Everybody you meet teaches you something.

It might be a book, or a different look, onlife.

Spread yourself. Be generous.You have someting to give.

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  1. starlette

    Through life we never stop learning if we keep an open mind…..we can change our behaviour and reactions to events through observing others, through reading, we can unlearn negative behaviour learnt in childhood due to being raised in negative bigoted families………learn from the positive people and emulate them, most people will react kindly to a smile and a friendly word, who knows yours maybe the only smile they see all week

  2. Ms. K.

    You’re so right, Star. Smiles make a difference.
    Volunteering is a rewarding experience. It makes you appreciate what you can offer -you meet new people and get a warm glow from helping. It doesn’t have to be frequent, either.
    When the Pope came to Philly last year, I don’t know how I pushed myself out of my comfort zone, but in spite of my fear of crowds, I did. I took the train into the city, found the volunteer site, and became part of a group. We worked hard at stuffing souvenir bags, and sorted name tags. It doesn’t sound important, but it helped things run smoothly.
    I met the most interesting people.
    My kids were so amazed and proud of me! I was proud of myself.

    1. starlette

      Well done you…….memories made…….the job you did was important, if there hadn’t been any volunteers then the job wouldn’t have got done….then no souvenir bags, which I’m sure were greatly appreciated….

    1. starlette

      Hi Michael, yes I do mean smiling at others……..I have no problem starting up a conversation with anyone…….in a cafĂ©…in a shop…..most people are more than willing to exchange a few words and a smile…….but there are always exceptions to the rule……not a lot you can do about grumpy buggers…lol…xxx

  3. roseinbloom

    Ms. K. Life is for living so I have always tried to make every day count. I still do. The only thing on my bucket list in to live each day well by doing what I can to help the people in my life or anyone I encounter along the way. I try to be pleasant and appreciative. I also don’t turn down opportunities to go to new places and try new things.

      1. roseinbloom

        Ms. K. I have my sad and discouraging times, but I recover and rebuild. So far, I have been able to. A positive attitude is worth trying to keep.

    1. len1932

      I write a weekly column each Friday for the local paper that goes worldwide on It is also on my website I write a column called Lens Lines — A Little Religion On a Positive Note by Len Granger Also have published 3 books of columns that I give away and never sold a book as want to get the stories out to readers.

  4. len1932

    I like to open at conservation by giving a pen with a light in one end to the person. Then i say it also has a good message ” The Lord Is My Light and Salvation” The often say that is correct and thank you Do you want one for your husband? I have given out 1,000 in past 2 years, even on the coast to coast train. It opened a nice talk with a group of Quakers and had the wives even smiling.