I Did It My Way!

Thought I might let my gremlin out again!

Haven’t written a blog for a long time,so I am not sure  what I have to do after reading all on the home page but here goes...

Our lives take many turns on the way ,reminds me of an old river fresh and strong up in the mountains where it starts off its journey.  Then it  twist and turns along the path it has to take to reach the  sea.There are times it rushes along full of majestic hope, times it just marauders along taking its time.  Times it’s not moving at all stagnant sitting there drying up just waiting ,but it knows no matter how long it takes ,what twists or turns it goes through ,it will end up at the sea,that is its purpose in life.

We start out young weak dependant on others, but as the years go by we change we get more independent older and move on to live our own life.  The years bring twist and turns into our life that we may plan or may not.  These turns happen and we either get stronger or weaker by them.  Most of us get up and continue on with our lives never quite sure if we are going in the direction we should be or not..Just like that old river.  People come ,birds pass by and the fish move along, all helping to make it a wonderful place to visit.

I am sure we all had some plan for our lives to start out when we were young .Some might of achieved those ,others changed along the way went off in a different direction .However we did it and what we seen along the way ,has all gone to make us the person we are today I am sure lots of us think i should of done  it differently.Too late I say to have regrets now,we are here at this place and can only go forward.

This last year I have had lots of health issues, so I sit here thinking am I at the rivers stagnant stage and things will freshen up and get better,or am I at the end of the river slowly trickling into the sea.Whichever stage it is it gives me time to look back see the wonderful life I lead.

Some great people I met along the way, I think of the ones that made a lasting impression on me.  Then some of my friends that I cared for deeply ,even though my parents didn’t think they were suitable, I laugh at this as my mother and mother in law were both as adamant that Frank and I were not suited to each other lol but we lived along happy marriage.

Of course we had our ups and downs too.  Like most people do life is ups and downs twists and turns just now at this age they slow down and we don't take the long turns as it  hurts too much.  There is still life in us but like the river we don't rush along, now we take our time,I hope, to see more of the things we want too, live our life's our way, as they say "I Did it my way"

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  1. davidrv

    Lovely blog mac. I remember our talks when I had a rough patch in my life. Thank you for listening. After all this time I think that without the ups and downs, married life would be boring for me.
    I hope your health improves mac. Take care.

    1. macathy Post author

      Thanks David hope things are going well for you and your wife these days,was.a pleasure talking to you in you time of need ,good luck.

  2. starlette

    What wonderful sentiments your blog contains Mac, life described perfectly…..sometimes the river is fast flowing and rapid……..now days a somewhat slower flow…….. but still moves far to fast towards the sea……

  3. Drummer

    A wonderful summary of a life well lived – a story many of us can identify with – a pleasure to read. Thank you!

  4. roseinbloom

    Macathy, I love your analogy of health and life to a river. I just did a blog on alternative health, and maybe you could pursue better health solutions . I wish you better health so resign yourself only if you must. You are too special to be snatched away.