Happy Valentine’s Day… What About The Other 364 Days of the Year?

Do you need a day on the calendar that society tells you is the day to convey your feelings?  I used to feel that Valentine's Day was a "Hallmark" holiday.  For those of you outside the US, that means you dutifully go out and buy a card that hopefully portrays your feelings towards your significant other.  I would even feel a bit resentful back in the day about it.  Why can't those feelings be shown on the other 364 days of the year?

There are reminders everywhere about Valentine's Day.  I was out yesterday and there were flowers at every turn.  And there were men scurrying about at the last minute (but that would be today right?).  I wondered something.  Are they doing so to stay out of the doghouse?  Are they doing so because the calendar tells them to?  Are they doing so because they WANT to?

I tend to like "Just Because" days.  Being surprised on a Wednesday, October 15.  Those days are the special ones.  But I have softened a bit.  Valentine's Day is a nudge.  And I suppose in our busy lives we all need a nudge now and again.  And it's lovely to have someone to share February 14th with.  

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    1. Diva

      I love to celebrate almost everything and Valentines is a special little bonus to show with a ‘physical< thing which I use otherwise with words only Aija

  1. blackdog2

    My sentiments entirely. This is simply a commercial exploitation event imported from U S A., no need to be any different for one day but surely you convey your feelings to each other every day!

    1. Drummer

      Well Hello again Idigdirt, as they say that was quick! and I must say very much to the point, for I have always felt that Valentines day is nothing but a commercial exploitation day – although I must admit that as a teenager I indulged – to impress my Lady of course – we got married so maybe it helped?
      Seriously though I must admit that I feel one should show their love everyday – not just on special days.
      Kind thoughts as always Drummer

      1. idigdirt Post author

        I agree Drummer. And once you get married you have to make an effort to keep things alive. Not just on February 14.

        And thank you!

  2. 5mintbreak

    Just another commercial opportunity to drum up business! So much is made of these ‘special days’. Does anyone consider how it may affect the ones who do not get a card, flowers, gift? The young are very easily hurt, as are many lonely people. It is a sad indication of our world today that we need to be told to think of this one or that one on a certain day of the year.

    1. idigdirt Post author

      I so agree minty. Those of us who are alone on February 14 can feel very forgotten, more alone, depressed, etc.

      It reminds me of many years ago when I wanted children so badly and couldn’t conceive. Happy moms to be, baby carriages were everywhere. It hurt.

      I suppose also like being alone on Christmas when you see all the commercials with happy families, Hallmark movies, etc. Makes you feel you’re the only one. Very lonely indeed.

  3. roseinbloom

    Holiday’s are what we make them. I like to make holidays special, but I don’t knock myself out. So, On valentines day I celebrate love with the people in my life. I always have people in my life even if it isn’t the mate of my choice. I boiled eggs today for my grandson, even though I did no know he would be home to eat them. I shopped and stocked the refrigerator yesterday so we would have plenty of our favorite foods in the house.
    Holiday’s are always bittersweet because of the ones who have passed from our life.

    1. idigdirt Post author

      True Rose. This reminds me of something I’ve mentioned before in blogs. We have to give ourselves what we never had, don’t have. I know that’s difficult. But you have the right attitude! I love it!

      1. roseinbloom

        I agree but it is hard, but we can give to others even if there is no one to give to us. We just need to feel worthy of love and not need someone else tell us that we are. We can be lonely, but we should not feel unworthy of love.

  4. Maree

    Fraid I am one that thinks its totally commercial venture used by those who will reap financial rewards.

    I don’t need special day to remind those I love that they are loved …love is a daily experience and daily action. Its life time of commitment to being loving in all areas of ones life.

    What I see is lot of pressure on those who think if they are not included in the valentines action they are somehow less worthy and unloved.

    Sorry its not something i buy into.

  5. roseinbloom

    There is a song that goes, “Have I told you lately that I love you?” Valentine’s day is a good day to say that if you haven’t done it lately or if you feel there is a need.

  6. erniebuddy

    Yeah, idigdirt need to have a ” honey bunny” day, I text her overnight before go to bed – but she don’t always respond – I know she has children and grandchildren ,they take most her love,take what I can get always sent a heart symbol but this new phone won’t do it ok- bye bye