of Pantomimes both shown on TV and at the theatre, some will go to church for Carol services…..sure there are others I have missed out….of course we have the decorated Christmas trees indoors and out, the lights and the wreaths…………..tomorrow I am out with my daughter going around the garden centres, which have now all the Christmas trees and decorations on display…… wishing you lovely weekend too….xxx

  4. TheWalker

    Thanks for the Blog Starlette even if I do think Christmas should be kept to December. On the first question it has to be Love it. As the youngest of 6 it was a magical time for me as a child. All the family from wherever they had moved to would return home for the Christmas Period, The food, games presents general fun was great. Nowadays we still gather together at one house or another, this year will be mine and an extra 12 or so people will descend on us and we will swap presents in the afternoon as we have always done. I am not religious but I do not think you need to be to show greater charity to our fellow man. Christmas should be a time for those of us who are lucky in life (I consider myself one of those), to think about and help others less lucky where we can. I have told my two children 25 and 29 that I don’t need anything nowadays that I cant afford myself so rather than spend on me I would rather they give me their time. An afternoon playing golf with my son or going to see some band with my daughter would give me far more enjoyment than any gift. For me Christmas is a family thing and I will always cherish it.

  5. starlette Post author

    Hi Walker……. sorry for not keeping the C word till December…….but I did say Christmas is just around the corner….you have to be prepared…….. I know its only October but I have already seen some Christmas trees up and we haven’t had Halloween or Bonfire night yet………I hate that rushing on to the next special day before the last one is over…….regarding needing stuff, well what do we need, not much really……I agree its the family coming together that makes it for me

  6. waylander

    Round here there were christmas goods out in the shops before they’d even put the halloween or bonfire night stuff out (and don;t get me started on halloween and bonfire night or i’ll be typing all night).
    While I have no time for chritmas personally, I quite understand if others wish to celebrate it, but it’s about time the shops held off on their annual rip off of the public till at least late november, i.e. last pay day before christmas.

  7. starlette Post author

    Bah Humbug………….. but totally agree with you Way………..Christmas day we will see adverts for Summer holidays, and dare I say it…..Easter Eggs……

  8. Drummer

    In spite of advancing years and ever decreasing numbers friends and family, and in spite of being regarded as the Elder of the family I do still enjoy Christmas if only for keeping touch with Family and friends from around the world. It is a time for maintaining contacts with those far away,

    One member of the family invariably dishes up a good old fashioned Christmas Dinner and then do the memories fly!!
    Presents are not really necesarry but Presence is always a joy.

    I look forward to many more Christmases to come!

  9. Whitewaves

    I thought about this for a couple of days and I still don’t know how I feel. I think it is very important to make memories for children and Christmas is a time for that. But then the consumerism? As the years go I put up less and less decorations, no tree last year, Never could cope with decorations up on Christmas eve down as soon as possible. Maybe Christmas is a time to reflect and thank those around us even if it is expected to be in the form of a present. ( I give gifts from the kitchen for most of our presents) No Christmas cards for years no but I do make catch up emails/letters to friends far away. Confused you see!

  10. starlette Post author

    Hello Whitewaves, I didn’t put my tree up either last year, no excuse really cos its a fibre optic plug in one……..buttttt I have promised my daughter this year I will plug it in…lol……I’m entertaining on Christmas day so I will……a few select Christmassy stuff hung around and I’m done…….like you I cannot wait to put them away again…… little ones around anymore so I see no point……

  11. rose1943

    Love Christmas and everything about it. Raised Catholic and being Polish and German, we celebrate mostly on Christmas Eve. The family would be very sad without it. I decorate every room and the front porch. Little lights and red and green everywhere. I’ll do it until I positively can’t anymore. Haven’t paid attention to the commercialism for years. Music, good food, little gifts, lots of cookies and candy and great smells. My oldest daughter converted before she married, so we always have the Menorrah ready if it’s a day to light it. It is a magical time for us, all of us. Snow does make it better but Santa makes his way without it, can’t always count on a white Christmas here but dream about it with Bing Crosby. Always play Perry Como’s “Oh Holy Night” early in the season in memory of mom and dad’s favorite Christmas song and I have my Christmas cry and am motivated to do all the work.
    Family, food, decorations, music, smells, lights, colors, love and my faith…..who wouldn’t love that? Christmas? I wish everyone could feel this way.

    1. roseinbloom

      Rose1943, Your
      Christmas sounds wonderful and it is great that you can still accommodate your daughter and her religion. You seem to have the real spirit of Christmas which is about love and family.

  12. starlette Post author

    Hello Rose………your Christmas sounds wonderful, you certainly have retained the spirit of Christmas, hope you have many more, don’t work yourself into the ground though doing all the shopping, food stuff, preparations and decorations……phewww it can be tiring…….enjoy…..

  13. msval58

    Even though I’m on my own, I still love Christmas…I finally retired my old tree last year but am looking forward to getting a new one this year and decorating it and to decorating my apartment. I love watching the classic Christmas movies that air every year; It’s A Wonderful Life, Miracle on 34th Street (the original), A Charlie Brown Christmas, A Christmas Carol ( the 1951 British classic with Alistar Sim). I can understand why a lot of people have become jaded given the rampant commercialization of the season, but for me, Christmas still holds some magic. I’m of the opinion that Christmas is as commercial as you make, you don’t have to buy into the retail hype. Anyway, this kid at heart, will once again be watching the Toronto Santa Claus Parade in November.

  14. starlette Post author

    Hello Val…long time no see…….A Christmas Carol with Alistar Simms is my fav too,
    so i also will be watching it……however you choose to spend it enjoy….x

  15. foreveryoung2

    Since my divorce and the break up of my family, the only way I celebrate Christmas now is to go out with two of my dearest friends, who are also divorced, to a very nice Restaurant for Christmas lunch. We have done this for the past 5 years. They celebrate with their young grandchildren on Christmas Eve. I do not have any littlies so Christmas is not the same for me. I am estranged from several of my siblings since my divorce and the death of our mother. When my children were little, we had wonderful Christmases with all their cousins and aunties and uncles, but that has all gone by the way. Not all families are happy families !

  16. starlette Post author

    Hi forever, how true is that…….and statistically speaking there are more marriage breakups and violence at Christmas………the hustle and bustle is nice when the children are young, but a quiet lunch with close friends does have more of an appeal for me now days it has to be said……….