Has anyone been to see a physic, what do you think of them ?

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  1. davidrv

    I’ve never been to a psychic.
    Personally, if I were a psychic, I’d have all those lottery numbers lined up and I wouldn’t have to bother people for money.
    If you can find a friend or family member that isn’t scared of honestly telling you what they see in you, then you’d be better off.
    Ask kids, or grandkids, you’d be surprised at what they say; their filter is not installed yet. Probably why I like to listen to what they have to say.

  2. cappuccino

    I knew a lady some years ago who claimed to be Psychic….She genuinely believed her own bull…sold crystals that apparently vibrated with the cosmos ,and gave psychic “readings”….All for cash money of course..she may have been deluded,but she wasn.t stupid.

  3. westielass1 Post author

    I have seen a few over the years and some of the things they told me wear and have come true, however have also seen some dodgy ones. I have never had one give me a message from someone past over though and I think if what they ave is a gift from god then they should use it to help people and NOT f.or money