Guns. USA and UK

Following the recent school shooting in Florida I have seen many discussions here about the relative merits of gun control or the lack of it.

I am well aware that, not being an American and not having had to live with the proliferation of armaments available to the populous there I have no right to comment really, but, in personal terms I am going to.

I hope not to upset anyone on either side of the argument because what I am about to express is both a personal view arrived at from experience and also that of a Brit.

I carried arms for many years and in many places. When I handed in my weapons on leaving the army I felt I would miss them, but the strange thing is I never did.

In all the years since I have never once come across a situation where a gun would have either helped or solved anything.

I laid down my gun many years ago and have never regretted it for one moment so while I understand there are occupations, other than military or police, where firearms are needed, I cannot understand why, outside of those, anyone should feel that possessing one or more should be considered desirable.

OK. Now digging in for the firestorm I fully expect to descend upon me.

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  1. Hello Way………I feel exactly the same ……….I saw one of the teachers in the latest mass shooting being interviewed……….it was suggested to him if he had been armed the outcome could have been different, he looked quite bewildered and said he didn’t own a gun or indeed wish to……..seems the answer is to push more guns out there, but he did say the gunman was many yards from the school with a high powered long lens gun, the teacher said he wouldn’t have even been able to see the gunman anyway if he had been armed.
    On Sunday I was talking to my Australian friend…..he pointed out we have knife culture in the UK and have a high crime rate, my answer was…….you cannot take out 17 people in 7 minutes with a knife as the gunman did with the gun…ok we have the criminals who get their hands on guns for unsavoury purposes…….but I would say few and far between…….why would anyone want or need to own an armoury of weapons……..power, show,……very few to fend off wild animals……….we had the slaughter of the Dunblain children 20 years ago by a deranged gunman…..gun laws were tightened…… more since……..enough said…….

    1. Starlette, I agree with what you say. We do have people speaking out clearly and demanding change from our elected officials. I hope we make some changes. Thoughts and prayers are becoming a joke here instead of stopping the access to weapons.

      1. That’s all that seems to get sent out…thoughts and prayers……well they are not doing a scrap of good from where I am sitting… wonders if there are lots of double dealings going on underhand……money doesn’t just talk…… bloody shouts……..big big money to be made from these arms……..and big big money to be got from allowing them………

        1. Starlette. I agree that the situation is crazy and stupid. Taking responsibility and being held accountable do not apply to gun sales or manufacturers.
          I worked in Chicago and we got metal detectors in the High Schools and some of the elementary schools. Elementary school is for about 5 year olds to 14 year olds and High School is for 14 year olds to 18 years olds. The ages are approximate because we go by grades.
          Kindergarten is not required so the first 8 grades are elementary school and the last four years are High School.

          1. Hi Starlette and Rosinbloom.

            OK I am an impossible optimist but looking at the reaction to the latest school shooting in the US. I’m getting the feeling that this time it may be a bit different. I think those great articulate students from the school started things rolling. If we needed proof this world had turned upside down….there were the students sounding like adults and the authoritarian figures sounding like kids and dumb ones at that. I do hope that this movement started by these students grows. So often the NRA and the like have trashed any opposition in the past. it will be so much harder for them and the ultra Left and Right groups to trash kids. In the last day or two many businesses have said they will no longer give discounts to gun lobby groups, today a large chain of gun shops have said they will not sell assault military guns to under 21 year olds. It could be better I know that but hey! it is a step in the right direction so I’ll encourage that. I’m sure No one wants children and teachers going to school fearing for their lives. I do so hope this is the turning point.

          2. Rockflower. You state what we are all hoping. The students are talking and the media is covering them. The media is owned by powerful people so I think there is a realization that things must change. After all, Americans are looking barbaric and stupid which does not enhance our power and influence in the rest of the world. Many business is changing who they will see guns to and what guns they will sell. The NRA is a small group compared to the over 98% of the population that does not belong to NRA. We need change and we need moral leadership. Send our young people on peace missions and give them badges and ribbons for that.

    2. I swore I wasnt going to comment any more about this but it makes me so mad! There is no point trying to convince a staunch believer in the right to bear arms..they will keep quoting that they have a right to protect themselves! My question is…what do you need so desperately to be protecting yourselves from? Other people with guns??

  2. Waylander, You have a right to express your opinion; that is what we should be here for; to listen to each other and to learn. The USA could have much stricter gun laws without restricting the rights of people who need to hunt or protect themselves. We do have wilderness area here and would need protection from animals or two legged predators.
    There are bigoted and mean people who would make sport of certain groups, so many cannot feel safe when going into those areas, so in many cases, the people who need the guns, don’t have them.
    Guns have become a political issue to get the votes of a certain groups of people. This is sad and pathetic. Thank you for the blog.

  3. Yeah…another tragic shooting and at a school…I applaud the students who are finally standing up and saying enough is enough….as the young lady said,…If all the president can say is prayers and thoughts are with the families blah blah blah. She is absolutely right when she says they are the ones who are being sacrificed in this ridiculous gun situation in the US. I read a comment from someone who said there was no security at the school as if that was somehow a solution. Do all schools need security now??? Its insane….I m just completely gob smacked at the gun mentality and yes…Im prepared for the backlash.

  4. Why would you expect a “firestorm”? I think there is only one person who speaks out on this side of the subject.

    Now will you suggest what law should be passed that will be effective in stopping these killings?

  5. With everyone here but me on the side of creating new gun laws you might think it clear that you are right and honorable in your beliefs. The NRA is without doubt a powerful organization, It is powerful BECAUSE so many voting Americans support it. Our system of government provides for change to laws and even to our constitution. Think what you will. The American people will decide.

    1. In the last 10 years the United States Supreme Court has struck down laws in cities regulating guns usually a 5to 4 decision and along the lines of Liberal versus conservative judges. The conservative judges were appointed by Republicans. The Republican party supports GUNS. Gun violence has increased in the last 10 years in the United States. School Shooting have become a huge problem in the last 10 years. Also suicides by young people with guns have increased. Lone rogue Rogus says Chicago has strict gun laws are bogus because Chicago gun laws were struck down by the United States in 2010.
      Slavery and Segregation was legal until The United States reversed previous Court decisions. Gun Law decisons can be reversed.

    1. Actually a lot milder than I’d expected Lone.
      On the subject of what will stop the attacks, well that’s more difficult, however, for the future the suggestions from various quarters of more careful checks on those wishing to purchase weapons might, over time have a beneficial effect.
      Beyond that I do not have enough knowledge of your legal and government systems to make any valid comment.

    2. Rose1943, I agree with almost everything you say, but we all need to attack the argument, NOT the person. Most of my family are gun rights people and I know that most of them just lack information or have the wrong information and want to believe they are right. Most of my family have blocked me on social media. That is okay, I have blocked some of them if they express really bigoted notions which I do not want to appear to be endorsed by me. Allot of this Saturday gun rights crowd are very sexist and racist and their values are expressed by white terrorists groups like KKK, or Neo Nazis.

  6. Cops were sent to Cruz’s house 36 times, FBI was warned twice, and he was expelled from school, but somehow this is the @NRA at fault and a law abiding gun owner issue?

    There are significant laws already existing that, IF ENFORCED, may have prevented this last killing and those before it.

    It is foolish to think another law will stop the killings. AND it is unjust to take from law abiding citizens their ability to defend their families.

    I have thought and stated to British on other groups that you are better governed than we. And to take that as a condemnation of our present administration which it trying to make significant changes is wrong. Our government IMO was well formed for a start. It is corrupt beyond repair and totally ineffective.

    1. They weren’t enforced. It is on a video that he and the NRA convention were rallying to drop all that Obama wanted to do with the laws. You know not what you are talking about, you never have any real proof of what you’re saying. You’re just like him.

    2. Lonerogue, You stated the problem which should be obvious to all but you. With this man’s record, he was able to LEGALLY buy an assault rifle and kill 17 people. There should be a number of laws that should have been in place to prevent this.
      In other cases, young people take a gun belonging to parent, this also needs laws to make parents more responsible than they are, or any gun owner should be more responsible than they are.
      This administration promotes violence and the rest of the world knows it. Trump talking about who has bigger bombs and who sitt closer to the button. This Administration talks like no other president in my life time.
      This president condones domestic violence and probably want to reverse the gun laws preventing domestic violence perpetrators from getting guns.
      I hope that there are leaders in another party who will take a stand against guns.
      Jimmy Carter, finally took a stand against cigarettes. Gun manufacturers need to be held responsible for paying for insurance or requiring insurance for the deaths and injuries from guns.

  7. I worked in a large city school for 30 years. We had metal detector in most high schools and we had security people and/or policeman In our schools. Our city had strict gun laws and some of the laws have been interpreted to be in violation of the Constitution so cannot be enforced. We had a lot of gang activity in the area in which I worked. I felt safe in the schools. We had a violence problem, but most of it was kept out of the schools and off the school grounds.
    Many states and cities are going to do better with security. This is sad but true. My city and state passed laws and paid for security to keep schools and people safe.

  8. The high school students are protesting in Washingon and other states. They truly believe they’ll make a difference, and I think they’re the ones that will. They’re the future of our country and they’re United !!

  9. To answer your initial question Way, why do people feel that possessing a gun is desireable, I have no clue. I don’t think people really feel the need to possess a gun but our 2nd Amendment, written so many years ago and under a very different society says we have the right to bear arms. Perhaps it’s the fear of giving up a “right,” that makes them dig in to oppose any gun control laws? I don’t see where banning an assault rifle would violate this amendment, but, that would have to be determined by our Supreme Court, once a bill or law is made by Congress/Senate and signed by the President. Good luck with that because these governing bodies can’t manage to keep our government open permanently. We go from months to years, wondering if the Government will have a shut down! The only choice as far as gun control, or anything else is going to have to be done by the individual states who probably can do it more quickly and efficiently. I hope they get on it very fast because no child should fear going to school because they might be shot! They should fear going to school because they forgot to do their homework or the dog ate it.

    1. Thank you all for your comments. I am pleased to see that most are reasoned and reasonable in tone.
      I was fully prepared for this to turn into one of those blogs that ends up being closed down/deleted. I am delighted it hasn’t.

      1. I totally agree Iay … Unlike yourself I have never had any involvement with guns personally. When my father died the guns he had for shooting possums and rabbits had been given to his friends.i was relieved it was a burden i didn’t have to deal with. Yes we live in NZ … yes there is some crime with guns mainly with some segments of society ….would i ever want to own a gun No!!! Nor does my husband or any of my friends neighbours and family NZ gun laws are strict. . My cousins still go shooting for the animals mentioned above both possums and rabbits are pest here. Yes they shoot deer for meat not trophies.

        If someone broke into my house would l need a gun … no ….I probably couldn’t wake up in time to fire it let alone be able to hit the person. Plus i would be in trouble with the law.
        While the USA want to hold up amendments that are out-dated I hope they can sleep with their decisions to arm themselves. I sleep feeling free yet secure. I wish that comfort for all in this world.

  10. Tough discussion. On the one hand it is in our Constitution that we have the right to bear arms. Arguments for are that we can not lay the guns down because they will still be obtained illegally by others and you can not have a defenseless nation. On the other hand, unless in the military or security or police I hardly see a reason for anyone 24 and under to buy a weapon. For what? But that still leaves the fathers and mothers who give their children weapons to “hunt” with. So it’s a dilemma and one that is killing our children. My own very personal thoughts on the matter with respect to both sides is that I think each police department should have a weapons inspector. For those that have registered weapons that they have the ability for surprise inspections to make sure they are locked away subject to fines and being impounded. It is not a definitive answer but you have to be able to start somewhere.

    1. Well in my early Twenties I joined an official gun club and bought a hand gun got a licence and practiced target shooting. I won some awards and found I was I good shot and enjoyed it. After a while I gave it up but it was the ability to be so accurate which caught my fascination. After that I didn’t have anything much more to do with guns, I went to Spain for a holiday one year I was still in the airport waiting for our luggage wandering round the concourse, it seems I did something wrong as the next minuet I was being shouted at by a police officer who then drew his hand gun and pointed at me which was pretty scary . I just sat down. The point is if most anyone can get hold of a gun and in a bad mood it could be someone innocent who ends up paying the ultimate price. There is a strong feeling in the UK that we see America Needs to grow up and dump there outdated gun laws. The point is if all guns were outlawed now it would probably take a hundred years to collect them all from the amount that have been stashed away. Also I am sad. I have nephew who used to sit on my nee as a baby , took fishing, to the seaside, loving little boy who has recently started 35 year prison sentence for gun related activities, Guns seen to cause untold harm to victims and to people who I’m sure are just normal people who have got court up in the Gun Culture. ( my nephew didn’t hurt anyone ). I for one am glad the way our UK gun control system works. There are people out there who just want to hurt someone at random for some personal sick reasons.

      1. ”The point is if all guns were outlawed now it would probably take a hundred years to collect them all””

        Is it logical to take law abiding citizens ability to protect their families away from them while government TRIES to collect all the guns? Does that make sense to you?

  11. I applaud the students for finally standing up and saying enough is enough. I watched the meeting with Trump and the students and others affected by the many shootings…parents who have lost their children, students and teachers and everyone affected by these mass shootings. I could not believe the first thing that came out of Trumps mouth was that how would you feel about arming the teachers. How can anyone expect the teachers be held responsible for being armed and supposed to be trained to protect students…that is insane! I am speechless…

  12. Listen to the words of……….”Blowing in The Wind “…….someone correct me if I am wrong……..but it seems the gun lobby runs the country, they own The White House, would any president take on the gun club……..they would have a war on their hands if they did……. if my information is incorrect then I will stand corrected…..

    1. If you take the words from a song as your guide instead of using your brain, you get music not logic. I think you are correct, this issue can lead to war.

  13. If you can think logically, (smile), you will realize that the reason NRA is a powerful organization IS BECAUSE it is made up of massive number of CITIZENS, it is not a business.

  14. The NRA is now among the most powerful special interest lobby groups in the US, with a substantial budget to influence members of Congress on gun policy. It is run by executive vice president Wayne LaPierre.

  15. Sincerely hope the young of America are listened to……saw them on the news this evening asking members of the NRA if they would continue to accept donations from certain parties……and guess what the answer was… about corruption…….the whole set up stinks…….disgusting……..

    1. You just made claims of corruption. PROVE IT. You have a big mouth and little facts. Members are American citizens and have a TOTAL RIGHT to join and to Promote gun safety and gun OWNERSHIP.

      I want you to PROVE YOUR claim that there is corruption.


        1. Starlette, Here is proof that the gun lobbyists back the Republican Party.
          Independent Expenditures: $52,582,309
          For Democrats: $265
          Against Democrats: $37,010,516
          For Republicans: $17,385,437
          Against Republicans: $2,281
          Electioneering Communications: $0About Electioneering Communications
          Communication Costs: $1,816,249
          See more outside spending by National Rifle Assn

      1. Well it seems there are some on here that need win an argument or put across there point with aggression . makes me think.

        Love your blogs and comments starlette. please know you have my support.

        1. Ty very much Tommy, very kind of you………I have given my opinion on Ways excellent blog………..but now it has been dragged down to gutter level, and personnel insults have come into play, I shall no longer contribute to it further…………I will remove myself from the firing line as it were…..

          1. I beg to differ. How do you categorize the violence from the group “Black Lives Matter”?

      1. with NRA contributions gun owners are doing what their honest and honorable feelings allow them to do. Support people which support their wishes. This is NOT corruption.

          1. Disagree all you want. Is the NAACP buying liberal votes by contributing to the democrats?

          2. Corruption is supposedly against the law. Are there charges being brought against NRA or any other organization for contributions? Stick to FACTS please.

  16. Per the Census, there are roughly 245 million adults aged 18 and over in the U.S. Multiplying the adult population by the ownership rate gives us between 73 million and 81 million adult gun owners in the U.S. And the 5 million NRA members represent about 6 or 7 percent of that total.Oct 15, 2015


    Starlette you owe the 5 million members an apology, OR, proof that there is corruption in the NRA.

  17. I think the thing that I really find amazing is the type of guns that can be legally owned in america. If you want a gun for hunting or protecting the home then surely a rifle or handgun is fine. Why are military semi automatic guns needed. Do you have to put a couple hundred rounds in a deer before it falls? Where is the sport in that. Thee types of guns surely belong in the military not in the hands of people who can spree kill. The fact that these can even be made fully automatic by use of a legal kit seems worse still. You have the right to bear arms yes but maybe you should look at the type of guns allowed and also the number. Who on earth needs 100s of guns? David Koresh Maybe. Maybe the right to bear arms is a way of controlling the population? Being in the UK I am glad we have the gun laws we do and not yours.

      1. Ill judge your citizens when they shoot children in a school why shouldn’t I? I notice you make no comment about what I actually said. The funniest thing of all is you use a Ghandi quote on one of the groups when he used totally peaceful ways of changing things. Your view seems to be get more guns. You are a total joke and even your fellow citizens can see that. I feel sorry for you.

          1. Yes thought so. Arguments for semi automatics don’t hold any water. Anyway take your cocoa and off to bed old man. whats the normal response oh yes. Poor baby.

      2. Lonerogue. We all are entitled to an opinion here. I am here to learn the opinion of all people. The NRA is using every means possible to block legislation by influencing legislation. I call that corrupt. Here is a definition and corrupt does not have to be illegal. This is From Webster’s dictionary.

        “Definition of corrupt for English Language Learners. : doing things that are dishonest or illegal in order to make money or to gain or keep power. : done or controlled by dishonest and immoral people. : dishonest, evil, or immoral.”

        1. You interpret that as the NRA being corrupt. I do not. I would be happy to have a good legal opinion as to whether NRA fits any of those provisions.

          1. Lonerogue, I am a certified paralegal and I had a year of law school education. I think I understand the law sufficiently.

          2. I am a high school drop out and I think I am as smart as you.

          3. Apparently you do not know the difference between your “opinion” and “fact”. I’m sure that in your opinion the NRA is dishonest and immoral, dishonest, evil, or immoral. That is not fact until proven and you have not proven that.

  18. I do find it interesting that someone is called a Big Mouth because they also have point of view. As adults argue as an adult and as a man one should and treat others with respect. As for laws in other countries …any Just person who has social conscience and can see things that are wrong and not working in any country has the right to speak out. in this forum . If we things can work differently with different Gun laws we want you to know about it. The Right to bare Arms is and outdated law.. whether you like it or not. Strangely we are all part for this world and many of us want to leave this world having contributed to making it better place for All….Many of us want peaceful resolutions to world problems. Debate and the sharing of ideas is good ..slagging another off is not needed. This will come up again at the next school shooting or similar and more will be lost to a bullet in the name of law thats in this day and age is unhealthy.

    1. I haven’t been able to find any information about you Maree. are you a member here? There is no profile. I like to know a bit about who I am talking to and if you will provide some data perhaps we can converse.

      1. Ok now your profile showed up. Where are you located Maree?

        “Big Mouth” because she made a statement that the NRA is corrupt. I’ve never heard of any corruption and do not believe there is any. I have asked her and will look forward to a response. That person and I have been having disagreement and perhaps my comment was not so pleasant. Things happen during a heated discussion on a topic such as this when many are criticizing.

        1. You got your response……my discussion isn’t heated ………I do not feel that I have to resort to name calling to give my opinion……we do get your news in the UK……in fact plenty of it……..we see the young crying and pleading for the gun laws to be changed……they obviously think there is corruption going on too, as can be clearly seen in the questions they are asking…….lets just hope the intelligence of the young people campaigning will have some clout…….but I very much doubt it…… say your citizens are nothing to do with us…… will be a sad world when we can not show compassion for others…..

          1. Compassion is one thing we all feel about these killings. Gun owners and others feel it. You go beyond that by telling law abiding owners that we should be controlled when we have not done anything wrong. Laws and warnings about this killer and most other killers have not been followed. I don’t hear outcries to enforce the many laws that now exist. And an immediate very strong message to future killers would be to let them know that they will be fired upon from the moment they start one of these killing sprees.

    2. Maree, the situation in our country is at a very dangerous place and I agree that the number of firearms is vast. The problem I feel can not be solved with the absolute divide we now have in politics. Our government at this time does not solve almost anything and on the issue of firearms it is a dug in and opposite in views as is possible. Therefore in my view and in most law abiding citizens to talk about disarming good people while so many bad already have automatic weapons is tedious at best. I do not own an automatic or semi automatic gun but have concerns that I may be facing one or more than one in time of trouble. There you have one person thoughts and concern.

      As to schools it is deploraable that both sides can not come to terms to have protection to stop these killings. These deranged individuals which shoot up schools should be faced with immediate response not waiting for police to arrive AFTER many are dead.

      Let us talk and it is the right thing to do. but placing the blame for a situation that is not the making of one organization but of a long standing incompetent government over time is wrong and will get strong resistance from those of us who believe we have the right to be ready to protect our families.

  19. Oh WOW – reading these comments on guns has certainly stirred up a hornets nest. We are all entitled to our own opinions without abuse ! The thing I find disturbing here is that there is not much mention of the fact that 17 CHILDREN WERE MURDERED. How many more children do we want murdered by semi automatic weapons. I salute the young people for making a stand, and I hope it is paid heed to by those in power.
    My ex-husband was in a pistol club for many years. The only weapons were pistols for target shooting. He had to be registered to obtain a pistol, had to install a safe in a safe place in our house, the police inspected this to see if it was up to their standards, and they periodically called to our house to inspect the safe and the guns within it. My ex had the combination on his own. There was no way he would make the pistol available to our sons. These inspections by the police were random and unannounced.
    I have no objections to people owning a gun as long as it is secured as above. What I do object to is that “children” can purchase semi automatic guns, or the kit to convert guns to semi automatics. THIS IS SIMPLY RIDICULOUS ! WHY WOULD A 19 YEAR OLD NEED TO PURCHASE SUCH WEAPONS ?? WHY ARE SUCH WEAPONS AND KITS READILY AVAILABLE. AREN’T THEY WEAPONS OF WAR ??

  20. Rogue I hear you and understand some of the complications….bug until there is RADICAL change this will go on and on …people hearts need to change as well as the laws.USA is not alone with outdated laws ….every country needs to be looking at old legislation no longer valid or useful in this day and age .t

  21. Guess we have a lot more gun crime in the states. When an armed civilian walks up to a store and sees inside, the shooter has a gun to somebody’s head and his back to the civilian. The cops won’t even begin to get there for 15 minutes or so…guess this armed good guy should just ignore the whole thing and let the moron shoot the other person in the store. Happened here. The 67 yr. old good guy killed the jackass robber and saved the people in the store. Happens this way fairly often. I will never give up my weapon. I may not wear it if I leave this god forsaken metro city but I will never sell it and it will always be where I can get to it real fast. I don’t care at all who agrees and who doesn’t. I do whatever I want to and mostly always have done. I won’t die for the beliefs of others, nor will I put myself at risk. You who haven’t been in America lately have no earthly idea what life is like here in our huge cities. It is dangerous, it is terribly under-policed and the govt. won’t allow the police to do their jobs. I am probably the last one who would unholster my weapon if there was any choice or a chance not to, but I would be among the first if shots were already being fired in my direction. There is no negotiating with an active shooter. They have
    to be stopped. When somebody is shooting at you, they are asking to die, no question there. I don’t give a single damn if they are insane or not, they shoot, I shoot back. There is zero justification for disarming citizens who have no criminal record, are perfectly sane, follow the gun laws and bother nobody.
    I have a big problem with “gun free zones”. The people who die in them are the ones who were unarmed. The armed civilians killed the shooters.
    I don’t approve of automatic weapons for civilians. If you can’t take somebody down with a few shots, shame on you for owning a weapon in the first place.
    The ownership laws need to be made very stringent. Pawn shops should not be allowed to buy or sell weapons. Gun dealers should be raked over the fires of Hell regularly by govt. agents. Things are way, way too lax at present but I won’t hold my breath in hope of changes anytime soon. I lost my faith in govt. yrs. ago.

    1. Well Tessa you say it as I see it. A sane good person must take responsibility for there own and the families protection. Even if good police are on duty they will not get to help you in time except to cover you for the ambulance. I live rural and police are 1/2 hour away from me. We have burglaries but not so much danger as must be in cities. Much of the reason it is much safer than for you is any but the most stupid bad guy knows they will most likely be faced with fire power at least as lethal as any they have. To own a gun without beforehand deciding you WILL use it to stop attack is foolish as it most likely will be used against you by the bad guy.

      And schools are being left to nuts with guns, They should be protected with trained guards that are sworn to kill shooters.

      Prepare for the onslaught from the anti gun membership. It will be very heavy tomorrow.

    2. Hear hear Tessa! You are right on the mark thank you.
      I’m always amazed how people go after the “object” rather than the person committing the crime. Guns don’t kill people. People kill people. When guns are outlawed only outlaws will have guns. You can regulate guns all you want but do you really think murderers abide by the law? In fact the more you disarm honest people the more murders will happen FACT. What about the thousands who kill by drunk driving? Should we ban cars or liquor? Drugs kill people and screw up lives way more than guns and drugs are illegal. How’s that ban working so far. Drugs are as we all know out of control. You see if they would simply enforce the laws already on the books this could get under control. My point is this, You can’t disarm honest law abiding citizens and fix this problem. I am a legal gun owner. I went through the training, have my legal government permit to carry it and I do. I have never shot anyone nor would I unless my or my family’s depended on it. I have that right and it’s not an “outdated” law. It’s in my constitution. As far as the school shooting, that school was a GUN FREE zone. The three posted armed officers went outside when the shooter started his rampage FACT. In ,my city we have more robberies and murders in GUN FREE zones so the argument of gun control doesn’t hold water. Someone asked why do people need these guns. Good people need guns to stop BAD people with guns simple as that. I am not an NRA member but I will say. if the NRA was corrupt I assure you the Democrats would have already brought that to light you can bet the farm on that. I’m not picking on Democrats.It is what it is. People like to use the NRA as a scapegoat. It makes them feel like they’re doing something good. Like I said, I’m not an NRA member but I do read and follow them. The NRA is a great organization. Those who say otherwise are grossly misinformed. I challenge ANYONE to show documented proof where they are corrupt. Hey you may know something I don’t but I highly doubt it.
      Why isn’t anyone talking about holding criminals accountable? This guy should be executed but by liberal standards that’s inhuman. He will get a liberal lawyer and get off in 25 years only to possibly come back and do this again. I’m amazed how some want to disarm honest citizens in the name of thug behavior. Someone also mentioned how Trump wasn’t doing anything about this. Well that’s what you get when you listen to mass media. Trump is actually presenting two bills. One-ban bump stocks. Two-raise the age from 18 to 21 to legally purchase weapons. He is now talking about making it mandatory for school teachers and or administrators be permitted to carry. I assure you Trump will do more to address the gun issue than Obama or Clinton. Lets focus on solving the problem NOT the symptom. Guns aren’t our problem! Stupid people with guns are our problem. I will not give up my gun as long as government won’t hold bad people accountable for their actions. Again. Great response Tessa .

      1. Writing the word FACT in capitals does not make what you type a fact. Honest people are not armed in the UK and the fact is we are not more likely to be murdered. Please do not confuse what you think to be the case with actual facts.

  22. The NRA is opposed to all regulation of guns. ALL. Trump is a Republican with a Republican congress. He and the Republican party may be forced to do something about Military type weapons in civilian hands.
    Cities and States were free to make their own laws until the United States declared the gun laws illegal or contrary to the US Supreme Court in 2008 and 2010.The vote on the Court was 5/4 with Antonin Scalea writing the majority opinion of judges appointed by Republicans. A vacancy was on the US Supreme Court but the Republican refused to confirm Obama’s appointee, so maybe the Democrats could have done more but the NRA gives them almost nothing so the NRA and Republicans are in favor of flooding the country with Guns of all types.

  23. Waylander, this blog’s title is Guns, USA and UK. I have no idea what the rules are for gun purchasing, owning and carrying in the UK. MAybe someone from the UK could enlighten us. We have had more than enough info on our laws here. I’d like to hear from your side of the ocean….please.

  24. In UK it is very, very difficult to obtain a licence for any firearm, especially pistols or anything remotely resembling a rapid fire weapon.
    Shotgun licences can be obtained, but even for those you have, I believe, to show a need for the weapon.

  25. Strict gun laws in NZ ….. very strict the must be under lock and key Registered at the police station.

    Until the USA laws change the carnage will go on and on and on as will the debate. People hearts and minds need to change ….i fear for you all ….as mentioned in chat yesterday civil unrest for you all is close at hand. We have ben debating about a holiday in the USA …i have been before but i think not. To be frank I don’t feel safe there. Having just returned from Europe where soldiers and guns on the street were very evident. In my entire life of living in NZ I have never seen one gun on the street …no the police are not armed……..I shudder at the thought of a society walking around armed…. i do …makes me feel ill.

  26. I can’t imagine countries without guns all over the place. I don’t truly understand how this happened here or why it had to happen. No one can convince me that this is necessary unless it’s for going to war or if you’re hunting but with a licence and registered. Thank you very much. I was very curious and that helped tremendously.
    I think I need to reread my US History….the 2nd amendment was written for the right to bears arms but this pertained to war. Don’t know how it escalated. I shall try to find out. Thanks, Rose1943

  27. EVERYONE Brit or Yank is entitled to express their opinion regarding the shooting crisis in the U.S.
    As a Yank I firmly believe in our Constitutional Right to own and bear arms, however,there needs to be tighter control on who can purchase arms & what kind of arms can be purchased and owned. There needs to be strong penalties for anyone caught holding particular banned weapons & for selling those banned weapons.

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