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 Inappropriate backing music

In the UK we have several adverts with really inappropriate backing music. The current winner of most inappropriate is a perfume advert featuring a young woman singing Hendrix’s Hey Joe. Now it’s OK when they turn down the music over the words “with that gun in your hand” but didn’t anyone think about the second […]


In 1950’s Glasgow a man walked into a police station with a sad looking, obviously mistreated dog on a lead in one hand and a blood spattered walking stick in the other. He approached the desk officer and reported a s follows:- I came across some sick (word censored fill in your own best option) […]


My favourite group, Runrig, wrote a song titled “Empty Glens” referring to the lack of people in the Scottish Highlands and islands. I use the title “Empty Room” to refer to the lack of people in the chat rooms on this site. Time was you could turn up in the room at any time day […]


I was taken possession of by the Terrorist MkII on Christmas Eve 2015. He arrived as a frightened, shivering hairy ball of neuroses, but since then I’ve managed to learn a few things about him. He hates having his head wet, while he couldn’t care less about his body getting wet. He loves cheese and […]

 The Alphabet on the sand

Many years ago my family spent its summer hollidays on the south coast of Kent in a town called Dymchurch. Dymchurch has a very gently sloping beach resulting in a great expanse of sand for children and adults to play and picnic on at low tide. At the time of this story my sister was […]

 What defines you?

Recently I saw an advert on UK TV that featured a TV news presenter and ex foreign correspondent stating that “We are defined by what we have seen”. I disagree. I believe we are defined by the things we cannot forget. What we see is often forgotten, lost in the myriad of pictures and facts […]

 Total lack of manners

An entry in one of the groups reminded me of an occurrence beck in my native Glasgow in the late 60’s. I worked in an office with many people of both sexes. Two I remember are an elderly gentleman (and I do mean gentleman) and a 20 something rabid, bad tempered women’s libber. To the […]

 The Greatest Hero

He never considered himself brave. He never thought of himself as a hero. Everything he did was just what he’d been trained to do. To get in there and help. To save lives. But there’s a big difference between walking in armed to the teeth, ready to fight back, willing and able to deal death […]

 Contention in blog comments

Once again a blog has been taken over by contentions outside the realm of the blog’s intent. I’ve had a couple of mine go this way, but how does a site deal with this? It could delete the entire thing as “bringing the site into disrepute” as has happened before, but I dare to suggest […]

 My History and that of others

When I first came on to this site I was neutral. I was the jester. Over the years people have pulled some of my history out of me and my site persona has been changed. I have been, on occasion, forced back into what I was. The person I have been trying to erase. Sometimes […]